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Political correctness must die



The Daily Iowan editorial board makes a bad choice of causes.

Even after Paris, San Bernadine, and Brussels, Western political analysts and politicians persist in the timidity of political correctness by closing their eyes to reality. It’s not ISIS, it’s not “radical jihadic terrorism.”

Cold, hard truth instead of political correctness

Seal of the Islamic State. Political correctness will not avail against this enemy.

Seal of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in 2008 Original author: User Monotheist on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

No! It’s ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM, and without any qualifying adjectives. Thus it has been since the time of MUHAMMAD.

I have often cited the Center for the Study of Political Islam, which reported in the February 21, 2007 issue of FrontPageMagazine, that the disciples of Muhammad and the Qur’an have slaughtered some 270 million human beings since the advent of Islam 1,400 years ago.

There is only one way to put an end to Islamic terrorism, and that is to put an end to what animates it: Islam per se.

No Western statesmen, not even Senator Ted Cruz, one of the more spiritually and intellectually qualified politicians, has dared name the real enemy, let alone what must be done to rid mankind of this scourge, whose bellicose arrogance makes a mockery of Judeo-Christian ideas and values.

No Western statesman dares set forth a serious strategy to eliminate this pathological scourge of mankind. This demands radical measures: the closure of Islam’s primary religious centers, Mecca and Medina. We are engaged in an ineluctable and unlimited metapolitical war with a crusading enemy.

The recruiting grounds of this enemy must be systematically emasculated and ideologically demoralized before any Muslim regime acquires weapons of mass destruction.

To declare war on ISIS would be merely an abbreviated and transient war against Islam. Alternatively, to declare war against what Ted Cruz simplistically calls “radical Islamic terrorism,” is futile if the head of the snake—ISLAM without adjectives—is not decapitated.

By the same token, it would have been futile to declare war on Nazism without devastating Nazi Germany. This is no time for the timidity of political correctness when nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles may soon be the hands of an enemy whose mantra is a love of death!

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It is not radical Islamic terror. It is simply Islamic terror.

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[…] Political correctness must die […]

[…] Political correctness must die […]


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