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Trump v. protectors of putrid politics



Donald Trump accepting the 2016 Republican nomination. A vote for him was a vote for freedom. He owes his victory to the electoral college. He also now leads the armies of freedom in their war against the socialists. But he needs to learn now: the other side are playing without rules. His latest stand against illegal immigration further illustrates the problem. More recently: Trump should bury the DACA order and leave it buried.

What have the Republican and Democratic Party establishment types been spouting and touting from the very inception of Donald Trump’s campaign to Make America Great Again? In case you missed it, it was that Trump could not be trusted to play the game properly, that he was an interloper who was too brash, too mean, and God forbid, he had the wrong demeanor to be running for President.

Trump v. Politics as usual

Donald J. Trump, public enemy of the establishmentHis attaching of nicknames to the various contenders, such as Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, Crazy Bernie and Crooked Hillary, was so outrageous, so unprofessional and so beneath the world of politics. The pundits fumed at every new comical description Trump labeled his next still standing rival. They could barely ward off convulsive strokes when Donald pointed out one of his opponents might be sweating, drank too much water or had some shortcomings in the looks department.

How could the keepers of the pure, honest, fair minded political system protect its long history of integrity and fair play and safeguard their wonderful world of politics from a man who could not be trusted to not say the wrong thing at the wrong time? Not just the historic system’s political purity was under attack, but personal political careers were being put in jeopardy.

The failings of this cavalier outsider did not end with name calling. Outrageously, he continued violating the number one rule of politics. He has been in league with the truth. Totally unacceptable! Only a dangerous recalcitrant like this Trump fellow would not abide by the number one rule – avoid any flirtation with the facts. He has refused to understand that the people are not accustomed to the truth, nor do they expect it. This violation of political commandment number one will cause irreparable damage. Hell, the people might even begin crazy thinking. That they actually may have some say or control over elected officials.


Let’s review a few of the finer points and qualities we have all seen and come to expect from this political system that Trump has so desecrated.

  • They promote or ignore voter fraud in nearly every national election.
  • They have passed laws that prevent priests, ministers and rabbis from telling the people the evils of elected politicians.
  • They purposefully keep minorities uneducated, poor and dependent.
  • They create TV, radio and newspaper ads full of blatant lies about opponents.
  • They find and expose personal records of opponents.
  • They hire private investigators to track and expose sexual dalliances.
  • They destroy the lives of family members of opponents with either fabrications or exaggerated facts.
  • They create gerrymandered voting districts that look like squashed octopuses to prevent losing a political seat.
  • They lie about their accomplishments and their ideology.
  • They secretly record audio or video of opponents they have set up.
  • They slither around in an opponent’s trash, cesspools and outhouses for tidbits to be used against opponents.
  • They hire prostitutes to compromise married opponents.
  • They threaten opponents with personal disclosures which have ruined lives.
  • They planted pornography on opponents’ computers.
  • They file phony lawsuits and make false charges against opponents.
  • They obtained sealed divorce papers of opponents and used them against their opponents.
  • They threaten injury, physical violence and even death to opponents.

This is but a very small bit of the stellar history of the political caste. If one thinks about it for a few minutes, an organization such as this really needs to protect its legacy from one so crass as The Donald. A man who calls people funny names. Now you all understand why the establishment needs to protect its exquisite consortium from the likes of him.

Private conversations

One of those sweet and cuddly political activities the establishment thinks it needs to protect would be the releasing of private conversations of opponents. Referencing that, if every man or woman, anywhere in this country, who at any time, spoke to a companion about sexual activities or preferences, voted for Donald J. Trump, he would win in a landslide.

If every person who ever said something in private that would embarrass themselves or their family, removed themselves from the conga line trashing of Trump, the line would be a very short one encompassing Jesus, Buddha and possibly Mother Teresa. For sure and with certainty, not one of those weasel Republicans, protecting the integrity of the establishment, would be in that line or anywhere near it.

Slick Willy, if you will recall, not just attempted from time to time to seduce and grope married women, he actually raped a married, Juanita Broaddrick. Which reminds us of yet another wonderful trait the political elite fears Donald J. Trump will destroy: HYPOCRISY.

Reprint from TPATH

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Ted Foster

Ted Foster liked this on Facebook.

Matt Clark

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Lynne Leary

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Bradley J. Hess

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Lynne Leary

I stand behind Donald Trump 2016. Definitely never Hillary. Unsure even some Republicans who abandon ship because of their judgment of our candidate we chose since day 1. How pathetic ,that they feel, they are superior to anything Donald Trump has ever done or said. And even betray the Republican Party .. by twisted media..paid interest groups!! We need Mr Trump to make America great again. Now I almost feel that some in Congress/Senate forgot their oath to the party. So let them go help Hillary win!! The country will lose. And so will you ..betraying our candidate!! OUR. At least that’s what I believed. So bailing out donors and republicans.!!Go get a candidate who speaks eloquently and puts on the cocky ..above than..and certainly above the law face!!You ,who now are betraying Mr Trump..are going for the snake. And you will get bitten. And you will watch all the issues and passions Mr Trump pursued .. he didn’t have too. His family career. Success ..he knew also another passion. To help we the people ..and make America great again!! . Since day 1. Mr Trump has been under the microscope. Many looking for anything to destroy his candidacy.. dirt from 11 years ago. Apology..he sincerely gives..And then ,some try to pick out the negative ,in even his apology. A man I want to be president. Is a leader. In God he trusts. One of honesty and integrity. Not perfect. No one is. These betraying him now..even from his own party..sure must have regrets and secrets in their closets. But instead of taking an honest inventory of themselves. They try to become saint like ..And point ,their fingers of dismay and shame ,to Mr Trump. He made an apology. A sincere one. That is a man of humility ,dignity, and respect. Why don’t they go after Hillary’s apology. “Oh what about the emails??” “Oh I am sorry. I made a mistake. “Then issue done. Hello. Classified documents on private server. Destroying emails that would clearly define breaking the law. High people in her career ,,people with her. Destroying all in their laptops. Sure Hillary command. And then not knowing what C made. One excuse. Come on Hillary. Oh and even dragged in DOC and FBI in discrediting their careers and those bureaus. I am so disgusted. And I feel betrayed. Not by Mr Trump. But by some of our Republican Party. Former supporters , and all the rest of these people who aren’t for us the people ..rather for someone who looks and sounds great in their eyes. Here comes the bite from the snake. Now you really have poison. Not trying to poison Mr Trump anymore.

Bennie Sue West

Amen sister, I’m with you!!!???? he did so well last night. I feel so much better about his chances. We could not handle this Clinton. Our nation would become, only our God knows.
She is dangerous.


What a person says is a reflection on what and how he/she thinks.
Those vulgar, disgusting, demeaning comments are a reflection of a warped mind.
These were not just personally embarrassing comments, but an embarrassment to human decency. Equivocating those two categories is inexcusable.

Despite the assertions of this author, most people in my experience do not say such things or think them, because no decent person would.
I suppose I should have expected a lot of rationalizing, since we are out of other options for republicans. This is astounding though.

p.s. “Slick Willy”, if you will recall, is not running for president. However DJT is.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Well, isn’t this interesting.

“No decent person” would say such things in un-mixed company, in a locker room or similarly private venue.

Funny. When I was in high school, I used to hear that kind of talk all the time. And because I didn’t say it, they called me “square.”

Bill Clinton has already been President. And people gave him a pass, not only on gutter talk, but on gutter acts.

You, and all those who talk and vote as you do, are hypocrites.

That I tolerate your presence on my comment space is only because my comment space is a laboratory, where I can draw in such hypocrites and call them out.

John Keener

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Wanda Stewart

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Bennie Sue West

There is so much out there that documents what comes out of her mouth. I have only one of the books by Gary Aldridge. A former Secret Service member of her detail. Her mouth is a sewer.

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Bennie Sue West

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John Oliver

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Digg Patriots

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