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GOP: Trojan elephant?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Sarah Palin, probably out of respect for McCain, has been long silent on the marching orders she was given by the GOP during their 2008 campaign. She recently spoke out about the long list of areas she was not to discuss. Any one of which could very well have derailed the Obama Express. And now, Romney has just informed his supporters and contributors what little interest he had in becoming President. He would have quit his campaign if that great American conservative, Jeb Bush had decided to run. Now that’s commitment. Yes? Uh, no!

Before we go on I’d like to say, over the years I’ve never agreed with one word coming from the Rev. Jessie Jackson’s mouth. But when he stated, “Stay out da Bushes”, he was on to something.

Continuing now……

Romney and the GOP during 2012 primary

Remember if you will, relentless and aggressive attacks Mitt Romney and the GOP rained down on every Conservative Republican during the primary of 2012. Then compare that onslaught with the warm and fuzzy debates Mitt had with Obama calling him a nice guy, etc. During those debates Obama could have been forced to answer questions, unfettered by his cohorts in the media, about Fast and Furious and who ordered that our people in Benghazi be left to fight and die while Obama rested up for a campaign trip. But no, Mitt wanted Americans to know Obama was a nice guy.

Isn’t it curious, that after Obama made a fool of himself in the first debate, Romney backed off for the final rounds? Though he was told to throw the fight, he caught Obama with an unintentional right hook in the first round. Then, on the stool between the bells, Romney’s handlers slapped him to his senses. Thereafter, Obama was given time to recover and for the rest of the fight, as ordered, Romney failed to offer up even a weak jab.


You might be saying, this is old news, why bring this back up? The answer, unfortunately is because they are continuing that game plan at this very moment. One has to try and figure out what it is about the GOP that causes them to continue the same campaign tactics which lose every time. If they are not stupid and they are not insane, they must be something else.

The GOP: a Trojan elephant

Is the GOP a trojan elephant in the conservative fort?It is time to consider the real possibility that they, the Republican Party elites, are Progressives who agree with Democratic ideology and their role is not to defeat them but to present a faux alternative to keep the real opposition at bay. Conservatives may have opened the gates and allowed the Trojan Elephant into the fort. Its time for true Republican Conservatives to move that Trojan Elephant outside of our compound.

Startling examples of the new attack campaign abound. Once again the long knives and cut throat sabers have been honed and are beginning to flail at the necks of potential conservative candidates.

Staten Island Congressman Peter King, once an icon of the right has become nothing more than the standard, run of the mill RINO shill. Together with Chris Christie, Obama’s BFF, Karl Rove and others, they have begun an all out assault on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Sarah Palin.

As with every election of the past, the GOP scours the roster for spineless, obedient candidates and then offers them up for the next political sacrifice.  Following a listless battle, with the assistance of the media, they throw the blame for the loss on conservatives who chose not to vote for either of the Progressive candidates.  It is clear now, those accusations are part of a decades old plan and are presented to further fog up the true intent of the GOP establishment.

The question is, how much longer will real Republicans allow the enemy to subvert and divide them?  How much longer will they allow them to operate within our compound?


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub (TPATH)


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