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Socialism or liberty



Lady Liberty: a symbol of liberty and individual freedom. Time for some redemptive change to help us rediscover it. And to distinguish among the concepts liberal, libertarian, and conservative.

I have been a student of Thomas Jefferson for many years. I own and have read dozens of books about the life and thinking of the man. Probably the most brilliant mind ever, along with Thomas Paine, on the subject of individual liberty and the freedom of man from an overbearing government.

Liberty in danger

Thomas Jefferson promoted liberty, not license

Thomas Jefferson. Portrait: Rembrandt Peale, 1800. Photo: White House Historical Association

Freedom loving Americans please take heed. Individual liberty, guaranteed by our Constitution, is in grave danger of being destroyed. Make no mistake, it is an intentional effort by Barack Obama and his fellow Socialists, such as George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and others.  Once they complete their plan to completely Socialize America, almost every aspect of our lives will be regulated and controlled by the Federal Government. I don’t believe that is what you and I want nor will allow to happen to us. We all make mistakes. The majority of the American voters are now realizing they made a mistake by electing this man, Barack Obama, but never the less he is there and will be until the end of 2016.

There is nothing we can do about him being in our presidential office, and he will possibly do a lot more damage to our Constitution and the freedom it provides the individual. The Socialist idea of government in control of the people’s lives is embraced as much by Hillary Clinton as it is Barack Obama. And there is something we can do about whether or not she is allowed to be president so as to continue their intentional establishment of the Socialist States of America, and the destruction of our God given right to think and act for ourselves in the pursuit of our personal and individual happiness. We have, not only the right, but the responsibility, to protect ourselves and to rid ourselves of those who wish to replace our individual freedom with an all powerful and overbearing Socialistic government, by either hiring them or not.

A terrible mistake was made twice in electing a Saul Alinsky Socialist follower, Barack Obama, to the presidency. Let us not make that same mistake the third time in electing another Saul Alinsky Socialist follower, Hillary Clinton.

Call to prayer and resolve

We the People, must be resolved and dedicated to the self protection of our Individual Freedom. We must dedicate ourselves to the task lying before us of removing all Socialists from the midst of our governing body in Washington D.C., regardless of which political party they might belong to. Our future as free individuals is in our own hands. Before November, 2016 we all must decide whether we are members of a political party, dedicated to it’s platform and creed or are we members of America, dedicated to it’s platform and creed, known as The Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights.

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I beg you, if you will, spend some time on your knees in reverence to The Almighty. Spend some time honestly answering for yourself and to yourself, not for me or anyone else, “what is the reason I am voting for the person I intend to?” If the reason which comes to your mind is other than: he or she will protect this nation of people from all foreign enemies and will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, then may I suggest, it is for the wrong reason, and the mistake made twice in the last eight years will be repeated.

I here leave you with two quotes from Thomas Jefferson:

I  predict future happiness for Americans  if they can prevent the government from  wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of  them.

Thomas  Jefferson


My  reading of history convinces me that  most bad government results from too  much government.

Thomas  Jefferson


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<a href="" title="Socialism or liberty: which do you choose?">Socialism or liberty: which do you choose?</a>

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One would expect a self professed Jefferson scholar to have access to and use actual quotes from Jefferson.


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