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Liberal mind, part 2



The Democratic party wants to take these firearms away from you and make the whole country a gun-free zone. (By what authority?) That's what gun control is all about, and why we have a Second Amendment.

Last month we covered the Liberal Mind in Part I of this two-part series.  That article detailed the absolutely incomprehensible conclusions the liberal mind can deduce by way of murky ideology and ignorance of facts relating to the religion of the left, Global Warming.

Part II will address the almost equally cherished god of liberalism, the concept of Gun Control.  We need to understand first of all that there are two distinct groups of gun control advocates.  Only the second group can be categorized as ignorant and disconnected from common sense.  More on them in a moment, but first:

Liberal mind on gun control: two groups

The liberal mind refuses to comprehend this sheep herder--unless he is the sheepherder.Gun Control Advocates-Group One; is comprised not of stupid or uninformed people.  Those in this group understand all too well that citizens should not be afforded any tools which may someday help evict them. For them to remain in power or in office, without fear of being physically ousted, no matter how dismal their records are or how corrupt they have become, firearms need to be out of the hands of good people and patriots.

Leftists and progressives across the political spectrum understand the concept of being able to operate and employ their shenanigans fearlessly.  They now dwell in near total comfort having worked to disarm their constituents and have even managed to convince many of them to remain that way.   This includes those in the local townships and up to the most powerful and abusive agencies in federal governments.  As they will no doubt tell you, there is more disarming work to be done and they intend to aggressively continue with that work.

Taking into account the one and absolute truism that “gun control” does not control guns, it only controls law abiding citizens, it’s quite clear these elites do not fear armed criminals.  They live in a buffered world where the chances of being assaulted, raped or mugged by an uncontrollable armed criminal, is a very slight possibility.   But, as we have seen, just in case, many of these lefties who work diligently to keep honest citizens unarmed, are themselves armed or protected by an armed guard.

Gun Control Advocates-Group Two; are the fools, the used, the misinformed and the ideologically brainwashed people who are the pawns of Group One.  These are the sheep-people who unwittingly keep the sheep-herders comfortably in power as they themselves face hungry wolves each night.  The flock is large and has been securely fenced in with zero ability to fathom who is responsible for the miserable conditions they endure each day.

The people of Group Two are incomprehensibly naïve and for the most part, irrevocably brainwashed.  A main case in point, minorities living in the inner cities are inarguably the most in need of Second Amendment rights.  They live in the most perilous conditions and are being murdered and assaulted hundreds of times every day.

As a result of their support for those who refuse to allow them their God-given right of self-defense there is no end in sight, no light at the end of that treacherous tunnel, no end to the fear generated by that night time noise outside one’s door or the dread initiated by a wailing siren if a child or loved one has not yet returned home. Group One neither knows nor cares about those existing in such a life.

Without this large group of the duped, that small group of un-constitutional lawbreakers could not exist.  They could not continue keeping the streets and the homes of minorities as perilous as “war zones”.    But, have them they do, and continue they will.

The people of Group Two have been indoctrinated from such an early age, not to fear government or organized criminals, but to fear the firearm.  They have been taught that weapons are evil as opposed to the evil people who may use them.  They have been taught that even a law-abiding citizen is a danger if he is allowed to have a weapon.

Time to re-teach some hard lessons

Our effort here in the SAPPA Group to inform not just the herds trapped in the inner cities, but all those who might and could be in peril, has been to provide for them statistics, data and hard facts relating to the legal and illegal use of firearms.  The indoctrination of Group Two has been so complete and deeply set, they will forever allow themselves to be fenced into places where no one is permitted to defend the entrance.

To no apparent avail:

  • They have been told that firearms can never be un-invented.
  • That if every weapon on the face of the earth were confiscated and destroyed on one day, criminals would be armed with firearms again by the next.
  • They have been told that guns are bad when bad people have them and worse when only bad people have them.  
  • They were shown how states and cities where the Bill of Rights is not infringed upon are the safest places for law abiding citizens and the worst places for criminals.
  • They were given FBI data which confirms that deaths resulting from legal ownership of fire arms are just .0007% of the annual total.  Which of course leaves over 99% of them being committed with illegal guns in the hands of criminals who will never be “gun-controlled”.
  • They have been shown that the vast majority of gun crimes are committed in states and cities where strongest gun control laws are on the books.

All of these facts and all of the common sense associated with them are routinely and summarily ignored by Group Two,  much to the euphoria, we might add, of Group One.  Once the liberal mind has been metastasized by the two part epoxy of feel-goodism and indoctrination propagated by Group One, there is no solvent capable of dissolving their misbeliefs.  Finding oneself trapped in an ally or in one’s home, unarmed and defenseless, would most likely begin breaking down that compound of ignorance.  By that time however, it would be too late! Much too late!  That victim would then cease being a voter and would assume the role of just another statistic no one cares about.

Black politicians, along with their liberal white cohorts, continue to treat the black citizenry as too irresponsible to legally arm themselves.  Even as death and danger prevail the liberal mind will never comprehend nor place the blame where it belongs.   As a result those black citizens will continue to do two things.  Live in mortal fear of the night and if they survive it, head to the polls and vote for those who have created their nightmare.

Reprinted from TPATH

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“Black politicians” vote for gun control? Ya’ll just lumped J.C. Watts and Allen West in with a group they don’t agree with at _all_.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Exceptions sometimes prove the rule. The author refers mainly to members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who kicked out all the conservatives.

Gerald Crowe

Almost every left wing attempt at deception begins to be exposed to the light when first you view their numerous machinations from the perspective that they really do not care about individual people. Once this is established as a preliminary item, it is much easier to see through their nonsense and their evil.


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