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Battle cry TeamNJ v. The Machine



Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

TeamNJ has always advocated that voters should stand behind candidates of high moral character regardless of party affiliation. The problem in politics today is the public no longer chooses the candidate. It’s become apparent it is no longer about values, public policy, or what is beneficial to the public. It’s all about the “machine,” or should I say the “establishment” and of course, money.

In New Jersey, whether Republican or Democrat, there’s less than 6-degrees of separation between them.  The public ends up with the candidate who’s time has come, paid his dues, regardless of qualifications. What is worse is that they pay their dues by playing along to get along.

The Machine throws away a Senate seat

Shamefully, the Republican Party once again demonstrated their conventions are a charade. The so-called leaders pretend to be constitutionalist, when in truth; they are self-serving progressives interested in absolute control. This year was not unlike any other. We first watched the fiasco leading up to filling the seat held by Senator Lautenberg (D).  Governor Christie played a key role and proved that he earned, and is deserving of, his RINO status. Instead of appointing a true constitutionalist like Steve Lonegan “Blunderbuss” called for a special election – a “special election” that would cost the NJ taxpayers millions when the general election was only three weeks away. Christie’s  behavior prior to the election sent shock-waves throughout the GOP nationwide.

The Machine in District 3

The New Jersey RINO machineWell, once again the Republican “machine” is showing their true colors. Mayor Steve Lonegan decided to enter the race for Congress in the 3rd District to replace Rep. Jon Runyan (R) (retiring). One would think that Mayor Lonegan would be the perfect candidate to win this seat sending a true Constitutionalist to Washington. Remember, Mayor Lonegan trashed Cory Booker in the Senate race in Ocean County 65% to 35% (2 to 1 ratio). Also, in an online poll Mayor Lonegan trashed his nearest opposition Mo Hill 31% to 11%, and MacArthur who only received a mere 3% in Burlington County to Mayor Lonegan’s 31%. Instead, who got the Republican line?   Tom MacArthur.

The Republican “machine” decided to support Tom MacArthur, a former Mayor of Randolph, in Morris County. Of course the establishment knows exactly how to manipulate and control the convention so Lonegan would lose at the convention. You see, the fix was in from start to finish. They had rigged it all – friend to friend, or should I say “crony to crony’?

Two factors entered into the GOP’s decision making process; first, the Republican establishment will not tolerate those that are not obedient operators.  Only those who pledge allegiance to Big Daddy Christie are permitted. Love him or hate him, Steve Lonegan is his own man. Therefore the “machine” made sure through the convention process that Mayor Steve Lonegan was intentionally ignored. You see Mayor Lonegan is not obedient to the party bosses. This upcoming primary is more about who controls the line than who would be the district’s best representative.


Prior to the convention, the “machine” reached out to each Republican Club to influence their delegates to vote for MacArthur. Rumor has it that Ocean County Republicans were initially going to support Mayor Lonegan until Mr. MacArthur presented them with a check for $25,000.00 and stated he would self-fund his campaign. He immediately became their candidate. At the same time this puts everyone on notice; the party bosses will show Steve Lonegan and others in the party, who’s in charge.

This is not the first time the GOP went with the money, rather than the people’s choice.  Anna Little beat their candidate Diane Gooch (another multi-millionaire) in the Republican Primary, and as a result, felt their wrath. Anna received almost no help as the NJ GOP made it clear they would do as little as possible to help the party renegade defeat the liberal Pallone.

Mayor Steve Lonegan is no defeatist and despite losing the “line” he will be running a strong campaign to win the Republican nomination.  Immediately,  out came the hit pieces led by the “Independence Hall Tea Party”.  Typical for this faux Tea Party, they endorsed Tom MacArthur over Mayor Lonegan the proven national Tea Party supporter.

But the question everyone should be asking is “Independence Hall Tea Party” truly a Tea Party any longer or just shills for the GOP?  It’s indisputable that Mayor Lonegan is a seasoned and tested conservative Republican, who believes fully in the Constitution. We also know Tom MacArthur, relatively unknown, except that he is pro-gun control, pro-Federal Reserve stance, and is financially well-heeled.  So much so that he can buy the GOP and outspend Mayor Lonegan, but is Mr. MacArthur a true Republican?

Let’s address these facts: Mr. MacArthur favors the Federal Reserve controlling our money supply. (So how do you like the economy, and our devalued dollar?) We also know Mr. Tom MacArthur favors restrictive Second Amendment rights as does the Democratic Party. To this writer, ex-Mayor Tom MacArthur sounds more like a wealthy progressive Democrat.


Independence Hall Tea Party leader Ms. Teri Adams, claims to have vetted Tom MacArthur prior to their endorsement. The question Team NJ has; did they question Mr. MacArthur on the two issues mentioned above? I’ve seen some of Mr. MacArthur’s fabricated campaign literature that’s been flooding Ocean County – great hype. The problem is – it’s just hype without substance.

It has also been alleged that Ms. Adams is a GOP insider. Not to disparage any members of Independence Hall who are true patriots, but do they realize they may be being used by the GOP? Independence Hall wouldn’t be the first time a Tea Party has been infiltrated and co-opted by the GOP. I digress. Why was Independence Hall the only Tea Party in the country that endorsed Mitt Romney 2012 – the man who set the protocol for Obamacare and ordered his legislature to write laws permitting same sex marriage?

Ms. Adams, the people of New Jersey are independent. We certainly don’t need shills for the GOP from across the border trying to influence our elections. Nor do we appreciate it when you attack a true Constitutionalist! True Tea Parties want what’s best for the country, not the GOP. Clean up your own back yard and stay out of ours!

The Machine in District 6

Mayor Lonegan is not an isolated act. In District 6, Frank Pallone (D) is up for re-election.  What took place there defies reason and logic. Some of the Republican establishment “Steering Committee” in Middlesex County decided to support Hari Eppanapally, an Obama contributor and active Democrat Fundraiser/Donor, to challenge Congressman Frank Pallone. Many of us alerted the public, and thankfully Hari Eppanapally dropped out of the County Convention. Anthony E. Wilkinson a true Republican Constitutionalist, a man of high moral character, won the nomination in Monmouth. It was alleged by an insider in the Republican Party that Mr. Wilkinson was told it would be wise to distance himself from the Tea Party.

They’ve even gone so far as to attempt to discourage any Republican running on Lonegan’s line, as well as trying to rid all Tea Party Committee people from their ranks. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Monmouth County GOP insiders are attempting to rid the Party of all District leaders associated with the Tea Party as retribution for not adhering to the party line.


For example Mr. Juan Frank Gonzalez, who is married to Bayshore Tea Party co-founder Barbara Gonzales, was elected Committeeman in 2012, has been targeted.  When Frank contacted the GOP Coordinator, seeking assistance with filing the ballot petition every candidate is required to submit, she claimed to be too busy. Her quote, “You are on your own.”  Frank then reached out to GOP Chairman Peter Carton who professed to have no idea what to do with the petition but did question why Mr. Gonzales planned to run for re-election.  According to him, Frank was not a team player. In other words he was not easily controlled or manipulated.

Mr. Gonzalez went to the Town Hall to have his petitions notarized and was told that the Republican Party line on the ballot was already taken.  The coordinator apparently had made a bee-line to the Town Hall, getting there ahead of Frank and filed for a NEW candidate, one Andrew Spears, getting there just ahead of Frank. I guess we know why she as too busy to help an incumbent Tea Party Republican.  The club wanted to make sure their candidate got the top line on the ballot.

It is public knowledge that both political party “machines”, with the help of their lap-dogs in the media, are double-teaming the Tea Party movement. Repeatedly, they have stigmatized the Tea Party painting them as far-flung right-wing radicals because they had enough of an out-of-control government. Ask yourself is “Tax Enough Already” (TEA) such a terrible slogan when your country is in debt over 17-trillion dollars, unemployment continues, and the average family picks up the tab for crony bailouts for corporations, tax-payer pay-offs for campaign contributions? All this while the dollar is collapsing and Obama-care is destroying the greatest medical system in the world.

Despite the endless attacks upon it, the Tea Party is comprised of Americans from both political parties and the movement is alive and well. It’s obvious both parties are working  to make the Tea Party a political party as opposed to a patriotic movement. As a third Party they could be divided and conquered.  Let me assure you that is not going to happen. The Tea Party will continue to “primary” every candidate that behaves unconstitutionally. The Constitution defends the American people.  The time has come for the people to defend the Constitution.

The primary is on June 3, this election is critical. Vote wisely.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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