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Hillary: so much money, so little time



Hillary Clinton. Historic first? Be careful what you wish for. And stay out of Hillary’s handbasket, if you can. Contrast her with Donald Trump.

For sure much has been said and much has been written concerning the upcoming November 8th Presidential Election. Quite frankly, too much. With the endless blather and incessant keyboard stroking, it seemed pretty near impossible to produce any substantive or original information concerning either candidate. Therefore, except for some very early commentary on Donald Trump, I had decided to let the boundless twaddle, twaddle on, without TPATH. However, recently I spoke to a Hillary supporter and realized that many people really don’t get it. They don’t get Hillary.

Nobody gets it

Hundreds of articles and hours of chatter produced by elite authors and establishment pundits, all of whom are so much smarter and perceptive than you or I, afforded a realization that none of them get it – or want you to. No one has actually laid out, succinctly and clearly, the major aspects of just what is and was behind the activities, motivations and intentions of Hillary Clinton.

It is rare that a liberal could ever enlighten anyone on anything, but the one I spoke of above, did just that. I didn’t know just how oblivious many blue collar Democrats were to what Hillary is, what she has done, what she intends to do, and the consequences to this country if she ever is allowed into the White House. There is no naiveté here, I understand full well that the hardcore supporters of the left do implicitly understand but could not care less about any deficiency in Hillary or any leftist candidate, provided of course that they are truly leftist. As the Democratic Party of my father moves further and further away from the values and morality of the past, it is our duty to help those of us who have not yet become aware of exactly what that party has become.

So let’s do Hillary.

Wow! That’s a scary thought.

The email scandal is not about emails. It is not about a mistake, as she has very often declared. Bernie Sanders blew his only real chance at upsetting Hillary when he declared, early on, that he did not care about the emails, as if they were no more important than chit chat about yoga classes. National security issues and corruption never entered his ‘basement dwelling psyche’ so the gravity of what she did, simply was not conceptual to him. Again and as always with the left, it’s party ideology before the wellbeing of this country.

Irrespective of all the many, many reasons that Hillary would be a disaster for this country, which include decades of corruption, lying, intimidation, condemning of the many sexual victims of her husband, lost FBI Files suddenly found, massive memory loss, purloining of White House property, phony land deals, mystery deaths and so, so many shady deals in the relentless pursuit of cash and power, let us dissect the setup and use of the email server. This was not a mistake nor was it something she did for convenience or to make her busy schedule more manageable. Far from it. It was well planned and well thought out.

A deliberate grasp for wealth

Hillary grasps for so much money in so little time.The Clintons, as they have been very adept at doing over these past 30 years, understood the potential for the accumulation of vast wealth and the influence that goes with it once they had within their capacity to manipulate and direct the business of the country. The upcoming appointment as Secretary of State was just what they needed. The problem was not how they could rake in those millions but how to do it without getting caught. Hence the private server. She was told by those who set it up for her that she would have total control over it and that it would be secure from hackers and most importantly obscured from government officials. Certainly she could not have expert government personnel verify that it was as secure as her installer promised, since she wanted and needed no government people anywhere near it. Henceforth, the vulnerability.

Without the slightest concern for the safety and security of agents and operatives who were working with the government in clandestine and very dangerous activities, Hillary began laying the ground work for anticipated hundreds of millions of dollars which would soon be enriching the Clinton Cartel.

Security second to money

It is now known that many persons, basement hackers and sophisticated cyber technocrooks employed by foreign governments, have had access to not just her email server but to many, and most likely all, of her laptop and remote devices. None of this concerned Hillary as the import matter at hand was not State business, National Security or the lives of American agents. It was money, lots of money for Hillary, Bill and Chelsea. Clearly nothing held a higher priority than that. Nor has it for the last 30 years. For sure, Slick Willy had a few other low life interests, but nothing greases those slimy skids like money and power.

Hillary and Billary knew that there were billions to be made and so little time to make them. They knew there would be occasions when just a subtle nudge would not produce a sufficiently large check nor could precious time be wasted by use of delicate and elusive suggestions.Remember, so little time, so much money. Some of the foreign agents, unsavory bankers and deep pocketed special interest Representatives would require a more direct approach. None of which could ever be seen by the public and could never, ever be done on a government server. But Hillary’s server, one that she had complete and total control over? No problem.

Her eye on the next prize

Not for a second did Hillary ever consider allowing the business of the country to interfere with the business of acquiring personal wealth. If anyone believes that what she has done while Secretary of State was the best she can do, just wait. Remember, this is not speculation regarding an unknown entity. Hillary has shown everyone what she is, what she is capable of and what her mission in life is. God help not just this country but the world, if she is allowed to show us her capabilities as President of the United States.

Reprint from TPATH. (Get the PDF.)

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Howard Everett Teal

We found a “roach” (a Marijuana cigarette) behind the pool house earlier tonight. The police are here dusting for prints. They are checking with neighbors for possible leads.
I sent Kathy & the kids to a motel tonight. Just in case the criminals return. Just bought a new Springfield this week.
Say a pray for our family.
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