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Trump, Israel, and paganism



Donald Trump (now President) addresses his fans. Note to Michael Horton: Donald Trump never called himself Messiah. The one who did, trashed Christian values, and you said nothing. But now comes the counter-coup against Obama. But one thing more: is Trump the antichrist, or will he protect us from him? More recently: herewith a call to action to support a President who stands against oppression.

The presidential victory of Mr. Donald Trump may be regarded as a victory of the American regime or way of life that was inaugurated on July 4, 1776 by means of the American Revolution.

America’s Hebrew roots

This Revolution was an event of World-Historical significance because it produced the American Declaration of Independence. This sacred document articulated the primary foundational principles of a Republic that affirmed, for the edification of mankind, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” It was this Regime or way of life that won the Presidential election of 2016. It is the way of life that justifies the concept of American Exceptionalism, for this concept represents a unique synthesis of the Universal and the Particular.

This synthesis was anticipated in the Hebrew Bible, more precisely in the Book of Genesis, which proclaims the revolutionary concept of man’s creation in the image of God. As recognized by the English philosopher-scientist Alfred North Whitehead, it was by virtue of this unheard of concept that the Jews became the first people to reject the pagan worship of the State.

Pagan worship of State

It was the pagan worship of the state that produced the German and Fascist imperialism that resulted in the World Wars of the twentieth century. That paganism persists to this day, disguised as Islamic imperialism and manifested in Islamic terrorism. This imperialism and terrorism, of which President Barack Obama is or pretends to be ignorant, will have no place or purchase in the White House when President-elect Donald Trump takes office, thanks to the culturally inherited sobriety of the American people, the guardians of the principle of “Government by the consent of the Governed” enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and affirmed by the Government of Israel.

Will Trump “trump” such paganism?

Whether Mr. Trump or one his advisers, or perhaps his Jewish son-in-law, has the good sense to discern that the pagan worship of monolithic power is manifested in the words and deeds of Israel’s Islamic enemies remains to be seen.☼

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