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Would-be emperor (Part 1)



Barack H. Obama gave one of the worst State of the Union addresses of his career.

During the Roman Empire epoch, the masses would gather behind the Emperor Caesar and they would throw rose petals behind his feet as he passed. He was loved and adored.  Spate from admiration that practice was symbolism for providing a comfortable path behind him, as the future could only hold regression given that his current position could be no loftier.

The regression, the return to human frailty, the path back to mere citizenship is a route Mr. Obama has now begun and much sooner than the god of socialism had anticipated. There will be no fragrant scent, no soft flowery passageway for  Emperor Obama.  There will be but few who remain faithful to his reign of division and divisiveness.

How “Emperor Obama” was so mistaken

Emperor Obama?His rapid and lonely descent down that ladder from which he rose has begun to give testament to his arrogance and perceived self worth. Mistaking the opulence, the power and the respect due to the office of the Presidency, he immersed himself into its realm of unbridled stature as if it were he who had earned such accolades. Consumed in this fantasy, he will never understand the ubiquitous foolishness of his own self-described importance.

To that we can remind ourselves of his egotistical declaration to Republican representatives of the people, who were promptly dismissed and ignored, as his administration began its remaking of America.   “I won. I don’t have to take your ideas.” This quote from America’s premier Emperor is right up there with, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” or “Ask not what your country can do for you….but what you can do for your country.”  Well, maybe not.  But it clearly defined, from the outset, just what Obama thought himself to be.

The American people, Mr. Obama, have a new quote; “You lost!”  So be careful where you step as you regress to your actual and true stature, because you surely won’t be stepping on rose petals.

That narcissistic press conference

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The press conference Caesar Obama held right after this week’s trouncing at the polls quite distinctly indicates he has not passed by a mirror in the past few days where he would have noticed he has no clothes.  His enduring arrogance is lost to him.  Even as his absurdity is now unveiled for the American people to see and world leaders to snicker over.

Narcissism on display? What else could it be? Does he really think he will be allowed to legalize 20 million illegal trespassers without going through the Congress which has been given as clear a mandate as any in the history of our country? Was he slicing balls out of bounds on the left last Tuesday while his efforts to transform this country were being historically rejected? Does he even have the ability to grasp reality?  Whether he does or not, either way, it’s frightening to think this man has control over our military and our nuclear weapons.  Yes, we said frightening.

So as the country moves on from here Mr. Obama needs to be held by the scruff of his shirt (That’s a “medafer” as Zell Miller used say) and be reminded that our Constitution does not give him the authority to make laws, alter laws via a pen, a phone or even Executive Orders. His job, his oath, is to protect and defend the Constitution and the laws of this country, as they have been written and amended, not as he would like them to be.  Hopefully, the shirt scruffs of the new Congress will not require that same treatment.

We pen this commentary not just as a warning to Obama, but too, to those in any House of Congress who might be of the notion that the American people elected them to compromise with  Obama on the extent and rapidity of the demise he has planned for America.  They did not.

Congress, what was the message you were sent on Tuesday that you should not forget?

Stop him.

Stop him now.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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<a href="" title="Would-be emperor (Part 1)">Would-be emperor (Part 1)</a>


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Yehuda Pa

All voters should have to produce ID to vote and we all should have to take a course in the Constitution and pass it before we can vote. That mean everyone has to know and swear alligence to ALL of Constitution, not just the parts that they like!

Yehuda Pa

That how we will weed out the liberal bastards that are ruining the country. And get the govt out of the school education arena. Just about everything the govt touches turns to dung.

Yehuda Pa

Yehuda Pa liked this on Facebook.

Ted Foster

Ted Foster liked this on Facebook.


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