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New Jersey before you vote part 3



Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Abbott District funding wasn’t the first time Christie cowered before the Democrat controlled progressive New Jersey Supreme Court.  Does the “Council on Affordable Housing” (COAH) decision ring a bell?.  These same “Hoodlums in Black-robes” completely ignored the “legislative intent” of the legislation as well as the United States Constitution.  Anyone willing to publicly debate me?

In New Jersey: legislation from the bench

New Jersey, Chris Christie, and Barack Obama: truly perfect together?The New Jersey Supreme Court unconstitutionally legislated from the bench and dictated what individual municipalities were responsible for concerning affordable housing.   Using intimidation and extortion while instituting penalties, they created remedies for their desired utopia that exist nowhere in the original legislation.  Each of these profligates should be reported to the Judiciary Conduct Committee and removed from the bench.

What did Chris Christie do to restrain the runaway court?  If you are thinking nothing,  as Groucho Marx used to say: “You said the magic word.” He did of course regurgitate his usual sorry refrain, “I don’t like the ruling, but I’ll obey the Court”.  Conservative?   This guy can’t even be classified as a moderate!  Bull-dog my back-side; more like a little liberal – pussy – cat.

Note  1 from TPATH:  It is curious how Christie continues to blame the courts for these outrageous rulings when it was he, who re-appointed several of these liberal justices, instead of replacing them with conservatives when he had the chance.  This may explain why this so-called Republican is being supported by so many Socialist Democrats across the state of Liberty and Prosperity.

Christie’s Constitutional stance on your Second Amendment Rights

New Jersey has some of the most restrictive firearms legislation in the nation,  outside of New York.  Make no mistake about it Governor Christie, like his hug-a-buddy Obama and liberal Governor Andrew ‘spooky” Cuomo across the river, has always been anti-Second Amendment.

After signing a slew of draconian anti-Second Amendment bills into law. Christie is now recommending the legislature amend the bills he vetoed and for the legislature to include additional obstruction to honest firearms holders:

  1. Requiring a New Jersey firearms identification card for the purchase of all ammunition
  2. He wants: Physicians and screeners overseeing involuntary commitments to inquire about firearm ownership. This information could be obtained through a provision in the bills for a firearms identification cards
  3. He wants to ban long range Barrett .50 calibers rifles which are used in sporting competition.

How about this self assessment?  During an interview and butt-kissing session with Larry Bulman, former Saratoga County Democrat Chairman and ‘Political Director’ for the United Association of Plumbers , Pipefitters and Steamfitters in February, Christie said:

I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo.  I probably agree with him on 98% of the issues.

After reading this and having witnessed what took place in New York with Gov. “Spooky” Cuomo’s firearms legislation, one needs to take a closer look at this “Strong Conservative”.

It appears Christie is running for President everywhere he goes.  Does anybody still believe he’s staying in New Jersey or gives a rats butt about your Constitutional rights or the Republican Party?  Rush Limbaugh has, maybe not so tongue in cheek, stated several times that Hillary Clinton is a shoo in for the Democratic Presidential selection for 2016, provided Governor Christie doesn’t want it.  Just a joke, right?

Let’s dabble further into Christie’s behavior and political appointments and then ask ourselves:  Would a true Republican act as Christie did?  If a Republican was ousted from office would a Democrat retain the same Republican Attorney General?  This Trojan Horse, after taking back the Executive Office, retained Corzine’s attorney General and to boot, later appointed her for judgeship.  Does anyone really think  New Jersey doesn’t have enough progressives on the bench?   Apparently your Conservative Governor thinks so.

Note 2 from TPATH:

Redistricting here in New Jersey has always been a source of political control.  Having Socialist Democrats in the Governor’s mansion during these vote manipulating procedures has always given them a free hand to control both congressional and state legislative districts.  Your Republican Party was always left standing at the back door dumpster hoping to get just a few scraps.


So finally, during this last redistricting cycle, we had a conservative Governor who could appoint a conservative as Chairman and tie-breaker for determining the new District Maps and some of the decades of unfair gerrymandering could be undone.  But did he?  Well, no, no he didn’t.  In fact he appointed the same left-leaning Rutger’s Professor the Socialist Democrats appointed.

Then, your Governor appointed this same liberal to New Jersey Supreme Court.  The same court he now claims is making decisions he disagrees with, but must comply.   Try making this up for a novel, you’d be run out of the publisher’s office on a barbed wire pole.

The Windbag and Windmills

Above I mentioned that Chris Christie admitted he agreed with Governor Andrew “Spooky” Cuomo 98% of the time, so allow me to digress: These two progressive political mental midgets (short in moral, not physical, stature) nixed the gas-pipeline that would have reduced energy costs in the northeast?

If that wasn’t ridiculously stupid, Christie the King of Windbags,  had another opportunity to obtain a huge campaign contribution and donation from windmill producers and the electric companies.

This opportunist expects the taxpayers of New Jersey to subsidize a “startup project” for windmills off the coast of New Jersey at a cost of a $100-million.  Experts predict the total cost could reach $1.4 billion before it’s completed


Experts predict electric costs will soar, but hey, think of the votes from the environmental wackos. Screw the citizens of New Jersey he already bought his ticket to Washington.  Again, I say God forbid!

Just a tidbit of information, windmills require fossil fuels (natural gas), large banks of batteries or electric from the grid to run. Various heaters, pumps, yaw a direction adjustments all need energy which, if there is no wind, as there often isn’t, they use energy instead of producing it.  Add to this the fact that each wind turbine chops the wings and heads off hundreds of birds each year, the annoying sound they produce and the eye sore they are, your tax dollars could well be spent better. Let me leave you with the words of Peter, Paul and Mary, ‘The answer, my friend,  — Is blowing in the wind – The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Out of space again, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to really get ticked off at this blowhard in Part IV. The “Big Guy” has put New Jersey in “Big” trouble, the longer he stays in office the worst off New Jersey will be. I would be remiss if I didn’t add, Buono would be a total disaster also.

You have one true chance for sanity in Office. VOTE Diane Sare for Governor!

Diane Sare. An independent choice for New Jersey.Since the lap-dogs in the media refuse to inform the public, it’s up to us “We the People” to become an information center, therefore forward to everyone you know. Let the truth be told!

The Eagle

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub



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