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New Jersey before you vote part 4



Flag of New Jersey

As I write this series, I couldn’t help remembering Christie’s fly over adventure with hug-a-buddies Obama and Bruce Springsteen, when they allowed him tag along, and how, being with his hero Bruce had brought tears to Christie’s eyes. Just think, if the public remains brain-dead, New Jersey will suffer another term of progressive politics. That would bring tears to my eyes.

Therefore I feel it’s my Conservative-Republican duty to elaborate further on the Trojan Horse’s stellar progressive record.  Reflecting on Christie’s stances on voter fraud, illegal aliens, (illegal that is still a crime I believe) Voter ID, Amnesty, it’s not what I found, it was what I didn’t find. You see Christie’s silence is deafening on each of these issues.

VOTE GETTING: the progressive socialist methods

  1. New Jersey’s big hearted compassionate Governor, with the public’s taxes, believes that illegals warranted special tuition breaks.
  2. And….. to prove what an understanding and compassionate progressive he is he immediately appointed his Attorney General to fill the seat of Senator Lautenberg who curiously enough voted exactly as would Lautenberg would have on the amnesty bill and cloture which allowed Reid to keep Obamacare funded.
  3. If that wasn’t enough to ingratiate himself to the illegal Hispanic community, he would make sure they knew he was on the side of Amnesty, by stealth-fully sabotaging  Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan  bid for the  Senate assuring  a pro-amnesty Democrat (Cory Booker)  would win the seat.
  4. And……While on his march to the White House, kissing the south end of every northbound liberal he encountered,  fed his insatiable placation of the left but used every possible opportunity to attack real conservatives like Rand Paul.
  5. The Muslim Community?  How does one embrace Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and build a nice voting block?  Let’s look at Paterson, NJ.   A growing mecca for radical Muslims representing huge numbers of votes, at least for anyone willing to look the other way as America’s culture is destroyed.  Governor Christie has it figured out.  He appointed a radical Muslim, with unquestionable ties to terrorists and a proponent for the implementation of Sharia Law, to New Jersey’s Superior Court.

One would believe at least one of his advisers remind him, that these degenerates in Paterson poured into the streets when their cousins flew planes into the Twin Towers, cheering and banging pots waving Palestinian rags, I mean flags.

You know what is also strange?   Something every voter should give some thought to.   Why Christie’s Attorney General failed to investigate the goings on in Paterson NJ,  the epicenter of heroin, illegal weapons, drugs, and terror apparatus.  In fact, even when he was U.S. Attorney, he turned a blind eye to these very same illegal activities.  Never too early to plant the seeds in a new vote garden.

Education, in New Jersey and elsewhere

Chris Christie: not so good for New Jersey after all

Chris Christie holds a town hall meeting in Hillsborough, NJ, on March 2, 2011. Photo: Bob Jagendorf, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

It is important for every Republican, Conservative, and Independent who is contemplating pulling the lever for Christie, believing he’s a real Republican, to read the following very carefully. New Jersey is the only State in the Union that refused to adopt the “Republican National Committee’s” Resolutions one being to stand against Common-Core Education as a detriment to a child’s education and our country. That in-of-itself should say it all. But allow me to continue.

Hitler had his Youth Camps, and Education became the Propaganda Ministry  in Germany. Children were indoctrinated into to spying on their families and report to their indoctrinators (teachers) – this my dear friends is a large part of what “Common Core” is in reality, a government indoctrination program.

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in a new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else out of the community. – Adolf Hitler

Obama, propaganda ministry; in which Governor Christie has jumped right on board, will sadly assure your child will achieve nothing in life! Christie has sold out the children of new Jersey with a boondoggle that will turn child into a home grow government spy.


Even worse, after being released (graduates) from school he/she will be nothing more than an illiterate worker-bee for industry, and government. That is if any industry still inhabits this overtaxed, over regulated cesspool called New Jersey. Most importantly, by law, you as a parent have no say in your child’s future.

I did not flippantly make this statement, the Ninth Circuit Federal Court has held:

parents fundamental rights to control the upbringing of their children does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door.

These reprobates in political office gave us “Outcome-based Education, then, Goals 2000” one failure after another and now they’re introducing what experts say is the most intrusive and useless educational program ever formulated, that was intentionally created to totally destroy the American society to think.

Numerous teachers are in an uproar, and not only with Common-Core that Christie is shoving down our throats. The mental midgets at the Department of Education in NJ have instituted a program titled “Student Growth Objectives” which is nothing more than pre-and-post testing throughout the school year.  One teacher spoke to me with anonymity saying they’re leaving no time for teaching, and they care less. It should be titled for what it is the Dumb-down American Experiment, once the best education system in the world is now plummeting to the lowest percentile in the civilized world, because of the federal government’s unconstitutional Department of Education and the Marxist Teachers Unions.

If you love your child and are interested in your child’s education, get them the hell out of public education system. Why do you think Governor Christie sends his children the private school? And I don’t fault him bit with that decision? (See, I do agree with Christie on occasion.)


Agenda 21 and “Sustainable New Jersey”

Let’s get one thing up front “Sustainable NJ”, or the many inter-changeable titles they use is in fact, the “United Nations Agenda 21” – let me say this, to try to tell you how detrimental these programs could fill many articles.  But for those interested please e-mail us and we will refer you to where you can be informed on what this will do to your freedom and property rights.

Please forward to all you know, “We the People” are trying to inform the public but we cannot do this without you. Use your E-mail list. Remember the liberal media are in bed with every progressive. As Michael Savage would say, “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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