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A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread, metaphor for inflation. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with.

For many years now we have heard chilling tales about that elusive, powerful and manipulative entity conspiracy theorists have called “The New World Order”.  Not only have the members of this group managed for the most part to remain anonymous, but their agenda has remained mysterious and obscure.  So much so that many good people have been perfectly fine with ignoring its existence or viability.

Whether or not this New World Order is in lockstep with World Communism or if they are actually one and the same, apathy, ignorance and misplaced faith in the power-hungry patricians who dominate the world, have all contributed to clearing the way for an agenda which has been well planned and implemented. So much so, that freedom and liberty may soon become social anomalies only read about in the history books of posterity.

These next several years and what we do or don’t do with them, will be the determining factor as to whether or not this experiment of justice and freedom for the people, this thing called America, will fade away like the final diminishing notes of an abated instrumental.

Fomenting the social isolationism of diversity.

We are preparing to endureAmerica is indeed headed for the terrible triple play of destruction which has been eroding our culture and tearing at the fabric of our country. That three pronged attack has instigated and spawned the emergence diversity, a dangerous division of people and cultures.  By instigating isolation between communities which remain separated in language and culture, the weapon called diversity has destroyed the melting pot theme which has been one of America’s great strengths.

The usurper installed in our White House, as well as all those he has working with him, have been following the preset orders.  The Stepford News Media, dutifully complaint and equally ignorant, have been wallowing in the glee of having a progressive as President and have remained silent and will continue to do so. Instigating racial tension, fabricating anger and dividing the races started the first day Obama was illegally sworn in, and continues at every opportunity.

Cultivating the growth of Islamic terrorist activity

Is it possible that the leaders of the so called civilized countries of the world do not understand the primordial barbarism of the Islamic State?  Are we to believe that pedophilia, sexual enslavement, the mutilation of women, the beheading of infidels and the use of a counterfeit religion as cover for implementing a tyrannical form of government, are all lost on these leaders?  Not exactly.

Communism does not fear Islam.  Islam is a tool, another arm of the triple play.  They will continue to allow its growth from continent to continent, country to country and village to village.  Islam will help Communists destroy liberty, freedom and capitalism.  Then, with all morality based Judeo-Christian societies silenced and defeated and relegated to history, the New World Order will begin the eradication of Islam. It will be brutal, it will be quick and it will be final.

Crushing the middle class and economic Armageddon

Every time a government has used the creation of debt effort to stimulate its economy, the results have been devastating.  Every time.  That is why this is being done here.  Not to help the economy but to destroy it.  Debt creation (Quantitative Easing), has been going on at outrageous rates, never before done anywhere in the world. Every single month, since Obama has been in office, between $50 Billion and $70 Billion of debt has been created out of thin air.

The National Debt has risen from just under $7 Trillion when Obama took over to an astounding $18 trillion in just six short years.  The debt has increased almost three times as much under Obama than all the other presidents, combined.  It is difficult for most people to comprehend just how much this country has spent and just how big $18 trillion actually is.  Keep in mind when you read these next numbers that this $18 Trillion is not all they have spent.  It represents the money they spent, they did not have.

In the form of a question, here is one way of showing how much $18 trillion is.

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Question: If the US Government stopped adding to the debt on this day and began paying it back at the rate of $1,000,000 (Million) every single day until the debt was satisfied (paid off), how long would those payments have to be made?

Answer: 49,315 years!!!

As a side note, it’s the Tea Party that is radical for wanting this stopped?

Madness or intentional? What happens to a society which can’t feed itself? What happens when the dollars a man earns have lost so much value he can’t buy a loaf of bread with a week’s pay?  What will get that man into the streets or into your house?  Hunger.  The greatest motivator of survival.

Are the three prongs beginning to culminate?

As we consider the real possibility that economic collapse, combined with Islamic terrorism being nourished and the stoking of the fires of racial tension are the ingredients needed which will culminate in mayhem, roving gangs filled with hatred, despair and hunger will be battling in the streets and invading your home.  That breakdown of society will open the door to the end of liberty as the implementation of permanent Martial Law anchors itself across the country.

Is Obama the leader of this attack on America?  No, he is but a well selected tool.  While he surely has natural racial animosities, the hate for American exceptionalism, communist tendencies, disdain for Jews and Christians and a love of Islamic fundamentalism, he surely was a well chosen instrument.  Combined with the fact that America still bleeds the disgrace of slavery, the leaders of this New World Order knew very well that an African American could do almost anything, could break any laws, could divide the people on all the required parameters, without a peep from the guilt ridden masses. Yes, he was well chosen.

As those of us recall the of executions in China, the millions starved and frozen to death in the Ukraine, the killing fields of Cambodia, the murder and attempted annihilation of the Jews, the unmarked mass graves, like a cancer on human history, are scattered across this globe, the number of innocent human beings which were relegated to the status of trash, are uncountable and total into the hundreds upon hundreds of millions.

All of these atrocities were committed by Communist regimes after having prepared the people by first disarming them and then creating hatred and racial tension.  Does any of this look or sound familiar?  It should, we are living it right now.

History shows that even the worst hell hole countries in the world were considered prizes and no amount of human sacrifice was too great a cost for their acquisition.  Now, these leftist ideologues have control of the largest prize in the history of the world.  They have successfully grabbed control of the main prize, that golden ring.  What would they do and what will they do, to keep control of such wealth and power?

Their ruthless, bloody history holds that answer. During the next several months everything that we grew up believing about our stability, our freedoms and our future will continue to crumble.  It’s not too late to begin preparing for what is coming.  If you have not done so as of now, you had better not delay much longer.

For information on planning and preparing

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Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

<a href="" title="They are preparing for you. Are you preparing for them?">They are preparing for you. Are you preparing for them?</a>

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