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Who Can Clean America’s Augean Stables

The Jeffrey Epstein case is a clue to a virtual Augean stables of accumulated corruption. Will the Justice Department clean it up, or not?

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Augean stables (fifth labor of Hercules)

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about the Fifth of Hercules’ twelve labors. No, not really, this Report is not about Greek Mythology and its actual subject is, unfortunately, not a myth. The actual subject is the premise that when a nation reaches the level of accepting child rape from those in high places, it is in the bottom of the pit.

The original Augean stables

In the mythology of Ancient Greece, Hercules was a demigod, the result of a union between the God Zeus and a mortal woman. It seems that Zeus deceived the poor woman into thinking that he was her mortal husband, but another woman the goddess Hera was enamored with Zeus and therefore hated Hercules. She set out to create hell in his life and was fairly successful in doing so. Since Hercules was half god or demi god he had great strength and ability.

How Hercules washed them out

He was assigned twelve labors that usually involved fighting and killing some legendary dragon or great beast but the fifth labor of Hercules is our subject for today. King Augeas had a great deal of land and the largest herd of cattle in the world. The stalls of his barn had not been cleaned in 30 years and so contained the filth of hundreds of thousands of cattle over 30 years time. Hercules task was to clean the stalls in one day so you can see that it was no small labor. Hercules was a clever and resourceful hero so he diverted two rivers to flow through the stalls thus washing them out in a single day.

At least 100 years of corruption in America?

The question for the day then is who will clean out the Augean stable that is America today. The filth and corruption has been accumulating for over 100 years and I suppose some would say for the entire 243 years of America’s existence. Every time a hero comes along that we think is up to the task he ends up being corrupted by the filth and just adds more to what is already there so the pile gets bigger day by day.

Jeff Epstein: public corruption?

The matter that brought my mind back to Greek Mythology is the criminal case of Jeffrey Epstein filed recently in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) by the United States Attorney’s office, Division of Public Corruption. When asked why that particular department, the U.S. Attorney in charge said something like I wouldn’t read too much into that. How can we not read a lot into it? Why would the division of public corruption bring charges against a man described as a billionaire financier and who has no apparent connection with government.

Aha! He knows too many people…!

The answer has to lie somewhere in the corruption accumulating in Washington, which most of us hope will be at least partially cleaned out by this process. I’m sure you are aware by now that Mr. Epstein has been charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to traffic minors and the two charges together carry a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison. He reportedly carries a lot of names in his rolodex. Not just any names but the kinds of names that might pay huge sums for silence and the kinds of names that can get a 45 year sentence reduced to almost nothing.

Hint of the Augean stables – the first Epstein case

Please keep in mind that none of those names have even been charged, so it is all just speculation at this point, but Mr. Epstein himself has certainly been up to this behavior for decades and he has been caught and charged before. About a decade ago he was arrested and charged with running a sex trafficking operation in Florida and on his private island in the Caribbean in which several, perhaps hundreds of minor girls experienced rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

I don’t like to use the terms abuse, trafficking, etc., when what we are really talking about is the rape of children. These were children from difficult situations who don’t count and don’t matter to anyone and so they end up in Mr. Epstein’s demented torture chamber the locals reportedly refer to as Pedo Island. When finally caught he pleads out for himself and gets immunity from prosecution for all his co-conspirators. He ends up serving 13 months in a private wing of a Florida jail with at least 12 hours of each day spent in his Florida mansion.

Where does his money come from?

That’s not much of a sentence for what this man allegedly did, but he is a very unusual and very special man. There are rumors flying around that he might be a U.S. intelligence asset, but regardless, he is said to be worth more than a billionaire dollars but where all that money came from remains a mystery.

He doesn’t seem to work or have an office, and although he is described as a financier, he doesn’t finance anything and seems to be a businessman but he has no business. He does own a lot of very valuable real estate, including a 45,000 square foot condo in Manhattan, a 7,700 acre ranch in New Mexico, a Palm Beach mansion, a mansion in Paris, and a private island in the Caribbean. In addition to all the real estate, he has many of the other obvious trappings of wealth including many exotic cars, motorcycles, a small private jet, as well as a large transoceanic private jet.

Many, many Humbert Humberts and Lolitas…1

He is 66 years old now but he apparently emerged in the public eye back in the 1970’s, so he has been out there doing what he does for a long time, decades in fact, and hundreds of girls all over the world have suffered because of him. He doesn’t have a college degree but he has been hired by some amazing people and has done amazing things, such as giving 30 million dollars to Harvard University, and now there is testimony that “academics” have also been caught in his web. The Miami Herald has led the way to get this case reopened. I watched a video that newspaper did showing the testimony of some of the girls and their stories indicate that this man is a pretty sick individual.

Bill Clinton in the Augean stables also

He assembled quite a rolodex including some of the more prominent players in Hollywood and academia as well as a former president of the United States, former secretary of state, current President of the United States and a member of the British royal family. Former president Bill Clinton flew on Mr. Epstein’s private jet 26 times according to the flight logs, although Mr. Clinton says it was only 4 times and he” knew nothing about his crimes” the flight logs clearly reflect 26 times, as does the testimony of other passengers. Hillary Clinton was also listed for several trips many of the Clintons’ trips were actually to Mr. Epstein’s private island where many of the crimes against children took place.

A likely story…!

Is Bill Clinton’s story believable? Not very, but I supposed he could have been duped into believing the children were all 18 or older.

A halfway decent prosecutor, let alone a U.S. Attorney, could easily tear that story apart. He flew 26 times and there were, according to many witnesses’, girls on the plane, thus its nickname, Lolita Express. Don’t you think an intelligent man such as Bill Clinton would have caught on that those girls were underage after say 15 trips to the island? I don’t know what happened on that island but I’ve seen enough videos, enough interviews, etc., to think that it was pretty sick and demented. Mr. Epstein built some type of temple of huge dimensions on his island and pictures of it are out on the Internet. The girls tell some pretty horrible stories of what went on there and what that temple was dedicated to.

Will Public Corruption Division try to be the rivers through the Augean Stables?

Could it be that the Public Corruption Division of the U.S. Attorney’s office, SDNY, brought this case because they want to use it to pry open all the sick corruption in the Federal Government? I suppose that is possible, but if so it would be unprecedented. How many child rapists are currently occupying jobs in the federal government both elected and appointed? I certainly don’t know the answer to that but I would wager that Jeffrey Epstein could make a fairly educated guess.

Failure to enforce the law…

I hope that this is a serious investigation that doesn’t end with what amounts to a slap on the wrist plea deal in exchange for low level names that mean nothing. If that happens there is something really wrong and the people should demand an answer. There was once a rule of law in America and to answer Eric Holder’s question “when was America great?” America was great when it had a rule of law that was respected. When you have the avenue to address wrongs as we still do in America, then wrongs cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Child rape is wrong, it’s evil, sick and demented and the product of a reprobate mind and it cannot be allowed to go on unpunished.

The importance of the rule of law

If laws are not worth enforcing, they are not worth following. Just look at what is happening on the southern border to see my point. Many in high places want the peace and prosperity of a civilized nation without the inconvenience of following civilized laws. They just can’t abide the thought of being forced to obey the same laws as everyone else, not when they are rich and can hire Alan Dershowitz to represent them.

Those unwilling to submit to the rule of law need to lie in their beds at night wondering when justice will break down their door. Revenge is bitter medicine, it doesn’t cure suffering and it doesn’t close any wounds. Justice is what I’m talking about, not revenge, but if you are going to live in a civilized world, revenge meted out in the form of justice is sometimes necessary. H.L. Mencken once said “injustice is easy to bear, its justice that stings.” Well, it needs to sting some people right now or confidence in every department of government will never be recovered.

Conflict of interest?

An interesting side note of this case is that James Comey’s daughter has been assigned as one of the prosecutors. She is an assistant U.S. Attorney in that division, apparently, and for some reason was not conflicted out. Her father is James Comey, former head of the FBI and previously fired by President Trump. He was very prominent in the attempted Democrat and mass media coup to destroy a duly elected American President, so we will see if that turns out to be a conflict that taints the investigation. Maybe she is an unusually discerning daughter and understands what her father is. Perhaps she takes her job and title seriously. But, what about the legions of the woke, I wonder what they will do with all this child rape in high places. Will they portray these children as prostitutes as they did in Mr. Epstein’s first case?

Some of their faves?

Don’t worry about them, folks, because they have their plans. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who works at DNC tweeted that “some of our faves” are likely to be implicated. Doesn’t that imply that she and possibly Nancy have known for a while that some of their faves were guilty of child rape? Yes, where is the hash tag me too, movement when you really need it? This story cannot be allowed to disappear because someone’s political agenda might be affected. The rape of children is about as far into the filth as a nation and its people can go and still survive.

How to clean up the Augean stables for real

This story goes down many more rabbit trails than I have time for on this Report, but let me give you in conclusion what I think could be done if everyone was on the same page, the child rape must be punished no matter who does it page. Perhaps in the mythological world of Hercules he could be tasked with diverting the Potomac to flow through Washington, D.C. and wash it out, but barring that, here’s what I think could happen.

The U.S. Attorney could sit down with Mr. Epstein and his team of lawyers and say: Jeffrey I have an offer for you and here it is. You can spend the rest of your miserable child raping life in the Federal Super Max at Canon City Colorado as a rich man, or you can spend part of it in federal maximum security below super max status, and part of it as a poor man in the outside world. All your wealth and property were obtained through the criminal child raping enterprise you set up so all your property will be confiscated sold and the proceeds used to compensate victims and to reimburse the government for prosecuting you.

Everything out in the open

To get this sweet deal you must give up every name, every video, every recording, and every witness to every rape you and all the other low life, scumbag, rich, and powerful people committed. If you withhold one name or one video or one dollar in one offshore account the deal is off and you have a trip coming to Colorado. If there are murders on any of these tapes you have a death row cell waiting for you and that’s my final non-negotiable offer, Jeffrey. If you don’t want it then let’s try the case and let the jury decide because I don’t think they will be as generous as I am.

Am I just creating more mythology like the ancients? Probably so but I hope not.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

1 Obvious apologies to novelist Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita and one other novel, Ada, also about corruption in high places.

About the image

“The Hercules Sarcophagus depicting the Twelve Labors of Hercules, 150-160 AD, Fifth Labour: Augean Stables, Kayseri Archaeological Museum, Turkey”by Following Hadrian is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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