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Liberal mind, part 1



The Hubert Lamb CRU headquarters, center for worldwide global warming and climate change alarmism. The Paris Agreement would have gone a long way toward furthering their Luddite agenda.

It’s the most inexplicable phenomenon known to mankind.  The five statements below are not questions but observations based on the reality of  liberal mind.

  1. It can have seemingly normal intelligence and in some cases above normal yet fail to properly function.
  2. It can fail to compute, understand or even consider facts, mathematics and common sense.
  3. Subsequent to learning that data they had been given which supports their ideology had been manipulated, altered and fabricated out of thin air, it can without even the slightest whisper of embarrassment, fail to acknowledge those deceptions.
  4. It can continue to embrace gloomy forecasts as inevitable even as all prior predictions come and go without the slightest hint of those prognostications.
  5. It can consider as evil anyone who refuses to accept their ideologically filtered views.

That my friends describes the marvelously uncomplicated, emotionally driven apparition which emanates from propagandized brain function. It is;  THE LIBERAL MIND.

There are many, many examples of the Liberal Mind malfunctioning and Part I of this series will cover just one of them.   (Manmade) Global Warming.

Global warming

Here are some proven facts that can only be denied by the liberal mind:

  • Carbon Dioxide is not toxic.  If it were every soft drink, beer or glass of Champaign would be killing people. The sugar and alcohol may be hazardous, but not the carbon dioxide.
  • Carbon Dioxide is as crucial to the existence of life on this planet as is oxygen.  Without it vegetation and humanity would cease to exist.
  • Carbon Dioxide levels have risen many times over the millennia, after the earth has warmed, not before.
  • Core samples have shown that many times over during the long history of the earth carbon dioxide levels were as much as 3 and 4 times higher than they are today and global temperatures were, at those intervals, much lower than they are today.
  • In the past 17 years Carbon Dioxide levels have risen  .001 % and during that same time period global temperatures have not increased. There has been zero warming in almost 2 decades.
  • The earth has actually moved into a cooling period which is a natural result of sun flare activity lessening and has nothing to do with humans.
  • Ice and snow coverage at the North and South poles have not diminished as predicted but have actually increased to levels not seen in many hundreds of years.
  • Polar bears will not drown if they leave an iceberg they had been perched on. Polar bears are the most prolific swimmers in the mammal world aside from seals, whales and dolphins.  Polar bears have been tracked swimming over 600 miles with ease.
  • Insects produce three times the amount of carbon dioxide each year than all of mankind’s activities combined.
  • While it’s true glaciers are breaking off and dropping into the ocean it is not the result of melting or warming.  Glaciers are formed in upper elevations of the terrain and gravity draws them to sea level.  In fact the colder it is the more massive the glaciers become and the quicker they slide down to the ocean.  This phenomenon by the way has been occurring for many millions of years.  Long before they banned 100 watt light bulbs.
  • The sun produces particles which collide with oxygen in the upper atmosphere of earth and as a result ozone is formed.
  • Ozone protects the planet’s inhabitants from gamma rays and it also prevents reflected heat from the earth’s surface from escaping.
  • The more solar activity, the more ozone is created the warmer the planet becomes.
  • Solar activity has been tracked over many decades and by means of core samples centuries of data are available.  Solar activity cycles occur in short and long periods of more and less activity.
  • Unfortunately for the liberals, the sun has moved into a very low activity cycle which may last a hundred years.  Very poor timing for the money grabbing leftists. This fact is another one the Liberal Mind cannot compute.

For sure there are many more examples of facts which the Liberal Mind fails to consider or comprehend.  The question then is how do you present this to them so that they may see those phonies such as Al Gore and Obama for what they are?  The simple answer is, don’t waste your time.  They will never believe any fact that does not fit their ideology.

Want to enjoy your next encounter with a liberal minded global warming alarmist?

You can have a little fun watching the true believers’ heads explode as they look for the nearest door or search their vocabulary for their favorite curse words.  I have done this many times over these past few years.  It’s a great thing and here’s how you too can get in on the fun.

The TPATH pocket primer on global warming 

(Download and print this out for your next close encounter with a Liberal Mind)

The liberal mind on global warmingIntroduction: Every one of us has tried, from time to time, to provide facts to lefties.  It is more frustrating and less productive than getting Obama to release a valid birth certificate.  This Primer does not provide them with facts, but questions them on theirs and forces them to answer questions that will prove how little they know and how wrong they just might be.

As soon as they realize they have been outmaneuvered and forced into actually thinking, the test will be over.  You will not have changed the world or even the lefties thinking but both you and he will know he’s been had.  A nice feeling for you.  No so much for him.

So let’s get started.  The whole concept of this Primer is to not provide facts but to ask your global warming victim to answer certain questions about his knowledge and beliefs.  This is where it gets to be fun.  For not many, if any, can answer these questions.  So far I have not found even one and that includes aliberal scientist working for Noah.


First Question: You believe that man is causing the earth to warm because you have seen the facts which have brought you to this decision;. Can you give me a few of those facts?

Reply:   They will of course not be able to and will simply inform you that scientists agree and that is good enough for them.

Next question:So you are not actually aware of any facts and it’s fine with you to trust in those who may have a financial interest in this subject?  

Reply: They will now begin to show some minor irritation with you and the first personal attack may arrive.  And that’s a good thing.

Next Question:Since it is your belief that carbon dioxide is causing the planet to warm can you tell me what percentage of carbon dioxide makes up our atmosphere?  

Reply:  You will be amazed at the different answers you will get.  Even the aforementioned scientist had no clue.  Force them to at least take a stab at it since this information is a crucial part of their beliefs.   This will further agitate them.  But keep the pressure on.  By the way, my global warming Noah friend and scientist took a shot and suggested 40%.

Next Question:  Since you don’t know the percentage, would you like to know? 

Reply: If they have not bolted for the exit by this time or any stabbing they might be thinking of has nothing to do with math, you can inform them that carbon dioxide represents .0043 % of the total atmospheric makeup.  This will surprise many of them but they will do all they can to hide their amazement.

Next Question:  Have you heard of the Sierra Club?

Reply:  A true liberal will be well aware of this group as it is one of the many progressive/communist organizations pushing the liberal agenda.  If they haven’t heard of them, your victim may not be a genuine liberal and there may be some hope for him.

Next Question:  According to the Sierra Club what percentage of the total amount of carbon dioxide in the air is the result of human activity? (Human existence and industry)

Reply: It would be a mind-blowing encounter if he knew, so you will have to tell him the Sierra Club says that we produce 6 billion tons annually.  They blow this way out of proportion by alarmingly claiming that man poisons our planet with that production. However, the annual total produced by all of earth’s activities is 186 billion tons.  We will use those estimates even though this group has most likely exaggerated human contribution amounts because, well, that is what leftists do.

Next question:   Using simple math what percentage of the total amount of Carbon Dioxide is man responsible for? 

Reply: Depending on whether they are products of Common Core they will most likely have no concept of how to compute this to give you an answer.  So you will give it to them in the next question.

Next question:   3.2% is the calculated amount of Carbon Dioxide man produces. What percentage of the atmosphere does that represent?

Reply: The answer is .00144% of the atmosphere as calculated with the .0045% total.  If your hooked fish has trouble with this math, direct him to the nearest home schooled child for some help.

Next Question:  Now that you know how much impact man has on the atmosphere do you believe reducing our production from .00144% to .0007% would have a discernible impact when you consider that to do that, half of the human race, half of all industry and technology would need to be illuminated?

Reply: At this point understanding that his beliefs have been shattered by actual facts and real math, he may surprise you and agree that wiping out half the earth’s people isn’t such a bad idea.  As long as he isn’t on the list for removal.  Case closed.

Reprinted from TPATH

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You asked for facts, and rather confidently declared that none would be forthcoming.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Those are not facts. They are the biased and venal opinions of those having a vested interest in the curtailment of most human activity and the confinement of humans to ten percent of their present living space, as per United Nations Agenda (or Directive) Twenty-one, by order of their Division of Sustainable Development.


Ahh…now I get it. When you discount ALL scientific data you disagree with as lies and accuse NASA of being biased, then yes I suppose there is no evidence.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I have evidence of their bias. Did not Phil Jones boast of “completing Mike’s Nature trick…to hide the decline”? Where was James Hansen, his counterpart at NASA, when he admitted that? Cheering him on, that’s where. Why should I believe a word they say?


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