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Liberal control, not gun control



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

For sure there has been enough written about last week’s massacre of more than 60 innocent and defenseless civilians in that Kenyan shopping mall.  But for the leftists in this country enough can never be enough if that misery aides their agenda of disarming America.  As with every event of multiple innocent deaths, this latest episode arrived with much desiderate anticipation by the psychotic left.

Some might say that that statement is extreme and viscous. To place that kind of depravity on one’s political opponents could not possibly serve any productive purpose.  Those people have much to learn about the left and history will bear that out.  In every case where firearms were the selected tools of terrorists or murderers, even before the rubble ceases to smolder, the blood on the walls coagulate and the warmth of the dead cools to the chill of a morgue tray, they are front and center demanding yet more gun control.  They need these massacres.  They want these massacres.  They pray to their progressive gods for the next one.

The true motives of the liberal elite:

Liberal control is what we need now.Understanding as we do that the motives of the elite left are not precipitated by their desire to “save just one life” as we have heard so many times over the years, as they bit by bit, chip away at America’s right to own and bear arms.  It has nothing to do with saving lives.  In fact those lost lives are as needed and important as fuel for an engine.  The only dead bodies they are concerned with are their own.  Preventing the people from having the ability to forcefully remove their lazy, worthless carcases from the position of authority and power is their only agenda.

The followers of the liberal elite:

Then there are the followers.  Those without the ability or desire to clearly evaluate the facts and who blindly absorb whatever swill they are fed.  Without them, those in power, whether they be Communists or un-ideological despots, could never get absolute control and then keep it. These people have been tagged with many names and descriptions over the years.  Names such as “the great unwashed” or “sheeple” but the most powerfully descriptive name, “useful idiots”, was assigned to them by the worlds largest murderer of its own citizens, and the ideological big brother to our socialists, the Communist Party.

Because they are so easily manipulated these useful idiots will, in the future as they have been in the past, be the first group to see what the bottom of a freshly dug mass grave looks like.  They will believe they are helping humanity, the earth and yes, the children.  They will believe this until the last vestige of fading light is consumed by the soon to be compacted back-fill.  So in the long run they could have been correct about helping the earth, given that they will make up the organic portion of the government’s latest landfill project.

Gun Control at 100%:

Returning now, back to the gun control elites who have, right on key, demanded more gun confiscation as they tearfully point out how upset they are about all those people who died in Kenya.  Well, here is a bit of a news flash for them and their useful idiot followers.  Kenya, if gun control was the answer to ending mass murders, should be the most peaceful utopian paradise outside of heaven itself.   Why? Because Kenya, since 1987 has had as close to 100% Gun Control as is statistically possible.  Here are some facts about the Gun Control laws in Kenya:

  • Possession of semi-automatic or fully automatic rifles is punishable by 15 years of hard labor.
  • All hunting with firearms of any kind is prohibited.
  • Gun collectors have had firearms confiscated and destroyed.
  • Gun and ammunition sales are illegal everywhere in the country.
  • Only certain police and government officials are allowed to own a firearm.
  • Kenya does not allow citizens to own a handgun without a special permit.
  • There are 43,000,000 Kenyans and only 5,000 permits have been issued with the bulk of them going to security firms or special police.

What did a 100% gun control policy do to keep that mall in Kenya safe?  Sixty dead bodies answer that.  Actually, what it did was ensure the terrorists that they would have a totally defenseless shooting gallery for as long as they wanted it.  What pray tell, did Kenya have in common with one hundred percent of the other well planned mass murder locations?  Why of course, they all happened in gun free zones.  How very convenient?   Coincidence, no!  Convenient, yes!

The bottom line and the only thing that makes any sense, not just here in America but for the entire world, saving lives will be much easier if 100% Liberal Control was enacted.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Fergus Mason

“Here are some facts about the Gun Control laws in Kenya”

Oh really?

Where did you get those facts from? I only ask because almost all of them are VERY wide of the mark. Let’s start with the most ridiculous – that “all hunting with firearms of any kind is prohibited.” No. It isn’t. Hunting of endangered big game is prohibited, as it should be; other hunting is not. In fact it’s a major tourist attraction. Ernest Hemingway hunted in Kenya, and so can you.

“Kenya does not allow citizens to own a handgun without a special permit”

Kenya doesn’t allow you to own ANY firearm without a permit, which confirms that you’ve had a mental health and criminal records check. Once you have the permit you can buy a handgun – and even carry concealed – with no further restrictions.

“Possession of semi-automatic or fully automatic rifles is punishable by 15 years of hard labor.”

Nope. Possession of semi-automatic rifles WITHOUT A PERMIT is punishable by 15 years hard labour. There is also a restriction on owning semi-automatic weapons that take ammunition used by the Kenyan military, i.e. 7.62 NATO or 5.56 NATO. Fully automatic rifles are banned, as they are in the USA.

“Only certain police and government officials are allowed to own a firearm”

Utter rubbish. Any Kenyan citizen aged 12 or over is allowed to own firearms if they pass the background check.

“Gun collectors have had firearms confiscated and destroyed.”

Uh, no. People with unlicensed collections have had them confiscated and destroyed. There’s a difference.

“Gun and ammunition sales are illegal everywhere in the country”

Let me direct you to Kenya Bunduki, Nairobi’s oldest private gun shop:

link to


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