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Schumer, Cuomo, and other fragmenters



Charles Schumer

For the past several weeks, beginning with RINOs the likes of Peter King and John Boehner , and expanding the chorus with Liberal Andrew Cuomo and the Communist Mayor of NYC, and the latest entrant, Chuckie “Where’s the TV Camera” Schumer, the attack on Constitutionalists and conservatives has gone full throttle.

The Governor’s and the Mayor’s statements concerning where people can and cannot live, or what they can and can not believe in, in  order to be acceptable residents, appears  to be aligning with the three part series TPATH put out several months ago.  The concept is beginning to take on reality, sooner than we had supposed.

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Who will feed and clothe you after the conservatives leave?

Schumer says he knows elitism when he sees it.Before we move onto Schumer and the newly organized war against Constitutionalists, I have a very important question to ask of both the Governor and the new Mayor.  If those who believe in conservatism and the Constitution are not welcome in New York, and after they leave, who will feed and clothe you?  Just asking!

With the Socialist Democratic Party and the GOP Establishment joining forces to defeat conservatives it has become quite clear what the game plan is that they have decided on.  They need a face, a handle and a target to focus on and to tag as villainous.  Not one of them can direct their attacks at those who are out there defending the Constitution.  That could possibly alert even the uninformed voter.  They certainly can’t have that.  After all, everything they stand for is based upon deception.  The deception of caring, understanding, compassion and tolerance, for every group of would be voters.  The voter is the key word here.

What sinister formula have they devised to forsake the Constitution, without appearing to do so?  They have decided the path to progressivism, is through the Tea Party movement.  The stealth campaign against constitutional rights will be fought using the American patriot as the villain.  This of course would only work with the help of the mainstream news media which will be willingly recruited to keep the issues off the table as lies and distortions come front and center. Nothing new on this last part.


Schumer: Tea Party are the elite!

Chuckie Schumer appears to have accepted the task of pinning a new label on the Tea Party.

If you have missed it, the Tea Party is now, The Elite.

That’s correct ladies and gentlemen, this liberal politician, one who has been living the good life for nearly 40 years, attending galas, enjoying theater and fine dining, traveling first class while moving securely in the protection of armed guards, all of which the tax payers have paid for, has given a new definition not just to the Tea Party, but to chutzpah itself.

How about we take a few minutes to define and compare the pedigree  of the Tea Party Elites, and what they believe, to your everyday socialist politician.


Tea Party members and leaders are by over 98% middle to low income earners. Senators and Congressmen who are not millionaires, once elected, achieve that status in short order.
Tea Party members are mostly retired, living on a fixed income or are working one or two jobs in order to make ends meet. Elected politicians have no real job and have more paid vacation time in one year than the most Americans have in a decade.
Tea Party members are volunteers and give of their time and resources for the good of the country. Elected officials get paid for doing just about nothing, except for when they are infringing on people’s rights.
Tea Party members believe that a government which adds $2 billion to the National Debt, every 24 hours, should be reined in. Progressives believe there are no consequences for spending away your children’s future.
Tea Party members think that creating, out of thin air, $75 billion each month and every month, for the past 6 years will destroy the American currency and with it the buying power of millions of low to moderate income earners. Since they will always have the government printing press to rely on, elected politicians, simply don’t give crap.
Tea Party members understand that the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to protect themselves from criminals and tyranny. Liberals think the 2nd Amendment only serves them and those they choose.
Tea Party members think a bloated government is wasteful and oppressive. Politicians think that if they are the bloated ones and the ones doing the oppressing, its just fine.
Tea Party members understand that the Constitution provides them with the right to freedom of religion. Liberal politicians believe it’s the government’s job to demand freedom from religion. (Except for Islam)
Tea Party members expect that their elected officials will be honest and open. Liberal politicians look at deceit and deception as part of what they are. And it is.
Tea Party members believe the Constitution specifies the God given rights of free speech to be self evident. Elected liberal Governors and Mayors believe that too, but only if you believe what they believe. Otherwise you are not welcome.
Tea Party members rate success by how many people are working and supporting themselves. Liberal success is bolstered by how many people are dependent on them and are therefore dependable votes.
Tea Party members honor and help to enforce every aspect of the Constitution. Politicians ignore any aspect of the Constitution which interferes with their ability to control the people.
Tea Party members understand that gun free zones define areas where terrorists will have a free hand at murder and mayhem. Liberals think gun free zones will keep gun free zones free of guns.
Tea Party members want to keep children of all ages safe from predators regardless of whether they are wear short pants, skirts or a placenta. Liberals care about children if they can be used as pawns in a political struggle, but 55 million aborted babies have no value.
Tea Party members expect our military veterans to be taken care of and treated with respect. Liberal politicians would rather give tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists.
Tea Party members think foreign service people and diplomats should be given resources to protect themselves and to be rescued when under attack. Liberals leaders think a good night’s sleep and an early morning campaign trip is most important.

So there you have it.  Its clear to me, those Tea Party Elitists are some of the most selfish, high living people since that Caligula bunch.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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