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Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels – Top Scientists Scrutinize the Weakness and Falsehoods of a Generation of Spurious Science



How old is this planet? Michael Gungor uncritically accepts the conventional answer. That lies at the heart of his public-relations problems.

After the great Scopes Monkey trial circa 1925 the world eased back and decided that scientists and forensics would continue to carry the ball about origins. While those who thought the Bible was true would go to the back of the room where the dummies sit.

Real Christianity never fosters stupidity. Soon those who believed the Bible started to use the empirical methods of the scientists. And they uncovered amazing truths about origins that early forensics either overlooked or were not willing to see.

Evolution’s goal-line defender: political correctness

Charles Darwin, father of modern evolution

Charles Darwin at 45. Drawing: Henry Maull and John Fox.

The result of years of ‘creation science’ has accumulated since 1925, but it has run head on directly into what is today called – political correctness.

PC is the equivalent of something better known as – ‘don’t confuse me with the facts.’

There are a lot of factors that fuel the present world view of evolution. Beyond peer acceptance is money. Typical schools like Harvard which has about 1.5 $billion in endowments and an average annual outlay of $68,000 for tuition and other costs, would hardly be expected to allow a view that might block the flow of cash – overnight.

Money may still be what makes the world go around. But it is also still the best way to bring brilliant minds to a complete stop.

The pathology of ‘evolutionary science’ is not where the problem is found. It is the philosophy of evolutionary science that is flawed right out of the gate. And the suspect science itself stumbles in the long run.

Regardless of specious theories, spurious explanations, missing evidence and pure guesswork: at the heart of the evolutionary model is a glaringly simple error that PC keeps hidden from view –at all cost.

When anyone, scientist or ordinary lay person make statements about what took place before the dawn of man and recorded history, some of it allegedly going back over 450 billion years, they have left forensic science behind and crossed into the realm known as – prior philosophic postulation.

It is the gray area of pure speculation, heavy with PC, spiced with a little magic and make-believe, used as a platform upon which pseudo-science calls the other science stupid – in complete ignorance of its own ignorance.

Good science and bad science

Good science does not try to find conclusions that are already determined to fit a theory. Science has discovered that the excessive flatulence of bovines has helped to destroy some of the ozone layers in the upper atmosphere which blocks the earth from harmful radiation. Even that was the result of legitimate empirical investigation, not prior philosophic postulation. If that conclusion was based on a scientist’s repulsion with the odiferous pungency of the cows in the neighborhood, wouldn’t the conclusions be highly suspect?

If conclusions are formulated by a predetermined belief that creation could not have an intelligent designer – that is prejudice – not science. Trying to prove a theory has its merits, but will always be a poor substitute for discovering and revealing a fact.

There are literally reams of arguments that evolutionists should never use, but there are at least two great philosophical points that no evolutionist has yet been able to answer.

You may think that any day now they will pop up with an answer, but I would warn that you could not be given enough lifetimes to see this answer coming down the pike. Why – it does not exist.

Without elaboration they are

  1. The (millions or billions) of missing links.
  2. The lack of an explanation concerning the origins of the gases and or particulates that went into the ‘big bang’ – who or what created them?

Fill in these spaces and we will begin to believe Darwin’s fantasies.

While we are waiting for these answers we can turn an honest eye to the newly discovered forensic discoveries of creation science – if we dare.

In the world of PC – momentum is everything

In order to thrive the evolutionary model depends on a scientific view that is supposed to answer the two greatest questions that mankind has ever asked. First, is the question of origins – where did the planet and the life on it come from or originate? Second, is the question of destinations – where is it all leading and what will be the future of mankind.

The element that evolution dismisses is the idea of intelligent design. If God is responsible for everything then evolution is finished out of the gate. It becomes the greatest hoax of all time rather than the theological or the scientific explanation of origins.

It is not spurious science alone that begs for a more scrutiny, but it is a four point discussion that leads to serious doubt about the origins of the evolutionary model rather than the origins of man. We will briefly list all four points, but give the final point more complete scrutiny with the help of Creation Ministries International’s soon to be released video entitled “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels.”

1.) Philosophy – The basic philosophy of evolution is flawed by defying the very definition of true science which is the business of deriving facts from repeatable and observable phenomena. Declaring what took place billions of years ago is pure speculation which requires the element of faith to believe. Little wonder that many today have labeled the evolutionary model as a religion.

2.) Theology – Most evolutionist have no theology or they have a twisted or dismissive view of it. They have summarily given God his walking papers and relegated the Bible to the realms of mythology and sadly mistaken wishful thinking. Since God does not exist, then neither does his enemies – the god of this world. (Satan) They would be unable to recognize that the two greatest lies of the twenty first century is the question of origins and destination. The victory here -depends on ignorance, spiritual ignorance – not science.

Still debating whether the falling tree makes a sound in the absence of man they have not heard the roaring of the lion over the noise of their arguments.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5: 8)

3.) Prophecy – The gospel (good news) of a Savior that has come to deal with the sins of mankind and to offer a path to eternal life is not the only theme or important message of the Bible. Prophecy makes up over one third of the Bible message and it gives fair warning that God plans to re-enter the affairs of men at a time when the world is about to explode from the confusion created by man. It is another kind of roaring that man cannot hear or accurately discern.

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring. (Lk 21: 25)

It is a clear and distinct promise that God and his Christ will re-enter the history of man to change forever the course of mankind. What are the implications of prophecy in relation to the evolutionary model?

It is simple – on the day this happens, “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory,” (Lk 21: 27) there will not be one evolutionist left in the entire earth.

4.) Science – We don’t need to wait for the second coming of Christ to see if the evolutionary model can hold water. We need only to examine the “science” itself – is it beyond question, or does the seemingly impregnable new glowing golden calf presented to modern man have any flaws. This is where the Achilles heel of the Darwinian pipe dream will be seen for what it really is – if you dare.

For the Science – Let’s go to the Scientists

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The curriculum vitae of each of the fifteen scientists who appear in Achilles’ Heels are a double sided blade. First, because each of them is a fully lettered graduate in their respective discipline and secondly because their empirical pursuits have been honed and sharpened by the power of God’s Holy Spirit who Christ promised would guide them into all truth. (Jn 16: 13)

They are listed here in order of their appearance in the video.

  • Robert Carter Ph. D.
  • John Sanford Ph. D.
  • Horace Skipper Ph. D.
  • David Catchpoole Ph. D.
  • Donald Batten Ph. D.
  • Matti Leisola Ph. D.
  • Pieter Borger Ph. D.
  • Jonathan Sarfati Ph. D.
  • Stuart Burgess Ph. D.
  • Marcus Ross Ph. D.
  • Tasman Walker Ph. D.
  • Emil Silvestru Ph. D.
  • James Mason Ph. D.
  • Mark Harwood Ph. D.
  • John Hartnett Ph. D.

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels is not just another point by point comparison of the conclusions of creation science juxtaposed against the evolutionary model. It is a series of discoveries some new and some quite old that raise a lot of serious questions, but in the end raise one huge question that has not been answered by anyone holding a Darwinian view.

Since modern science has moved on – why are evolutionists still dragging their heels?

Creation Ministries International’s book and DVD documentary take aim at the evolutionary mode in a comprehensive list comprised of eight separate, but equally important areas. The video was directed and produced by Gary Bates and Robert Carter.

  • Natural Selection
  • Origin of Life
  • Geology
  • Genetics
  • Radiometric Dating
  • Fossil Record
  • Cosmology
  • Ethics

Darwin’s Origin of Species and the theory it spawned was first published in 1859, but as we enter the twenty first century it has changed little. The only significant addition to the premise of natural selection and survival of the fittest has been a codification of eras and a lot of PC to force peers to except those conclusions or be shown the door. Science has moved on, but the evolutionary model is stuck in the past.

In the Creation Ministries offering each of the eight areas aforementioned concludes with an itemized list of salient points which serve as a summary of that section. The summaries are what make the DVD and the book ideal for school curriculum and open discussions on any level.

The 3-D graphics, photos and footage are exquisitely rendered throughout the DVD and are masterfully edited to compliment the commentators rather than being used as fillers. As graphics editing goes there is little to compare to it and it is a pleasure to watch.

I poured over this DVD for about two weeks before I wrote a single word. After collecting volumes on evolution and creation science since taking my first historical geology courses over 40 years ago I have never seen anything as well produced as Achilles’ Heels. It is a must for your own personal studies, school curriculums, church showings, discussion groups and debate prepping.

Having published several movie and DVD reviews in my years as a journalist and I usually rate movies on a simple scale of one to ten. Because this DVD is about science rather than drama it is a bit harder to rate, but for both its content and its masterful production I would have to pop this one up to the top of the scale as a solid ten. It is a winner!

The world premiere showing of Achilles’ Heels took place on October 17, 2014 in Atlanta Georgia. For information about the premiere, trailers, and interviews with the scientists – visit:

Finally, after intensely studying Achilles’ Heels I was reminded of an old adage. Those who are waiting for proof and those who do not acknowledge the many beautiful things of the creation as the work of God may see a wonderful sunset, an unusual bird or animal, or a beautiful scene in nature – but they miss the joy that comes from knowing who to thank.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1: 20)


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<a href="" title="Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels">Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels</a>

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