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Investigation or cash cow?



Trump v. Mueller on Russia. Is Mueller running an investigation or a cash cow?

Soon it will be the second anniversary of the start of the Mueller investigation into the charge of the Trump-Russia connection. According to ABC News:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election reported spending more than $25 million through Sep. 30, according to the latest Justice Department filing.

By the end of the year it must have been close to $30 million. If it runs for another year it could be $50 million. As Hubert Humphrey used to say, “10 million here, 10 million there, and pretty soon we are speaking of real money!” I should add, it is only taxpayers money!1

Is the investigation a way to cash in?

Everybody is talking about the political aspect, is it looking for collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, or is it a witch hunt?

But I would like to raise another issue. Is it an open bank account for Mueller and his Democratic friend attorneys? Is it a cash cow with no budget and only the expenses submitted? Does Mueller has an open check book to write checks at the taxpayers expense?

What would Pope Gregory X do today?

Pope Gregory X set an interesting example when something seems to go on indefinitely.


Gregory X (1274) decreed that ten days after the pope’s decease, the cardinals should assemble in the palace in the city in which the died, and there hold their electoral meetings, entirely shut out from all outside influences. If they did not come to an agreement on a candidate in three days, their victuals were to lessened, and after a further delay of five days, the food supply was to be still further restricted. (Cath. Encyclopedia, Papal Elections).

I do not propose that all the lawyers, including Mueller, be locked into a college dormitory until they either find evidence of collusion, or give up (tough it wouldn’t be a bad idea). But I definitely propose to establish a budget and cut their allowance 25% every ten days and if they do not find collusion in forty days, their budget would be reduced to 0, and if Mueller wants to continue for political reasons to drag the investigation on, he should start paying taxpayers back from his own pocket, 10% a week.

It is time to put this process in order, without violating the [nonexistent] independence of the Special Counsel.

1Editor’s Note: the author is probably quoting Senator Everett Dirksen, who spoke of even larger sums—billions.

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