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What can I do?



Are there any devils left in hell? Or did Obama hire them all away?

Once again this week finds America stewing in disgust, as we have almost every week for the past 6 years, as that illegal squatter continues to soil and defile everything he comes in contact with.  The extent of his deceptions, his manipulation of words and his out and out blatant lies pale in the face of this last effort to destroy the culture and stability of this country.  There can be no doubt, none, that this Islamic Communist despises America and is in the process of doing everything and anything he can to ruin it.


  • Will America let him?
  • Will the Congress let him?
  • Will the Senate let him?
  • Will we the people let him?
  • Will you let him?

An aside, for just a moment:

What can I do?Every one of the so called conservative pundits, the likes of Levin, Hannity, Beck and the rest, who are now screaming like banshees about what this criminal is doing and fretting about how to stop him, are all to blame.  They knew Obama was not eligible under the Constitution to hold the office of the Presidency.  Instead of banding together with those who could help stop it, they chose instead to marginalize and ostracize those who stood up for the rule of law.

They see now what they have wrought, and even though, as defined by the nature of the course they took, still do not have the stones to admit it, they know in their hearts, they have played a big role in what is happening to our country.  But that my friends, as they say, is another story.

Returning now to the subject at hand:

It’s not just these past few months where we have seen hundreds of thousands of illegals swarming across the southwest border as a result of Obama’s invitation to Latin America, promising he would give each of them and their families unimpeded ingress. But for many, many years Americans have watched the hordes slither into this country and dissolve into the dark shadows of society, only to reappear again, to sign up for driver’s licenses, register to vote, apply for welfare or even worse, being arrested for murder, rape, pedophilia and drug running.

Anyone with an ounce of comprehension would be hard pressed to think the number of illegals having entered this country could only be 5 million.  During his speech to the future Democratic voters, the scoundrel posing as America’s President, bandied around numbers between 2 and 5 million.

Is it possible he was not lying about the actual number of illegals his Executive order will validate? Does anyone believe that he really thinks the number is 5 million or less?  If you think that, you may not want to consider “arbitration” as a career choice.

You may have heard that the Obama Cartel has ordered green cards and identification applications from one of his donors, who just happens to be in the printing business. Golly gee, what a coincidence.

Anyway, how many green cards do you imagine he ordered?  A few more than 5 million, just in case there may be a few extra criminals roaming the streets?  No, not 6 million, nor even 10 million, his order was for 34 million green cards and application forms. Is it possible Obama lied about the number of people the government knows are here illegally?  Don’t be cynical now. It ain’t healthy.

You also may have heard that the Republican Speaker of the House made a remark following Obama’s annihilation of the Constitution. He stated, Obama was “acting like a teenager”. Wow! That cuts just a little too deep Mr. Boehner, how could you?  Oh yes, then he, along with the rest of the House and the Senate, closed up their offices and headed home for a much needed vacation. It’s quite exhausting coming up with phrases like that?

What can I do?

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So, what can we do? Anything? For starters, doing nothing but simmering in anger actually does equate to doing nothing.  Our Congress will be returning to Washington, DC on December 1st, or somewhere around then, if it does not interfere too much with any planned fundraisers or dinner dances.  Those poor abused elected officials will then be forced to remain for the next 11 days before they can head back home. It’s very hard to imagine enduring such horrific working conditions.  One would wonder just why they were so afraid of losing those exploitive jobs.

Between now and when they head home again on the 11th of December, there is something we can do.  We can call them, we can call them again and again.  We can have our friends and family members call them. TPATH has made it easy to do.  The two links below will get you to the phone numbers of every one of those overworked politicians, in both the House and the Senate.

Find your Senator and Congressman, no matter what party affiliation, call them and tell them to stop Obama’s crimes. Tell them to defund the manufacturing of those 34 million green cards and everything else that does not relate to America’s security.  When you finish call as many of the other Senators and Congressmen you can.  Remember these scoundrels can no longer evade scrutiny because they don’t represent your state or district.  They make laws that affect everyone, therefore they need to be answerable to everyone.

We here at TPATH are not living in some fantasy world where we think demonstrations and phone calls will change anything.  Like most of you, we were in DC with one million patriots during the Unaffordable Health Care mess and watched them ignore us.

But having said that, if we want our Congressmen and Senators to do something, we too must do something.  Even if it is just making some phone calls.  After you have made them, at least then, you can say you did try. You did do something.  Those calls may well be more of an effort to stop that undocumented White House usurper than your representative will do. God help this country if it is.

There will be a rally in DC on December 3rd.  There will be many who give up a day’s pay and more as they hope they can make a difference.  There may be a huge turnout for this demonstration, and we hope there will be.  We also hope that many of you will decide to go, decide to do as much as you can, even though it may seem too little.  But if you are not able to go, spending some time burning up the phone lines, ain’t a bad thing.

Do that, get a few others to do it and then we can all say, we at least did all we could, short of armed revolution, to stop this madman’s efforts at relegating America to third worldism.

Find the telephone number for your Congressman   HERE
Find the telephone number for your Senator     HERE

Please pass these links and this message on to as many people as you can.  Our politicians may not listen but let’s at least vibrate their eardrums.

Reprinted from TPATH

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<a href="" title="What can I do?">What can I do?</a>

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