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RINO war on conservatives and Tea Party



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

For several years now TPATH, as well as others, have written about the GOP RINO establishment’s behind the scenes, not so stealth attacks on not just the Tea Party and Conservative movements but individual leaders of those various organizations.

This past week, as well as several weeks earlier, the battle for the Republican Party has come front and center as the weasels have shed their costumes of Patriot clothing and donned the garb of General Benedict Arnold. They have declared open warfare on conservatives and constitutionalists. The purge which has been going on since the beginning of the grass roots movement, has now been taken front and center.

This new found courage has risen from their collusion with the leftists, communists and the criminal main stream media.  They believe the American people have been defeated and now its time to destroy the last vestiges of resistance.  Starting with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and any elected official with grass roots ties.

A little bit of recent history

Many establishment RINO’s would show up at meetings and even Tea Party rallies.  They would come begging for votes just prior to election day.  All the while working to destroy the conservative movement at every opportunity. They supported and still do, so called Conservative Blogs and web sites which had one objective and one objective only.  To derail any and all opposition from the grass-roots movement.

The dirty little secret is that there really is very little difference between the Democratic Party and those who run the GOP establishment.  There really never has been.  Those in comfortable positions of power and authority in the Republican Party are like happy little piglets slopping around the barnyard swill, joyfully licking up scraps doled out to them by the Democrats and the news media.


All they needed to do was, in public, put on a modicum of resistance to the progressives, while privately licking the mud crusted boots of the left.  This went along swimmingly well over the decades as finishing second in a two pig race was just fine.  After all only the public perception of ideology conflict had importance.  The Democrats threw the GOP a slippery bone every once in awhile as both parties slipped it to the American people, all the while.  Oh life was just wonderful there in the slop pit of politics.

Then came the Constitutionalists, the true conservatives, the Tea Party movement.

How dare they interfere?

How dare they?

As stated before, this war is nothing new. Recall how every Tea Party candidate who won a Republican Primary over an establishment RINO was mercilessly trashed, demeaned and categorized as crack pots, witches or women haters.  Rove, the King RINO, showed just how little the GOP cared about winning US Senate seats, if those seats were not being contested by one of their “follow our orders” guys.


The RINO war is now declared. Let’s join battle.

RINO declaration of war on PatriotsThe GOP has proven they will not support nor help a Conservative win a general election.  Of this there is ample proof and history.  It is time true Americans, those who now see the complicity and collusion between the GOP RINO’s and the progressive left, hand the Republican establishment a little bit of their own medicine.

For a while TPATH had flirted with the need for a third party, understanding that it would be decades, if ever for one to become viable. The mindset was that no matter which of the two parties won elections, the progressives still would be in power.  So the thought was we have nothing to lose, so let’s get started.   This idea was valid, but its time to take it to a different level.

It is time to take it to the Republican establishment, the way they have been taking it to us, the true Americans.  Not by starting or supporting a third party.  But by not supporting RINO’s, anytime or anywhere.

The Tea Party movement has been fighting the left on the open front and the progressives from behind our lines.  The Tea Party has looked for and supported constitutional candidates and “primaried” those with voting records which have proven to be detrimental to America.  Where we failed to win a primary, it had always been our objective to then vote for the RINO over the Democrat.  Its clear, that must stop and it must stop, now!

Allowing the GOP to trash conservative candidates, not support them and even work against them and having the Tea Party support their candidates in the general elections is tantamount to entering an axe fight without an axe.  We have lost arms, legs and sustained much damage.  It is now time to return the favor.  Sharpen our axes and bring them to the party.  So to speak.

Below is a list of steps the constitution and conservative movement needs to take.

But first some thoughts on the effect on our economy, our lives and our country they would have, in the short term, if this plan is implemented.  Since the only difference between GOP, people such as McCain, Graham, King and Christie and the Democrats is how they spell their names, the answer to that question is….not a blessed thing.



  1. Identify RINO’s prior to Republican Primaries for County, State and National office
  2. Find conservatives for each and every Republican Primary and run them against the RINO
  3. Organize, raise money, contribute and campaign for the conservatives selected
  4. If the conservative loses the primary, do what the GOP does, do not vote for him in the general election
  5. If a RINO is on your ballot, find a Constitutional Party or Libertarian Party candidate and vote for one of them
  6. In the next Primary season, repeat steps 1 through 5 above

Remember, it was the GOP that declared this war.  We have reluctantly accepted but will vigorously engage.  Even if this war helps Democrats get elected each of us must ask ourselves, in the words of a great un-American progressive,

What difference, at this point, does it make?


The first battle of this declared war is November 5, 2013.

TPATH does not support RINO Chris Christie

TPATH will not support or vote for Governor Chris Christie. Here’s why.

  • He refused to sign on to the Health Care lawsuit
  • He was one of the first Governors to sign up for Obamacare Exchange
  • He supported cap and trade taxes until he was told we were watching
  • He colluded with the liberal Andrew Cuomo to halt cheap natural gas in NEW Jersey
  • He appointed a Muslim with ties to terrorists to the NJ court system as judge
  • He appointed a liberal to the NJ Supreme court
  • He declared anyone who worried about murdering Islamic terrorism, is racist
  • He signed new gun control laws which further infringe on the Constitution
  • He continues to allow NJ to be a safe zone for illegal immigrants
  • He signed on to giving special subsidies to illegal immigrant students
  • He remarked what a great guy the failed Mayor of Newark is during the Senate campaign
  • He either supported or looked the other way while his GOP supported and made calls to help a Democrat State Senator beat a conservative candidate
  • He appointed a RINO lap dog for the temporary seat in the US Senate
  • He instructed his lap dog to vote for cloture which helped the Dems keep Obamacare funded
  • He instructed his lap dog to vote for the amnesty bill, which he did
  • He helped Obama get re-elected with that revolting hug fest on beach

And for those who claim he has kept property taxes from rising, check your last statement.

As of now, I’m not sure which Gubernatorial Candidate I will be voting for in November.  But I do know which one I will not be voting for.  Before voting for anyone, each of you should ask yourself, which of the things listed above would be better or would not have happened if a Democrat had been Governor?
The answer, not a one.

Kenneth Kaplan of the Libertarian Party is on my radar screen.  I’m still checking, but it’s looking like he will get my vote.


Locked and loaded?

The war is declared. This November, will you engage?

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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