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Trouble brewing: whom will you rely on?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

The growing danger of a catastrophic financial collapse and the advancing acculturation of our civilization from the immorality of the godless and immoral left, without even a whimper of protest from our Republican leaders, is no longer just a lingering threat. In fact, we may be too far gone to halt this coming avalanche of destruction as the burden of leftist and Islamic agenda has begun to cascade down America’s freedom mountain with a growing and ferocious momentum.

Democrats and Republicans: are they one?

Most of us have heard talk of the melding of the two political parties into one. It’s not just talk. The purpose of that melding has been to appease the fears of the people while maintaining power over them in a charade of agenda differences. For those who may still be holding an alternative view, the one most of us grew up with, the time for a reality check is way past due.

For sure there are a few Republicans who are fighters and will gladly go down in flames as they battle the destruction being meted out by their Party. They, in conjunction with Patriot groups, are the only true hope for this country, and by extension, the freedom and liberty in many parts of the world. But these people are outnumbered in their Party and will no doubt fall victim to the malicious machine, as have so many others.

The stifling of the Tea Party…

Having entered into the Patriotic fray over 6 years ago, standing in the cold, stinging and drenching rain, at what was the first Tea Party gathering in New Jersey and the beginnings of so many wonderful relationships, our hopes and dreams were buoyed by the anticipation of an America finally arousing from apathy.

Unfortunately, though so many new friendships grew, all of which we will always cherish, it was soon realized that our movement had stalled as a result of unrelenting frontal assaults from the media and the progressives who feared us, and the coordinated, underhanded and stealth attacks from the Republican establishment, that feared us even more. Couple this with the infighting and personality conflicts within and surrounding individuals and their groups, and it’s not difficult to see how this Patriotic engine was choked and stalled.


…and a new mission

Whom will you rely on? The Tea PartyTPATH should not be misunderstood here. While the original concept may well be on life support, the Tea Party and Patriotic movement is not dead. Very far from it. The Tea Party movement as well as another powerful organization, TeamNJ-USA, will not culminate efforts to save this country. Ever.

Alas, the financial system, our culture and all we have grown to love and admire about America, despite all the hard and dedicated work of Tea Party groups and their leaders, indeed may have decayed to a point where the stopping of the avalanche is not possible. And both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are co-conspirators to its dissolution.

Until that day, if indeed it so occurs, the Tea Party groups will continue to work towards ending the suicide of the Republican Party and by extension this country. But if the future is inscribed in stone and a collapse does occur, the Tea Party will have the organization in place to help people in need. They have fearless leadership who will put the needs and safety of their members and the community ahead of their own. They have prepared for loss of food, services and protection. They are trained and equipped for civil unrest, whether inspired by governmental tyranny or mobs of hooligans.

So to all our Patriot friends, please, seek out and join the Tea Party in your area. Donate to them. Support them. They are your last line of defense as the battle to keep our country together rages and they will be there for you, to assist you in protecting and defending your family and property.

Ask yourself: If things do go to hell in the proverbial hand-basket, where would you go for support and security?

There is only one responsible answer to that question. Your local Tea Party.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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