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What I love about New Jersey



Flag of New Jersey

Those living inside the Garden State probably have a different concept about what life is like within New Jersey than those living outside of New Jersey. Geographically and ecologically, the State has much to offer: mountains, farmlands, beautiful state parks and forests, coastal living, amusements and casinos, cities, and this year: a whole lot of snow! Unfortunately, New Jersey is seldom thought of in these terms. Our distinctive accents and our corrupt politics seem to be what we are most strongly identified with.

The New Jersey spirit

To be sure, the State is the most regulated in the entire nation – and on top of that, it is probably the most politically corrupt. Friends around the country often question why I would choose to live in such a State. Honestly, I’ve thought about that more than once and understand why a multitude of our residents have chosen to leave. Truthfully, the reasons for staying go beyond logic and sometimes can hardly be understood even by me.

However, I have come to appreciate that there is more to New Jersey than the obvious. As a matter of fact, the political corruption has helped me to understand and appreciate what I really love about New Jersey. It is a fact that has gone unnoticed by the media and unnoticed by the great majority of our citizens – including those who have been fighting the good fight here for years: New Jersey patriots are incredibly and admirably tenacious.

Flag of New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey. Photo: Xmap flag collection.

There is a spirit among New Jersey patriots to persevere that cannot be understood by outsiders. Normal people in other states would have most likely given up the fight for liberty with the success rate we have experienced – but not our Jersey Girls and Boys! Instead, they have dug in their heels and strengthened their resolve. Not unlike the strength of character exhibited by George Washington after experiencing defeat after defeat, these remarkable patriots refuse to give up on or compromise their principles. They know what is at stake, and like Washington, they are willing to step up to the plate even after experiencing very little success.

Some may ask: what have you accomplished after spending all this time and work? New Jerseyans may be hard-pressed to give an answer that others can understand. But the real success of the patriot movement in New Jersey is that despite the corruption in government, despite the antics of a bully Governor, despite the unconstitutional decisions by ideologue jurists, despite the disappointment at the polls – we’re still here and we’re still fighting the good fight. And it is that tenacity; that dedication to freedom; that understanding about what is at stake and the willingness to fight for it that is what I love most about New Jersey and her patriots. Patrick Henry once said: “The battle, sir, is not to the strong along; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” I’m sure Henry would be proud to stand beside many of the vigilant, active and brave patriots that I have come to know and respect in New Jersey.

For such a time as this

There is a verse in the Bible in the Book of Esther. It is a time when the powers that be in government are planning the eradication by execution of the Israelites. It is then when Queen Esther, a Jewess, is encouraged by her uncle Mordecai to step up to the plate and do what is right for the Israelites. Mordecai tells her: “Who knows. You may have been born for such a time as this.” Mordecai realized that sometimes people are born for a specific purpose at a specific time. And those times and those purposes may require more from them than from the average person. Such may be the case for the tenacious patriots living in New Jersey today. The rest of the country may not understand why or how we keep fighting the good fight in the face of such adversity, but here in New Jersey, our patriots continue to stand strong against tyranny. It is more than their experience; it is their calling; their destiny.

While others may sneer at the conditions we live under, I could only wish and pray that the rest of the nation would be more like us. The Spirit of ’76 is alive and well in New Jersey. We have proclaimed liberty despite our circumstances, despite our disappointments. It’s time the rest of the nation do the same, and who knows, there may be others that have been born for such a time as this. I can only pray that is the case. Long live liberty! Long live New Jersey! Long live America!

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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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