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Schizophrenia and lying



A typical Muslim national flag: a crescent and star on a green field. Muslims use gradualism to extend this flag worldwide. Ironically, Islam also practices ioperational atheism with its absolute determinism.

Barack Obama, the President of United States, cannot speak truthfully about Islam and Islamic terrorists. As a self-professed Muslim who exalts Islam, Barack Obama’s mind has been conditioned by the Islamic art of taqiyya, of deceit and dissimulation.

Lying as high art

This art attains perfection when its practitioner possesses an effortless ability not only to convey a charming and ingratiating countenance to others, but does so so without being emotionally conscious of his dissimulation. Moshe Dayan describes the phenomenon by saying that Muslims take “lie pills,” which makes him differ from ordinary liars by rendering him emotionally unaware of his lying. That makes him a master of taqiyya.

THis shows the true face of Islam. Taquiyya, or strategic lying, hides that face temporarily.

Young street toughs in Paris burn Matthieu Dreyfus, Alfred Dreyfus’ older brother, in effigy in an anti-Semitic riot at the height of the Dreyfus Affair. Cover art from Le Petit Parisien, artist unknown.

However, such mastery requires a split personality usually associated with schizophrenia. This means that schizophrenia is the norm of the Islamic personality. It allows Muslims not only to murder infidels with a good conscience, and but also to use their own women and children as human bombs, and to praise them as martyrs. This is one reason why Obama is psychologically incapable of condemning Muslim terrorists, quite apart from his being multicultural moral relativist.

It should therefore be obvious to anyone who studies Islamic culture that the idea of genuine negotiations and abiding agreements between Muslims and “infidels” is absurd. This means that Americans and Israelis who engage in negotiations with the disciples of  Muhammad or the Quran are simply ignoramuses, of which there is no shortage in Washington and Jerusalem.

Editor’s note: every Islam or comparative-religion scholar worth his sheepskin knows about taquiyya, strategic lying to advance the Muslim faith. This article explains the concept and precept better than any dry scholarly paper can or would. The word refers either to lying about one’s faith to avoid persecution, or lying to others about what the faith means and demands. As such, according to the article, it defines the rules of jihad, literally, “holy war.”

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Tim Preseau

Islam is a cancer. A tumor that if not stopped will kill the host. Islam teaches that it is perfectly OK to lie if it suits their purpose. Kind of like Satan.

[…] Israeli Prime Ministers succumbed to taquiyya? In a recent article, I pointed out that the Islamic art of taqiyya, of deceit and dissimulation, attains perfection […]


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