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Obamacare: frightening truth



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

For years now Americans have heard terms like Health Care Exchanges, Single Payer, Cadillac Policies, Pre-existing Conditions, Individual Mandates, Death Panels, and many, many more.  Of course a book can be written on each of these items so TPATH will not endeavor to use this article as a primer, but a brief description of a few of these is necessary to understand what Obamacare is really about.  And what its really about has less to do with social justice and health care for the masses than gun control has to do with saving lives.

We have been warned that a government takeover of the healthcare industry in this country will put anywhere form one sixth to one third of the American economy under its control.  As its tentacles extend into every aspect of our lives and our businesses, that percentage is much closer to one third, than it is just one sixth.

On one hand, with an atrocious record of being able to screw up a two float parade and on the other, its penchant for hiring criminals and thugs who’s main objectives are fraud, payoffs and thievery, and supposing erroneously for a moment that Obamacare was actually about health care, a government bureaucrat would be the last person anyone would want their health to rely on.  So for this reason alone, liberals and conservatives, both the healthy and the sick, should have very serious concerns regarding this takeover.  But beware ye who hopes to get something free or cheap at the expense of others.  The plan will surely be cheap, as in “worthless”, but each of us will pay dear, dear price.

A short description of the terms listed above.

Most readers of this article know and understand these terms, but some may not.  So this is offered to make certain everyone reading this can get a full grasp of the danger we face.

An aside note from the author:


It is important to know that I have read the full bill and have spent hours doing PDF searches and comparisons on every insipid aspect of it.  Also it is an ongoing struggle keeping up with the additional 10,000 pages of associated regulations that have been and continue to be produced.

  • HEALTH CARE EXCHANGES– This is the government system which is accessed on the web or by direct contact with a government subsidized worker (Community Organizers such as SEIU and Acorn) where Americans can go to get either free health care paid for by the taxpayer or a government health insurance policy where  some of the healthcare coverage is subsidized, again by the tax payer.  This Health Care Exchange will be in direct competition with private health care insurance companies. More on that later.
  • SINGLE PAYER– Single payer is the ultimate goal of this Marxist/Socialist government.  Despite Obama’s lies, for those implementing Obamacare, Single Payer is what they need for ultimate control of the masses.  In short, Single Payer really means single provider.  And that provider is the government.  Medical and healthcare insurance companies will be bankrupt and out of business.
  • CADILLAC POLICIES– Obamacare will assess as much as a 40% tax on individuals who are getting health care coverage above and beyond what the Health Care Exchange set up. You may think this is just another way to get more revenue from the upper and middle classes, but in truth its not about revenue at all.  Its about removing those profitable policies from private insurance companies.  Those policies are their bread and butter and help offset the costs of their more sickly clients.  We will tie this into the ultimate goal in just a bit.
  • PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS– This is the tool these scoundrels are most proud of.  This requirement is one that will help push private insurance off the proverbial cliff.  Any private insurance company that is approved by the government must accept terminally ill patients upon request and then they are not allowed to charge them higher rates than healthy clients.  This ties in neatly with the next item.
  • INDIVIDUAL MANDATES– This is the item that Justice Roberts decided, most likely to keep a few skeletons from spilling out of his closet, to be a tax.  As we all know we were told by Obama this bill would not raise any taxes.  However those of us who have read the bill have found at least 22 new taxes, not including the Mandate Tax, so adjudicated by Roberts.  In a nutshell, the government will fine individuals in variable amounts  for each year they do not join a government exchange or get private insurance.  That fine is peanuts when compared to the cost of a policy.  But since approved insurance providers will be required to give out policies regardless of the client’s health, it won’t take long for people to realize they can pay the fine and if they get sick, go get a policy.  This would be like purchasing fire insurance after your house had burned down.  Private insurance companies will not  survive the Pre-Existing Condition.  Just as planned.

Before we delineate the 5 Phases of Treachery relating to Obamacare and its real reason for being, it is important to understand that this bill is long, complicated, and convoluted entirely by design.   Law makers and a huge majority of politicians are lazy and they can be counted on to read the sports section of the Times but not a bill that has the potential of destroying America.   Even those “genetically” opposed to Obamacare will not take time to read it, understand it or see the devastation built into it.  Unfortunately, the same goes for about 99% of Americans who may not necessarily be lazy but too busy working and raising their families.

Recall, back before this battle was joined by the Tea Party and conservative groups, we were told that health care reform was needed because 15 million Americans were uninsured.   How can any country live with itself with such “social injustice” permeating our country?

The truth is however, about half of those uninsured were uninsured because they preferred vacations on the Riviera or BMW’s in their driveways.  They were healthy and gambled they would stay that way.  The other half, truly does need help, everyone understood that and many were trying to fix it.

Everyone except the leftists who, as with every issue, only see the poor as pawns to be used as a means to their ends.  If you doubt that, lets run a few numbers.  Obamacare costs were manipulated by the administration to make Americans believe it would cost just under $1 Trillion per year and then everyone would have health coverage.  Right!  As with everything coming form Obama, this was a lie.  The cost has now risen to almost $1.5 Trillion just as every honest economist had predicted.

If the goal was to insure the 7.5 million Americans who could not afford it, they could have insured all of them with a $10,000.00 policy, with any of the major health coverage providers, for a mere $70 Billion.  Now that’s a lot of money, for sure, but its a hell of a lot less than $1.5 Trillion.  And of course, the nastiest of nasty little secrets, even this miserable excuse for an administration, now admits that 10 to 15 million people still will be without coverage.  Great way to throw an annual $1.5 Trillion down the drain.


But wait.  You and I may see this as a colossal waste, but to the left, it’s money well spent.  Its your money, spent to finance Phase 5 of the tyrannical takeover of your freedom and this country.

Five phases of tyranny

Obamacare: last of the five phases of tyrannyPhase 1, The destruction of the American economy

This step has been on going almost from the moment the usurper took office five and a half years ago.  Industries have been regulated into default and bankruptcy.  Energy costs have necessarily skyrocketed as domestic production and transport of energy resources have been crippled.  Corporations are moving out of the country or closing their doors.  Phase 1, Complete.

Phase 2, Create a perpetual dependent class:

The number of unemployed Americans is at the highest level, both in percentage and actual numbers, of any time in the history of our country.  The percentage of Americans on some kind of government subsidy or assistance is now over 40%. Half the population do not earn enough money to pay income tax. The number of families now on food stamps has doubled since the “Fundamental Change” has begun.  Phase 2, Complete.

Phase 3, Common Core and mass ignorance:

Also from day one, Obama began the attack on private and charter schools. As a result minority families were prevented from putting their children in schools where they could learn in secure environments.  They are being forced to remain in the dangerous stink holes of government schools where the only education they receive is how to survive assaults and deal with the drug pushers.  If they happen to make it to class alive and sober they are inundated with incompetent leftist teachers spouting how white people hate them.  Meanwhile, middle and upper classes are also being dumbed down as the government jams social justice down the throats of students in the form of Common Core. Phase 3, Complete.

Phase 4, Destruction of the election process:

The left in this country has been working relentlessly over the last several years to manipulate the election process.  That endeavor is just about complete.  As of this last election they have instituted unconstitutional early voting in Presidential elections which provides unlimited opportunity for fraud, successfully fought off efforts to remove dead people from the voter rosters, been allowed to report 120% voter turn out without being questioned and were allowed to report that over 100 districts in this country did not see even one vote for the Republican candidate.  Not even one.  They have successfully fought off voter ID laws and are allowed to post uniformed thugs with billy clubs at polls during elections. Phase 4, Complete.

Phase 5, The final piece of treachery, Obamacare:

Now, with the implementation of Obamacare, the final phase marking the successful fundamental change will be adding hundreds of million of Americans to the list of those who are dependent on big government.  Obamacare is the tipping point that our Founding Fathers wrote of and were worried about.  The fear was that the time may come when there are more takers than makers.  Obamacare is the grand slam, the coup d’état which tips the teetering balance to a lopsided collapse.



While the power of the New World Order, the world Communists, the socialist progressives and the leftist media have been relentlessly at work implementing these 5 Phases, you may ask yourself what has your Republican Party done to stop it.  The answer is, except for a very few, absolutely nothing.  Your GOP has, by default, allowed Obamacare to impose not only eventual Single Payer for health care but Single Party for a dismal future.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Just a few questions:
1. Could you provide some sources for your claims. That would make the article seem much more credible.
2. You said that 15 million AMericans were without Healthcare (HC). You also said that the Obamacare plan would leave 10-15 million people still without HC. Surely you meant something else? Those numbers don’t really make sense to me?
3. Unemployment rate has been much higher in the past(correct me if I’m wrong), such as the times of Shay’s Rebellion and the Great Depression. Are you sure that you are right on that? In addition, quantitative easing has marginally lowered the unemployment rate.
4. “The percentage of Americans on some kind of government subsidy or assistance is now over 40%”
So can you cite a source for that? It is a very big claim with profound implications. If it is true, then it IS indeed worrisome.
5. Aren’t you a bit pessimistic about public schools? I’ve gone to a public school in Birmingham, AL and am currently attending one in CHarlotte, NC. I don’t feel like the system is as bad as you think. I have some very good teachers and they don’t spout leftist crap at me. As for Common Core, it doesn’t really affect me (I don’t think). But it will probably affect the next generation.
6. The 4th stage seems very scary. But it’s unbelievable. If you had included a source, it would have been much better. I used to watch MSNBC, they say the Republicans were trying to close early voting. They said that it was unfair(voter suppression) because many blacks vote early. MSNBC also claimed that voter fraud was extremely low (below 0.001%, don’t remember actual numbers). am well aware that MSNBC has a strong liberal bias. I would be grateful if you could explain my questions to me. :)


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