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Christie at bat: will he strike out?



Chris Christie called a special Senate election for his own benefit. Or did he?

Before I begin, allow me to set that stage. I believe the greatest danger to the survival of the Republic is the governmental education system. Let no one tell you differently Education is a National Security issue ignored by both political parties. Someone should have reminded Governor Christie of the words of one of our greatest Founding Father’s concerning our country and education:

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. (Thomas Jefferson, January 6, 1816)

The title implies Governor Christie a/k/a Blunderbuss was up at bat and may just strike out. Therefore it’s imperative you the reader become the umpire and call each strike; therefore allow me to digress.

Christie at the bat: Strike one

Christie at the batJust when you thought nothing could surpass Christie’s Governor ‘Blunderbuss’ following the demise of liberal Senator Lautenberg (D) shocks the GOP. Instead of replacing him with a conservative to represent the people in New Jersey, Christie not only betrayed New Jersey but the entire Country. Christie places in his old partner and recent Attorney General of the State of NJ as acting Senator. Then orders him to vote in lockstep with the Marxists Democrats on the Amnesty bill.

I believe “Blunderbuss’ is suffering from delusional hopes of grandeur that by granting asylum to “illegals” ignoring fact that they’ve violated U.S. laws he will be rewarded bt them in the coming Presidential election. Knowing they have a propensity to vote in the true progressive/Marxist manner, (repeatedly). (I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Christie is also silent concerning voter ID). Tell us Governor were you really a U.S. Attorney General for New Jersey who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, and laws of the New Jersey and United Sates? I guess you’ve been paling around with your buddy Obama for too long, damn be the laws, we are the law! I’d call this one strike!

Strike two

There’s a saying: “Once a liar always a liar” I guess Governor you believe the voters of New Jersey are either stupid or just have short memories. Let’s see if you and the voters reading this article remember your campaign promised the citizens of New Jersey; …”that you were committed to the “innovation in education, free enterprise, and parental choice”. Was that just campaign rhetoric? I guess that was then and now is now.

Governor, you may be able to fool the people some of the time but not all the time. Its clear to this writer, you’re actions demonstrate your nothing more than a progressive political prostitute who will sell out anyone or any group to ingratiate yourself to a larger voting bloc. In this instance, the Teacher’s Union, especially with an election coming up in 2014 and 2016


“We the People” are concerned with our children’s welfare, appears to be meaningless to you and your administration. Please explain why your puppet Commissioner of Education, Chris Cerf: “Two years after approving initial applications for online charter schools, the New Jersey Department of Education has reversed course, sending out letters last month, telling two different virtual charter school applicants to, in a Jersey paraphrase, forget about it.”

Doesn’t your administration answer to you? After dragging along school choice parents and applicants for two years, with all kinds of unreasonable requests – much like the IRS has been doing to organizations they disagree with – these most advanced and innovative schools were rejected outright. Is it better to keep children in substandard government (indoctrination centers, my emphasis) schools where quality is the exception rather than the rule? We deserve an answer “Blunderbuss’ you’re always shooting off your mouth, how about a logical explanation.

NJ Dept. of Education Rejection letter:

Despite the presence of virtual charter schools in other states, there is inadequate independent research into both their academic effectiveness, as well as the necessary elements needed to ensure effective oversight.

Uncertainty about the legal foundations for fully virtual charter schools and the Department’s serious concerns regarding its ability to effectively oversee and monitor such schools precludes the Department from granting NJVACS a final charter.

We must allow parents the choice how their children are to be educated. Today the internet is the answer in a world of technology. For two years Governor your stooges have delayed and denied progress. So again, we must ask, did you forget your campaign promise that you were committed to the” innovation in education”, free enterprise and “parental choice”?

Isn’t it also true that these Charter School applicants stated they would comply with any and every concern that the Department of Education mandated, and that was completely ignored and no reply was forthcoming?

Will it be strike three?

Foul balls

Still up at bat, the ball is pitched, Christie swings. He attempts to place a pro-homosexual activist to the State Supreme Court. Who would redefine marriage, slippery way to play both ends (no pun intended) – let the Courts do your dirty work ingratiating yourself to the “gay” community garnering another voting bloc? At the same time telling voters you’re against same-sex marriage and will veto any legislation to that end. “Foul Ball”


The pitch, again Christie swings hits another ball, appointing an Islamic believer in Sharia law to the Superior Court. It appears it never occurred to the Governor that Sharia law is incompatible with the Constitution, American society and laws of these United States. But what the heck, Christie covers the Muslim Community, voting bloc! “Foul ball.”

Remember when Governor Christie told the people of New Jersey he would not implement an “Insurance Exchange” Well that was before the opposition put in their star pitcher and buddy, lefty Obama. Though no law compels any state to create an “insurance exchange”. Blunderbuss fearing lefty Obama, agreed to go through with adding 100,000 to Medicaid rolls under Obama-care. And who gets to pay for this $280 million expenditure? No wonder over 30-Democrats in Trenton support Christie for governor, just ask Cody. Christie swings – the call “Foul ball.”

How about you’re over-taxation, and draconian fees, for example you’re attempting to require every citizen sign up for Easy Pass – than you’ve added a five dollar surcharge for complying on every bill. Well, I guess that works for the Obama surveillance team. Did Obama call you to thank you? I’m compelled to ask, are you sure you’re not a Marxists/Democrat? “Foul Ball.”

The pitch: gun control

Blunderbuss, still at bat, will the umpire call strike three? Governor before the umpire calls this last pitch, the players on each team are holding their breath. A war has been raging in Trenton led by the Marxist/Democrat party to disarm every citizen in New Jersey, (outside of the criminal element of course); you see they are exempt, the hell with the law-abiding citizen.

The public is holding its breath, your silence on this matter is deafening, everyone is wondering will you disregard the Second Amendment? Will you disregard that New Jersey has the most restricted Firearms laws in the nation, outside of New York? Christie holding his breath knowing his Democrat counterparts can’t point to any crimes committed by citizens who have complied with the laws of the state. Yet Governor Christie hasn’t decided yet whether to swing at this ball. The ball (bills) needs his signature will he strike out and sign the Marxists legislation into law?


The entire country is watching, the citizens of every state wondering will the big man strike out? Is he a just counterfeit Republican throwing the game! I guess we all have to wait and see.

A special thanks goes out to Bob Bowden and Rabbi Israel Teitelbaum of “Alliance for Free Choice in Education” for their tireless work on behalf of all the citizens of New Jersey for their work to assure the certainty of parental rights and the civil and human right of every child to a quality education?

Every citizen of the State of New Jersey must let Governor Christie know you will not forget his repeated betrayals: Call Governor Chris Christie, at 609-292-6000, and demand he reverse the Department of Education’s decision, NOW!

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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