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Primary elections: more important



Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!


If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.

– Plato

If you believe in freedom, liberty, and the unfettered opportunity to prosper is as American as apple pie, think again. In reality, politics in America has deteriorated. Greed, corruption, and the lust for power by those in Washington have become the norm. The current crop of self-serving establishment leaders have blatantly abused their offices, as well as violated their oaths of office.

The ship of state has become a “ship of fools.”

To show how important a primary election is, study this graphic and all its symbols.It’s all about the money and power.  They vote themselves undeserved pay raises; pass legislation and at the same time grant themselves special privileges; exempt themselves from the laws they pass, which we are forced to obey, and disregard whether or not those laws violate the Constitution.

Ask yourself, why would the Republican leadership collaborate with the Democratic Party to attack conservative constitutionalists. Is there an ulterior motive? Are they afraid that constitutionalists may become a majority and expose the rampant corruption pervasive throughout government?

A rotting fish stinks from the head down – beginning with the Executive office. As far as the House and Senate, there’s no difference between John Boehner (R), Nancy Pelosi (D),  Harry Reid (D) or Mitch McConnell (R). Both parties have shown contempt for the Constitution as well as the American people.


The 2014 mid-term election is for the soul of our nation. Every voter must come to realize they are Americans first, regardless of whether they’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. We all want (or should want) what’s best for America – except for progressive/Marxists that are hell-bent on destroying our way of life.

TeamNJ, is about ‘solutions’ to the problems plaguing our nation. I received numerous comments on my last article “Battle Cry” concerning RINOs. For example; “Why do I repeatedly attack the Republican “machine” and not the Democratic Party? Or how about: “Don’t you understand you can catch more flies with honey? We have to work together.”  Simply put, I hate honey and I don’t compromise with flies or any other type of vermin!

The Tea Party did not abandoned Republican principles or the Republican Party. We are a Republic! It was the Republican Party that abandoned Republican principles as did the Democratic Party! I remind my so-called Republican (establishment) friends- It was the people from both parties (members of the Tea Party movement) that ushered in a Republican majority in the House in 2010, hungering for change and honest government.

As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, I’m not interested in living under a Marxist a/k/a progressive state. Neither are most Democrat voters. In 1958 the Communist Party was infiltrated and their plan to transform the U.S. into a Socialist/Communist nation was exposed. On January 10, 1963, the 45-goals of the Communist Party were recorded into the Congressional Record – Appendix, pp. A34-A35. One such Goal # 15; read:

Capture one or both the political parties in the United States.

It’s time Democrat voters wake up and smell the roses before all those roses smell of decaying fish. Unless you’re completely clueless, Marxists are now in control what was once your Democratic Party. The prior leader of the Communist Party USA stated that they no longer needed to run candidates; they owned the Democratic Party. Need I say more?


Team NJ has one goal: to see that Constitutionalists are elected to office from both parties and not just in New Jersey. Only candidates that totally support the Constitution are worthy to represent the people.

The Upcoming Primary Elections

Nothing is more important than any primary election. We have seen over the years how so many good people, those whom vote in general elections, abdicate their rights in the all important primaries. That my good patriotic friends is why when the general elections come along in November your choices are limited to those progressive politicians, selected for you, while you were too busy mowing your lawn.

“We the People” must protect our rich and precious heritage. Already we see the RINOs here in New Jersey spewing out the same old talking points instead of common sense solutions. As we witness the Democratic Party, once again, harp on the same warn-out divisive propaganda: racism; war on women; global warming, entitlements and blaming their opposition for everything that goes bump in the night. They are relying on the ignorance of the voters who believe their party is the Democratic Party of their fathers.

A New Beginning Begins with the Primary

Understanding the extreme importance of this June’s primaries, all who read this and pass it on, should know that the individual candidates vetted by TeamNJ are dedicated to changing the face of Washington, DC. Nothing will change in Washington if Constitutionalists lose the primary. Our children’s and our grandchildren’s future, now, so much more than ever, hangs in the balance.  As does our beloved Republic.

Remember when God, Family, and Country reflected Americanism? Isn’t it time to reclaim our heritage and restore the Constitution? If “We the People” fail to unify behind men and women of high moral character and choose not to get involved by sitting out yet another primary election, the establishment Dem/Rep carpetbaggers will continue to destroy what was once the greatest country in the world.


Those Republicans and Democrats facing challenges from candidates which have been vetted and are being supported by TeamNJ, VONJ, ATPC and NJTPC, have earned those challenges and have proven over and over again their allegiances to the establishment cronies and not the people.

TeamNJ endorsements

In the Districts listed below, TeamNJ recommends the following candidates for Congress.  They will refuse to surrender any further freedoms or liberties but instead will work to restore what has been stolen – the American Dream.

District 3, Mayor Steve Lonegan, (R) – A true and tested Constitutional activist vs Tom MacArthur, an establishment progressive who is anti-second Amendment, pro-amnesty, a tax raiser, favors the Federal Reserve controlling our money supply and has demonstrated his passion for social engineering. TeamNJ is convinced that MacArthur would be more at home running on the Progressive Democratic line instead of the Republican?

District 6:  Anthony E. Wilkinson, (R) – Wilkinson is an attorney, a college professor, a man of true moral character, and a Constitutionalist.  He will not be challenged in the primary but TeamNJ recommends all those able to financially support Mr. Wilkinson to do so. In the November election he will be challenging a deep pocketed progressive socialist – Frank Pallone, who is a big government advocate that claims ObamaCare should be called PalloneCare.

District 7: David Larsen, (R) – A businessman, a Reagan Conservative, a man of high moral character who is challenging Leonard Lance (R) a third generation career politician who favors cap & trade (taxes) earmarks for special interest, even more gun restriction and lastly voted to fund ObamaCare. Not the kind of representative New Jersey or the nation needs!


District 11: Rick Van Glahn (R) – A businessman, fiscal conservative, strong on enforcement of immigration laws and securing the borders.  He will work to repeal ObamaCare, is strong on the Second Amendment, is a deacon in his church and is willing to stand for constitutional principles.  He is challenging multi-millionaire Rodney Frelinghuysen – another big government career politician who refused to defund ObamaCare, amend the tax code, or have our borders secured.  Time for this RINO to go! Donations will play a critical role in fighting against the Frelinghuysen empire!

District 12:  Dr. Alieta Eck, (R) – A physician, a lady of integrity, high moral character and ethics. Dr. Eck co-founded the Zarephath Health Center, a free clinic for the poor and uninsured.  What the Democrats promise and never deliver, Dr. Eck demonstrated without fan-fare. Unlike the Democrat Socialist, those voting in the 12th District would be wise to support this fine humanitarian and conservative constitutionalist. She’s what NJ needs in Congress. Not another tax and spend Democrat progressive!

TeamNJ will continue to vet candidates, review all incumbents’ records and expose those that have betrayed the Constitution and their constituents.  We will only support those who will serve the people of New Jersey and the country with honor. We will be updating everyone about all establishment progressives up until and following the primary.

Vote wisely. Our future depends on you.

We ask all those who read our commentaries forward them to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Remember, the media is in the pockets of the progressives. We the people must develop our own “People’s Network.”  The future of our children and grandchildren, as well as our country, hangs in the balance.

Reprinted from TPATH



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