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Third option: a new United States



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

In Part I of this series (Read it here) we discussed many of the unconstitutional activities being imposed on America by the Obama Administration with the apparent complicity of the Republican establishment, both nationally and locally. Part I was published on May 3, 2013, before the latest scandals relating to government surveillance, the IRS and the Amnesty Bill.

These new revelations compound the problems that face us in the near and extended future. Things are not looking good for freedom, liberty or prosperity. For certain we are not telling you, the informed reader, anything that is new to you.

Where are we headed? What will America look like in 10, 20 or 30 years? What can be done to protect our children and our property from the ravenous, cannibalistic socialist agenda?

Cannibalistic agenda: what is that?

First we need to define just what is meant by cannibalistic agenda. Cannibalism is the act of “eating your own” which totally describes what happens when progressivism runs a muck. The producers of wealth, who feed and support the non-productive, have become both the enemy and the main course. Its no longer sufficient for them to give up half of what they have earned or created. As the zombie population grows it will consume all you have, and while despising you, it will devour you.

It’s no secret that Obama understands this, as do those who produced and control him. The destruction of middle and upper middle income earners, along with the extermination of an effective education system, is the formula for domination and eternal incumbency. Their goal is to rule ceaselessly and absolutely over a less productive but complaint citizenry which is preferable to controlling a superpower for a brief and limited legal term of office.


First option: a new revolution

A new Revolution might possibly materialize, if a significant number of people feel as though:

  • Free elections are a thing of the past,
  • Constitutional freedoms have been watered down or ignored, and
  • All opportunity to provide for one’s family resides only in dreams and history.

Since Communism has laid the ground work for how to defeat such revolutions, those following this agenda, are now hard at work disarming America. A revolution is a battle, waged by the people against government tyranny with civilians battling an armed and trained government military machine. This kind of confrontation generally does not turn out well for the unarmed revolutionary.

Second option: a new civil war

How about a new civil war? For sure, that will never happen again in this country. Different from a revolution where it would be people vs government, a civil war will require Americans to kill Americans, under the direction and control of sub-governments. Whilst the ideological divide between Americans is being fermented daily by our Divider n Chief, we will never again take up arms against our brothers.

Third option: bloodless separation

The third option: a friendly divorceThere is, as you will see, a third option: a bloodless agreement on boundaries, principles and freedoms. These lines of demarcation will not be defined by government officials or military blockades. They will be formed by the people themselves, over time, as areas will be populated or depopulated, by a natural migration towards the type of civil government one chooses to live, work and produce under.

It is happening already. We see states like New Jersey, which is dominated by liberals who dwell in the swamp so thick and slimy its hard to discern one political party from the other. People are fleeing the state in huge numbers for freer solid ground with less swampland.  We have been seeing businesses in over taxed and over regulated states, at great expense, picking up and reestablishing operations in business friendly states.

Third option: how it will work

How would this Third Option work? Would not those liberals in liberal states, who voted for and then supported repressive politicians and legislation, flee the resulting mayhem? The leftists in Massachusetts have begun to do just that. Eluding the misery they created, many leftists have been moving to New Hampshire where they have begun the process all over again. So, of course they would. At least they would try.

And that is why this Third Option, while bloodless in concept, will not be without teeth. Over the coming years as the ideological borders are defined, they will need to be protected as well as the population and ideology within. People moving in will need to be defined, categorized accepted or denied much as a club would do before accepting new members. This may not be totally Constitutional, but its much preferable to armed conflict.


A point to be kept in mind here is this. Leftists have no trouble establishing Agenda 21 principles where townships can create laws controlling what home owners can and can’t do with their own property. The Third Option will extend the same rights to townships who choose to keep lefties out. Fair is fair.

Constitutional states will be known in time, as will the socialist ones. Those states will need to pass laws about relocating into their states and base it upon productivity, ideology and past political affiliation. For those liberals who find themselves surrounded by liberty-loving constitutionalists who disturb their morning rest with early departures to work, financial incentives will be offered to help them relocate into areas more conducive to their morals and afternoon roll outs from bed. Such laws certainly can not be considered constitutional. But if the alternative is bloodshed and options one and two can be avoided, those laws may not be so bad.

Third option: how will people take it?

There is not much doubt that the many in both parties, the mainstream media and the judiciary who have failed to take note of or concern themselves with the destruction of our Constitution by Obama and the left, will be the first to raise holy hell. Freedom of speech to vent on this issue should be duly afforded to them, provided they do it on their side of utopia.

After all, leftist ideology may well be a disease, it is however, one of choice. Anytime the light comes on and the misery created by “social justice” is realized, those people will be accepted into the world of the productive and liberated. When they learn that living in a home that’s unprotected, living in a town where one can’t put salt on french fries or buy a large soft drink, may not be what they expected, their choices may “evolve”, so to speak.

Understanding that they will be greatly disadvantaged, as a result of the progressive downgrading of the education system, some may begin to comprehend that their social utopia has gone broke because the previously hated producers of jobs and income have departed for pastures of an economically sound environment. Goods and services run low very quickly when the takers can no longer feed on the makers.


While this may be a bit tongue in cheek, much of what the Third Option would be like has actually been happening. It is moving slowly at present, but like a small snowball beginning a leisurely roll down the mountain, its size and momentum will grow to unstoppable proportions.

Next installment

Part III: How the Third Option will have to deal with the Federal Government.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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