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Digging up bones



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Politicians  have long been endowed with ample portions of treachery, narcissistic debauchery and unabashed deceitfulness.  With such charming attributes its not difficult to understand why political leaders are so often culled from the slimiest, darkest inhabitants of society.  It is a dirty game with every participant having buried their own particular bag of bones.  Individual success depends on how deep one’s bones are buried and how efficient he is at digging up those of others.

Back to that in a moment. But first, this.

The person now masquerading as America’s President has proven to be more of a disappointing failure, in every aspect of his presidency, than most of those who had warned us could have ever imagined.  The economy is a mess. 90 million Americans have totally lost hope and are not even looking for work. 43% of Americans do not earn enough to pay income taxes. There are more people, both in percentage and actual numbers, on government assistance than anytime in our history. Minority unemployment averages 17% across the country. Foreign diplomacy is embarrassing and extremely dangerous. Americans are more divided, racially, financially and religiously than in any time in our history including the lead up to the Civil War.

While there can be no doubt Obama is a complete incompetent, floundering like a rowboat in a North Atlantic storm, this usurper, this Constitutionally ineligible felon, is doing more damage to our nation than any invading hoard could ever do.  If, right from the beginning, this has been his plan or the plan of those who propped him up, protected him and obscured his past, it may just be that this treasonous presidency is on track to be of the utmost success.  This man and those behind him are in the process of accomplishing what all of America’s enemies of the past have failed to do.  That is, cut American down, reduce her moral leadership in the world and make her pay for decades of success and prosperity.

If this turns out to be the case, many progressive and liberal Americans, from both our major parties, those who have supported illegal executive orders or looked the other way as other crimes such as forgeries and weapons transfers to terrorists or the killing of Americans without criminal indictment, will take those objurgations to their graves. Posterity and what may be left of our once exceptional country, will for all time, hold them culpable.

Returning now to Digging Up Bones.

Digging up bonesLet’s begin by asking a very important question.  How is it possible that this one man who clearly lacks intellectual acumen or empiricism, has succeeded in ousting every political opponent, winning every single court case, and has  managed to persuade people in government positions to hide, delete or just plain refuse to hand over inculpating documents?

And of course this mathematical impossibility is not confined to the usurper’s criminal actions or his fraudulent documents and fabricated history.  He has been able to appoint the most inexperienced,  bumbling leftist fools to the Supreme Court, Federal Courts and positions of power in our government without a whimper of opposition.


Here is a very short list of astounding wins he has racked up.  There is neither time nor space to list them all but recall just these few:

  • When Obama first ran for State Senate, at the last minute sexual depravity was discovered and released concerning his opponent.  As a result Obama ran virtually unopposed.
  • Running for the United States Senate a few years later, almost the exact problems arose for his latest opponent.  The last minute replacement for that race had no time to mount a campaign and as before, Obama easily won.
  • Efforts to have America see Obama’s original birth certificate, which would have once and for all settled the issue, were thwarted by Hawaii officials and supported in court hearings without the backing of a law.
  • Federal officials deleted travel logs from government data bases which would have shown if Obama’s mother had a child with her on flights to and from Kenya.
  • Hospital officials in Hawaii removed visitation logs which would have shown Obama’s mother was birthing Obama, or not.
  • Passport records have been deleted or hidden which may have shown Obama traveled to Pakistan as a foreign student.
  • Officials in the Selective Service Administration refused to release Obama’s registration which has been proven to be manipulated or forged and then changed the rules relating to future information release.
  • Officials in the Social Security department have refused to show documentation on how Obama received and has been using a SS# from Connecticut.
  • E-Verify officials filtered out any future searches for Obama and the SS# he has been using when it was discovered the system returned Obama’s name and number as fraudulent and in need of inquiry.
  • Arizona’s State Official, after demanding that he see Obama’s original birth certificate, mysteriously accepted a carefully worded bureaucratic description, instead.
  • Court case after court case the Judges ruled in favor of Obama without his law team ever having to present evidence.  In fact in a New Jersey court, it was declared that even Mickey Mouse could be a Presidential candidate in the Democratic Party.  (That declaration surely can’t be denied.)
  • In Georgia, the judge warned Obama that he must provide evidence  and present a defense in his court or he would rule against him.  Several days later, low and behold, not only did Obama’s lawyers not provide the evidence he demanded, they did not even show up for court.  The judge then proceeded to present a case for Obama as if he were the defense attorney and then refused the plaintiffs any opportunity to contest that defense.  He then proceeded to rule in favor of Obama.
  • Then there are the many scandals from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to millions of tax dollars flowing to not just environmental crooks who donated to Obama but also to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.  Not one of these has been investigated by a special prosecutor or special congressional committee that had the authority to indict.
  • And of course, Obamacare, probably the grandaddy of unconstitutional bills, was allowed to stand by a Conservative Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

There is a common theme relating to all of these items.  Whether or not the official was a Democrat or a Republican, a conservative or a liberal, after the passage of several days, no matter what position they originally espoused, the ruling went in Obama’s favor without the slightest bit of fact to support it.  How is that for coincidence?

There can be no doubt that Obama has been chosen or selected by some overwhelmingly powerful group and he was chosen very early on.  This group may be the much feared New World Order, some World Communist organization, the Bilderbergs or some other unknown organization whose purpose is to dethrone America and prevent her from being the moral leader of the world.

This group or conglomeration of groups, selected Obama, a well spoken half white, half black, understanding full well that only a black President would be allowed to do what they needed done.  Because of the unrelenting fear of politicians and society as a whole of being labeled as racist, that man would be able to move much faster and employ more destructive policy, even while appearing to be incompetent, than any white man would be allowed to do.  Of this, they have been astoundingly prescient.

The danger has grown as the technology of data mining has advanced.

There have always been ways to dig up bones of political opponents, judges or any other person in a position which would make him a manipulation target.  Early on this was done with extensive investigation, hours of ground surveillance and research, interviews and fishing expeditions.  This was all very expensive, time consuming and subject to errors and missed information.

Enter the new age of data mining.  The government has used the American people’s money and apathy, via several so called security agencies, to build and maintain information on every single person in this country.  All of these agencies are tied in together as data in one can be accessed, combined and manipulated by any other.


In a matter of minutes, one person, sitting at a keyboard and console can prepare a devastating portfolio of facts, associations and activity of anyone, living or dead.  Or soon to be dead.

Refer now, if you will, back to the description of politicians at the beginning of this article.  Then ask yourself, do you trust a government in control of them or any government not to use that access terminal in support of their agenda?

One pencil necked little geek could halt the regarding of our Constitution simply by typing in a query about a certain Supreme Court Justice, he could reverse a Georgia court judge in his tracks, halt the demands of an Arizona Attorney General or Secretary of State, prevent the Speaker of the House from appointing a committee with teeth.

A few little key strokes can now instantly garner results that would have, in the past, consumed hundreds of hours of investigation and massive amounts of money and resources.  Is anyone foolish enough to think this monumental tool, this all powerful and instantaneous weapon will not be used by those able to access it?

It may be too late.

Anyone or any group endeavoring to end this data mining will immediate become a keystroke query by that pencil necked geek.  This system may have become so efficient and so almighty powerful that no man, no organization can stop it.


Our founding fathers understood the dangers of a government having access to our privacy.  They never could have imagined the extent, the control and the ability it now has to do just that.  If it is possible for the deceased to roll over in one’s grave, that shuffling you hear now, is a Founding Father collective roll.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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