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Moral relativism, democracy, and Islam



The Dome of the Rock, said to be the third holiest site in Islam. Even that designation distorts history, one of many lies from Islam. But only one conscious of Deity understands this. Moral relativism blinds one to this reality.

Democracies cannot win a protracted war in an era in which their
opinion makers have been indoctrinated and emasculated by the
university-bred doctrine of multicultural moral relativism.

Democracies tend to deny evil

Map of Islam showing Israel by comparison. Jihad is the means of extending that map to cover the world. Moral relativism will let this happen.

Islam has far more space on the map than has tiny Israel.

This relativism, which inclines liberal democracies to pacifism, corrupts 75-80
percent of American social scientists. These academics provide the
experts of our policy makers and decision makers, as well as the
mandarins of the mass media. Whether studying journalism, political
science, sociology, psychology, etc., they have been taught there are
no objective standards by which to determine whether the way of life
of one individual, group, or nation is intrinsically superior to that
of another. All lifestyles are morally equal. Hence there are no
moral grounds for preferring the American way of life to the Islamic way
of life.

This is a denial of evil. By denying the enormity of evil,
relativism fosters sentimental humanism. This humanism underlies
the strategy of “post-heroic” warfare, which would not only avoid casualties
to your own troops, but also to avoid killing enemy civilians.

One would have to impose censorship on the universities and the media
to conduct a war-winning strategy against Islamism and its global jihad.

An Egyptian speaks out

Let me quote Nonie Darwish, that gallant Egyptian writer who
immigrated to America in 1978 and has lectured around the world since
9/11. In her book, Now They Call Me Infidel, she refers to an
authoritative Muslim leader who brazenly said this to Christians:
“Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our
religious laws we will dominate you” (p. 144).

Darwish discerns how Muslims exploit the freedom of speech of
liberal democracies to spread Islamism on university campuses where
Muslim student organizations freely preach Islam, obscuring its
history of despotism. She notes, moreover, that liberal professors are
equally if not more radical than any imam in a radical mosque.
And most mosques, she warns, preach anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism,
and jihad.

Darwish, the daughter of a famous shahid, but educated by Christians
as well as by Muslims, writes that “In the Muslim world there are no
real distinctions between moderate or radical Muslims; all are
Muslims” (p. 135). Moreover, “there is nothing America or the
non-Muslim West can do that will meet with gratitude and
appreciation…. To the contrary, good deeds of non-Muslims toward
Muslims only deepen their sense of dependency and inferiority … [and

Darwish deplores the media, especially CNN, which has contributed, she
says, to Arab hatred by regularly criticizing America. The media, she
argues, have failed to inform the public that the 9/11 attack was an
attack not only on America. It was an attack by the haters of
civilization. Yet the public, and even college students, are largely
misinformed about this culture of hatred. A huge PR campaign,
supported primarily by Saudi money, has spread across U.S. campuses
selling Islam as a religion of peace. But that’s exactly what
President Bush told the nation the day after 9/11!

Democratic America cannot persevere

As I wrote in New York nine days after 9/11, democratic America lacks
the concepts and perseverance to win the war against Islamic Jihad.
I’ve mentioned the dispiriting influence of relativism. Add the fact
there are some 150 billion Muslims on this planet. Daniel Pipes
estimates that 10 -15 percent (or 150-225 million) support jihad.
Robert Spencer reports estimates of more than 50 percent.

To win any war, one must be ruthless. The compassionate Abraham
Lincoln understood this, which is why he was so frustrated with timid
generals until Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman came on
the scene and ravaged the South to win the Civil War. Franklin D.
Roosevelt understood this, which is why Dresden was napalmed. Harry
S. Truman understood this, which is why Hiroshima and Nagasaki were
vaporized. Today, when Israeli generals go abroad, they face the
threat of being indicted as “war criminals” for having defended their
country against Arab terrorists! They are shouted down as “war
criminals” at American universities.

Higher education has eroded American resolve. Contrast the following.
A CNN poll just days after 9/11 showed that 76 percent of Americans
said they would support military action against al-Qaeda even if it
meant 5,000 troops would be killed. Today, 56 percent are resigned
to the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, and less than 10 percent
supports military action to prevent that deadly outcome.

College students don’t get it

Why don’t college students know that a nuclear Iran could dominate the
Middle East and the oil resources of the Persian Gulf? Why don’t
they know that a pacifist Europe, already Islamized, would succumb to
nuclear blackmail? Why don’t these student know that the loss of
Europe would wreck the American economy and radically curtail the
scholarships and funding on which the education and careers of
these students ultimately depend? Why this ignorance or indifference?

Multicultural moral relativism erodes the American people’s confidence
in the justice of their own cause vis-à-vis Islamic terrorism. Like
the mandarins of BBC, those of CNN, ABC, NBC, USA Today, the New York
Times, and the Washington Post, choke on the word “terrorism.” The
same may be said of Barack Obama. This is not all.

Moral relativism has degenerated into “moral reversal.” The clearest
example of this metamorphosis is the media’s coverage of the war
between Israel and the PLO-Palestinian Authority. Whereas the victim,
Israel, is portrayed as the villain, the villains, the Palestinian
terrorists are portrayed as the victims. This moral inversion is
conspicuous on university campuses, where Israel has been demonized.

Moral relativism chose Obama

But what is singularly significant, without denying the pivotal role
of the race card, multicultural moral relativism prompted the large
percentage of academics that voted for and facilitated the dovish Obama
presidency. It should also be emphasized, however, that by curtailing
American military power, Obama has promoted international anarchy.

Meanwhile, Obama has fostered a “culture of American self-hatred,” the
inverse, ironically, of Islam’s culturally-induced hatred of all infidels!

Self-hatred, which is typical of the American Left, has influenced
Hillary Clinton, whose mentor was the anti-American radical Saul
Alinsky. Clinton’s goal in the 2016 election was to further the
program – really the treachery of Barack Obama. Recall that his
slogan in the 2004 presidential campaign was CHANGE, which signified
nothing less than his sinister ambition to de-Americanize America.
This corresponds to the “G’D damn America” malediction of his guru
pastor Jeremiah Wright, a patron of the Left.

Hence we may thank the unrefined and very American Donald Trump, a
political outsider, for bringing America back to its senses by
relegating Hillary to the political wilderness, which the forthright
Mr. Trump might inelegantly refer to as a political outhouse.☼

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