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New Jersey before you vote part 5



Flag of New Jersey

There’s only one individual on the ballot for Governor that deserves your vote,  Diane Sare.  What is even more apparent, like Obama, Christie is unfit for public Office.

A governor requires “character and courage.”

I received a call questioning my assessment of Christie and that I should forget the past and think about the future.  What do I want a Democrat as Governor? Of course not! – But is there any difference between both parties?

If you’re over the age of 50 with any intelligence you realize America has become a nation of political illiterates who vote for letters, either a D or an R.  You see, truth has been systematically kept from the public.  My objective is to educate the uninformed for the sake of our children, grandchildren, state and nation.  Only with the truth can liberty and prosperity be preserved.  I am reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson:

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

Mark Twain tells us: whatever party is in control, vote for the opposite party. The problem here in New Jersey is it has an establishment government. Republicans and Democrats are one in the same.  Which is precisely why I say to vote for Diane Sare. The establishment will attempt to kill any change or reform. But on the bright side, as Governor, she will control their wanton spending. There’s nothing like the power to veto.


Republican campaign literature claims NJ is: “On the road to Recovery” when in truth, they, like their counterparts in the Democrat Party have created a “Road built upon lies!” Taking a page out of Obama’s play book Christie tells us “Look how well I am doing, the unemployment rate is dropping”. Christie deserves this year’s “Pinocchio  Award.”

Well that’s exactly what we will do to demonstrate that Christie and the his counterparts in the legislature have saddled New Jersey with enormous debt, job loss, industry loss and why residents are fleeing the state in droves.  Christie has saddled New Jersey with more debt and higher taxes, as well as increased insurance costs and highway tolls which have doubled.

Governor Chris Christie believes the people of NJ are sheer idiots, claiming he has created 100 thousand plus new jobs, never telling you the kinds of jobs being created.  When you discount the number of jobs lost, the numbers change.  Nor does he want you to know that  the jobs he’s referring too are all part-time, not exceeding 30-hours per work week.  Also missing from the equation is that many of the jobs created have nothing what-so-ever to do with Christie and more to do with “Sandy.”

Merck, one of our bigger employers of skilled, high paying jobs is packing their bags and will lay-off 8,500 workers.  California and Boston pharmaceutical companies are already recruiting these skilled workers? Why is Merck leaving?  Simple, over regulation the highest corporate taxes in the nation.

Like Obama, he tells you the unemployment rate went down to 8.5% but omits that NJ lost 1500 jobs, or that many of the unemployed have stopped looking.   In truth,  New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 2nd or 3rd worst in the nation! As you can see the picture keeps changing.


Christie would have you believe people are flocking to New Jersey. Fiddle sticks! What Christie fails to tell you, that for every three (3) that come, five (5) have packed up and are heading south, taking their spending power (money) with them.  Ask yourself, why?   Could it be that New Jersey’s corrupt establishment has subjected the people to the highest property taxes in the country?  For example, just a state away, Pennsylvania property taxes are approximately 50% less than in New Jersey, and they lower as you travel further away from the progressive states.  Just a tidbit, concerning state income taxes in comparison to our neighbors in Pennsylvania who are paying approximately 30% lower than New Jersey.

Education Cost in New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey. Photo: Xmap flag collection.

Christie, like his fellow Democrats, is no better than a whining pimp.  Constantly talking about how they care for the children, but in reality they use our children.  Christie has taken bragging rights for the increase in funding for education, as if that money has improved New Jersey’s failed system.  What is factual, New Jersey has the highest level of education funding ever, and with that has produced dismal results.  With over 500-hundred school districts, education funding is a gravy train for the corrupt insiders.  In reality the teachers and children get crumbs and the insiders and union officials loot almost all the monies.

Concerning your state income tax monies, I told you how the progressive Democrats controlled the New Jersey Supreme Court that decided who will receive your state income tax monies [31-Abbott (Democrat) District] and what did the tax-payers get for their buck?  50% of the students are illiterate.

Transportation and your pocket

I mentioned above, Christie’s unprecedented increase in highway tolls.  But there’s more.  The state’s Transportation Fund has borrowed $13-Billion against gasoline tax revenues, in this dismal economy.  As more efficient automobiles come on line, gas revenues will decrease.   So ask yourself, will there be enough revenues to pay the interest on this borrowing?  And God forbid if interest rates increase.   For sure, your taxes and tolls will increase. But you see, Christie hopes to be out of New Jersey when the “excrement” hits the fan.

It’s time to sum up using a quote written for “Fate of The States” by Meredith Whitney:

“Some of the gimmicks that chronic overs-spenders like NJ and IL have used to balance their budgets amount to little more than rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship. In 1991 NJ closed its budget gap by having the Turnpike Authority buy just over four miles of toll roadway from the state. NJ Governors of both parties borrowed from the state’s pension fund to close gaps. in 1997 the governor invested state money in the stock market; you can probably guess how badly that worked out. In 2009 an amnesty plan for tax evaders netted NJ $725 million in delinquent taxes. Did the Governor use the windfall to shore up the pension fund? No, he handed out property-tax rebates to citizens earning less than $75,000. The problems of NJ are so deep that even current Governor Chris Christie-who came into office as an outspoken budget hawk-now appears to have been overly optimistic about what he could actually achieve as governor given the mess the state is in. Revenue expectations continue to disappoint, forcing Christie to cut infrastructure spending and back off a tax cut he once vigorously lobbied for.”


New Jersey has an average of $61,000 in per capita consumer debt and another $1,600 in tax-supported state obligations.   Only the left-coast has higher rates.  Those are the idiots in California.  Keep in mind, New Jersey pension funding is under reserved by $42 Billion.

What is more worrisome, we the public, are kept in the dark as to the full extent of state and municipal debt.  Sorry folks, we in New Jersey are in trouble!

The establishment hypocrisy is beyond the pale, they echo’s Rodney King – “Why can’t we all just get along,” when in truth the Democratic and Republican establishment are just one entity.   They have been getting, at our detriment, for over 30 years.

Christie has given us, rhetoric, debt, higher taxes and insurance costs, raised the tolls, and worst of all repeatedly appoints left-wing progressives to the Courts.  Bronson words ring true.  “Those who pass the laws govern nothing. Those who interpret the laws govern everything.”
Who says an Independent can’t Win?

The ultimate test of a moral individual is how one conducts himself.   What kind of state will they leave to its children?   Please understand a vote Christie is as same as a vote for what I term Democrat-lite.


A vote for Buono the Democrat is a vote for a total socialist state (Marxism).   My question has always been:  When will Christie admit he’s a progressive Democrat?  Will he switch parties, or will he be told by the establishment to run as a Republican?   If Christie or Buono (the next Hillary) wins, the establishment wins.  I’m reminded of the Political Boss who said he doesn’t care which candidate wins an election as long as he chooses the candidates.  Is that not what happens every election here in New Jersey and for that matter all across this country?   Is it not time to retire the Political Bosses?

Diane Sane is consistent and completely in line with the patriotic message of the Conservative, Constitution,  and the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already).  Following an interview with her during a primary vetting, I found Diane Sare to be brilliant, fearless and a leader.

How bad do things have to get before the voters open their eyes and ears and do more than just hear, but actually listen and see?  Maybe not yet.  But each of you reading this can start the process.
Will you?

If you take nothing more from these article, please take this:

  1.  A Vote for Christie or Buono  is a vote for liberalism and Obama’s progressive socialist policies.
  2.  A vote for Diane Sare is vote against both phony political parties and the very least it will do is  prevent Christie from being able to claim a land slide victory.

The Eagle.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub



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