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Election 2013: some things never change



Ballot box, symbol of elections. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this, and hopefully other kinds of voter fraud. If Donald Trump doesn't insist on this kind of backup, he'll likely lose the election.

How bad was it yesterday? HOw bad is it today? How bad will it be tomorrow? The answer to all three headline questions is identical.  BAD!  And the answer will be the same far into that future, considering we actually survive to a future.  No one can expect anything to change or anything to improve, if we do nothing to change or nothing to improve.

Some things never change, until you choose to change them.Tuesday, November 5th is election day.  And from what we can tell, conservatives, real Republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists and concerned patriots will dutifully go to the polls and hand Governor Christie a landslide victory.  But will he have earned that victory?   Will his actions of these past four years be made of the stuff that rewards him with a victory that will kick off a two year campaign for the White House?

The following is a list of Governor Christie’s accomplishments since he has taken office.  If you can read these and then agree that they constitute the actions of someone who has earned your support, then do vote for him on Tuesday.

But if you have a difficult time trying to understand just how anything would be different if Christie had been defeated by a Socialist Democrat, then, you may be ready to withhold that vote and begin the difficult journey to a path contrary to a road leading to decades of Bad tomorrows.

Which of these things are you as a voter, wanting more of?

  1. After announcing that NJ had enough gun control Christie signed new unconstitutional  bills into law.
  2. As he vetoed several other gun control bills, he issued recommendations to the leftist legislature on how they should amend them, so he could sign them too.
  3. In a fairly revealing self assessment of his ideology Christie, in an interview with a union official, stated that he agrees with left winger Andrew Cuomo, 98% of the time.
  4. After winning the governorship with help from conservative and grass-roots voters and organizations, Christie did not replace ex-governor Corzine’s ultra-liberal New Jersey Attorneys General.
  5. During this year’s campaign he has blamed the courts here in Jersey for making bad rulings even though it was he who failed to replace those very leftists judges and justices who have made those questionable rulings.   Blame others for actions he has taken.  How Obamaesque is that?
  6. For decades the Socialist Democrats have controlled the re-redistricting process here in NJ.   This is the system by which maps are drawn which create then protect forever, Democratic seats in congress and  the state legislature.  Finally, with Christie in office conservatives should have had a chance to undo 30 years of underhanded gerrymandering.   Did that happen?  No, not quite.  Your conservative governor appointed the same liberal college professor to chair the redistricting committee that the Democrats used.
  7. Following this, Governor Christie, instead of appointing a constitutional conservative to New Jersey’s Supreme Court, he appointed that very same liberal college professor to the state’s highest court.
  8. Another attempt at aiding judicial leftists, which thankfully was defeated, Christie tried to appoint a far left, gay rights activist to a judgeship.
  9. During these past four years, he failed to appoint  conservatives to the Supreme Court bet instead elected to re-appoint the leftists already there.
  10. He supported New Jersey’s brand of cap and trade and despite the fact that the earth has cooled over the past 17 years, he has stated he believes global warming is man made.  Cap and Trade, as we all have come to understand it, is nothing more than a stealth tax on the poor which would increase the cost of energy and everything associated with it.
  11. Working with Andrew Cuomo, whom if you recall, he agrees with on most issues, he halted a natural gas pipeline which would have made energy costs for the poor and middle class here in the North East, more affordable and would have created hundreds of new jobs.
  12. He supports spending tax dollars on what some experts say will total up to $1.4 billion to build wind turbines which are ineffective, unreliable, noisy and aesthetically displeasing, not to mention that they kill hundreds of thousands of eagles, hawks, seagulls and other birds in this country, every year.
  13. And try to forget, if you can, how just before the election, that repulsive hug fest with the Socialist Marxist posing as President, the Liar N Chief, Obama, most likely saved millions of dollars in campaign money as over 17,000 times in the last days before the election, that bro-bonding was shown on TV by the propaganda wing of the Progressive movement, better known as the media.
  14. Remember too, that touching moment we were told of, as a  teary eyed Christie related special it was to be in the presence of one Bruce Springsteen.   The same Springsteen by the way who wrote “41 Shots” which used a catastrophe to earn a few bucks.  Springsteen is also known for taking up to an hour during his concerts, to trash Republicans.   A true Republican might indeed tear up at the sight of Springsteen being fawned over by a so called Strong Conservative Republican.
  15. Several weeks later, just to be sure conservatives knew what he thought of their concerns and the previous bonding on the beach, Christie and Obama, once again, cuddled and waddled on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk.
  16. During last year’s state Senate Election in North Jersey, after a conservative candidate dispatched the RINO in the Republican Primary, Christie’s GOP spent money  to help get the Democratic  candidate a win.
  17. Instead of appointing a Republican to fill Frank Lautenberg’s US Senate seat, which Democrats have done over and over again,  Christie called for a special election which cost tax payers millions of dollars and cost the US Senate a chance at a Republican seat.
  18. He then appointed a temporary US Senator, from his trusted group of loyal Country Club Republicans and sent him to Washington DC just in time to vote with the Democrats and for the Amnesty Bill.
  19. Then several weeks later, this temporary appointment continued to follow orders from Trenton and voted with the progressives in the US Senate to force cloture and thereby guarantee that Obamacare would be fully funded.
  20. Siding with Democratic Governors, Christie refused to join the ObamaCare lawsuit which ultimately made its way to the Supreme Court where a traitor in black robes forsook his country in return for personal safety and or prosperity.
  21. Christie was one of the very first state governors to join the Obamacare exchange hoping to rake in  tax payer money to help offset his deficits.
  22. He appointed a Muslim extremist with ties to known terrorist groups to a New Jersey high court judgeship knowing that the man supports Sharia law for the US.
  23. Christie worked to sabotage Steve Lonegan’s run for the US Senate by doing close to nothing to help that campaign.  Several lackluster events, where Christie found it difficult to get to on time, were followed by glowing praise of Cory Booker and his great leadership.
  24. Christie has refused to sign on to the National GOP’s conservative platform.  The only that Republican governor who hasn’t.  That platform calls for support of traditional marriage and the halting of Common Core and Agenda 21 type activities.  Curious?
  25. Christie’s one conservative claim is that he held down taxes.  Care to check your latest property tax assessment to see how that has worked out for you?
  26. Years after he agreed to help and support Charter schools, his administration continues to stall in its implementation.  By the way, teacher’s unions fear and despise charter schools.  Could we be seeing a little fence mending here to the detriment of good education?
  27. He has declared, despite the teachings of every religion, including his own, that homosexual activity is not a sin.  While he has a right to view things as he wishes, he is not, at least of of now, a Pope or a rabbi.
  28. He has stated that anyone who fears Muslim extremism is a racist.  If you had 24/7 State Police protection you too might be a bit less worried about a religion that has been murdering, torturing and decapitating non-Muslims by the millions.
  29. While speaking glowingly of Obama, Booker and Springsteen, our conservative governor has, at every opportunity, trashed one of the few great Americans in the US Senate, Rand Paul.
  30. NJ continues to be a safe zone for illegal aliens which has cost NJ tax payers millions of dollars as those seeking benefits without the fear of deportation have flocked to the Garden State.

If you want change, make it happen

Many of these things may be news to you and many of them may just have been forgotten.  If they represent your idea of how a “Strong Conservative” operates, then cast your vote as you always have, for the guy who calls himself a conservative, but lives, leads and legislates as something far different.

You do have other options, cast your vote for one of the other candidates who are not Progressive Republicans or Socialist Democrats. TPATH would suggest voting for Diane Sare.

Or you could send a real message and write in Rand Paul’s name.  He may be busy, but you never know.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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