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Murder by executive action

The murder of Laken Riley is on Joe Biden and his administration for setting policies that let her murderer enter the country and stay.

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Murder by executive action

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 1st day of March in the year of our Lord 2024. I will be talking about the crises of illegal immigration or what many describe as a crisis. But the federal government doesn’t seem to see it as a crisis. In fact, the federal government maintains an immigration policy that makes murder of Americans by illegal invaders inevitable. But no one seems to care.

The murder of Laken Riley

A lot of things are happening at the border right now. Those things are likely to make it a top focus of the 2024 presidential election. I know that if I were a presidential candidate this year the border would be my main focus, followed closely by stupid, pointless foreign wars. The millions of migrants assisted into the country by Joe Biden are causing havoc for a lot of people and states. But my focus today is about how that problem affected one person.

That one person was a 22 year old nursing student in Georgia named Laken Riley. I hope her family will forgive me for using her name, but I could see no other way to tell her story. Laken was a beautiful young woman with a great future in front of her until she was brutally murdered by Joe Biden’s immigration policy. Yes, that’s right Joe, this one’s on you. So just go ahead and eat your ice cream while her family grieves.

About Laken Riley

Laken was an Augusta University nursing student, a graduate of River Ridge High School where she was a great student and star athlete. She was enrolled at the University of Georgia until she transferred to Augusta to pursue nursing. She went out for a run one day and when she didn’t come back her friend reported her missing. Accolades of her young life poured in from her relatives and those who knew her. Her younger sister described Laken as her best friend. The superintendent of schools sent condolences as did the pastor of the Riley’s church.

Neighbors who knew Laken said they just could not fathom what happened.


We were heartbroken because we have a daughter that could very well be in the same situation. Our heart goes out to the family. I just cannot even imagine; you think of the young ladies that you know there and it makes me worried. I grew up, my mom always said, you do everything in numbers, you never do anything by yourself and that is what I’ve taught my daughter.

Well yes, it’s shocking and one’s heart goes out to her family. But I do understand it and I do know what happened. She was murdered by a man invited into the country by the policies of one of the most uncaring, unfeeling people to ever occupy the White House. Law enforcement did their jobs and arrested a suspect right away. But that doesn’t bring Laken back or relieve the suffering of her family. Somehow it would be nice if Joe Biden could be required to respond in damages to that family for the incurable grief he caused. He should be able to cover it easily from his Burisma deal.

Where did this murder suspect come from?

The illegal arrested for Laken’s murder crossed the border into Texas September 8 of last year and was sent to a processing facility there. I supposed the border patrol looked at him and said he looks like one of the people Nicholas Maduro released from a Venezuelan prison so come on in and welcome. His name is Jose Antonio Ibarra and he and his wife Layling Franco and her 5-year-old son entered El Paso together but were then sent to New York City on September 15 where Jose posted happy, smiling pictures of himself on social media. He apparently enjoyed his time in New York at the expense of the people of New York. They, like their president, Joe Biden, invited it by voting themselves a sanctuary city.

He worked a few jobs like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and a local restaurant when he was arrested in August for endangering the welfare of a child, after he was caught in Queens riding a gas-powered moped with Franco’s son on the back, without any head protection or restraint for the child. In November the couple split up. Jose went to Georgia to live with his brother Diego who apparently once worked at the University of Georgia.

The murder investigation

Laken’s body was found last Thursday in a forested part of the UGA campus after she had gone for a run. Ibarra was arrested and charged last Friday with:

  • Malice and felony murder,
  • Aggravated battery,
  • Kidnapping,
  • Concealing the death of another,

and related charges. Police referred to it as a crime of opportunity. If it was a crime of opportunity then I know who gave Ibarra the “opportunity.” That man is Joe Biden.

Ibarra’s brother, Diego, was arrested for drunk driving in Georgia in September. He was arrested again this week for presenting a fake green card to police as they questioned suspects in Laken’s murder. He used a fake green card two weeks ago to get a temporary job as a dishwasher at UGA. Too bad he couldn’t have waited a couple of weeks. Because he could now go to NYC and get a $10,000 prepaid debit card with no use restrictions, courtesy of mayor Eric Adams.


In Texas they know what to do

The media has been reporting for months the story of Governor Greg Abbott’s stand against illegal immigration into the state of Texas. Since the border patrol at the orders of the Biden Administration has turned into an agency to make the illegal crossings easier, Texas felt it necessary to do something on a state level. The Texas state guard was mobilized and they strung concertina wire along the border at the most active crossing points. The border patrol started going behind them cutting the wire and helping the illegals into the country. So Texas barred the border patrol from certain areas of the border.

A lawsuit was filed by the federal government which quickly went up the ladder until the fifth circuit issued an injunction against the border patrol. There is a pretty good rule of thumb now in the federal system. If you are a Democrat, you will eventually find a Democrat judge who will give you the decision you want. In this case it was the United States Supreme Court which lifted the injunction by a 5-4 vote. That decision is what started me on this long rant. Because what it really means is there is no longer a border and without a border there is no country.

Texas independence?

It is not enough that we are at the mercy of every psychopathic criminal in every Democrat city in America because Democrat George Soros funded district attorneys will not prosecute them and Democrat judges often do not even set bail for them. Now we are subject to the criminals from every third world country which wants to empty its prisons along the Rio Grande.

What, if anything, can be done about a federal government that has lost its way? I mean is this a Fort Sumter level event going on down in Texas? My answer is that it could be but there are a few things that could be done first. This all depends on whether Biden is more committed to destroying this country than Greg Abbott is to saving it.

My advice to the governor would be to test that premise by barring the border patrol from Texas, not just from the border. Tell them you have 24 hours to leave the state with all your weapons and equipment. Whatever you are unable to take with you, whether weapons or equipment, will be confiscated and turned over to the Texas state guard. Notice I don’t refer to them as National Guard because I assume the governor would refuse attempts by the federal government to federalize them. Tell the border patrol that any of them left in Texas after 24 hours will be arrested.


Calling the bluff

Would Joe Biden call the governor’s bluff? If he did, he would find out that it is not a bluff. What is the federal government’s response to such a thing as what I am suggesting? Here is where we go into a different Castle Report for a different Friday because the topic is money. Ever since President Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 the federal government has had an unlimited supply of money i.e. debt, to buy all things and all people. They have basically bought the entire world and all its chickens. But now those chickens are coming home to roost.

Here is where the feds say we are going to cut off your money supply and without that you are done for. All those benefits like food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and a million other things are all gone. We would then see what the governor and the people of Texas are made of. Because if this is Fort Sumter then Texas would have to survive on its own. So my answer would be to tell the feds that I am:

  • Confiscating the income tax of all Texans, and
  • Using the money to provide those benefits ourselves with real money not federal debt.

Game on! Unless one wants to be reasonable

How far are you willing to push this, Joe? Because I’m prepared to go all the way with it, and if you are well, let’s get it on. The people of Texas have been fighting your stupid no win, no point wars for about 80 years now. So we should be willing to actually fight for something important like independence. None of this is necessary, however, because there are reasonable alternatives for reasonable people to pursue. The problem is that right now the federal government does not have any reasonable people to negotiate with.

There is a little bit of good news out there. Recent polls from multiple sources show that for the first time in history the American people by a sizable majority favor a border wall. An even larger majority think immigration is a very serious problem. For those who won’t even say it is a very serious problem, I wonder what Laken’s family would say to them. We have got to stop or at least slow down the influx of criminals, drugs, and terrorists. That will require the will of the people to accomplish. There are ways to stop the flow and deport those who need deporting. Before you start, I’m not talking about some poor Mexican grandmother who has cleaned hotel rooms for 20 years. No, you know exactly what kind of people I’m in favor of deporting.

A test of goodwill in light of a murder

There are other ways to avoid conflict between people of goodwill. Do people in our discussion have goodwill on both sides? I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone. But I suspect that the feds would expect to dictate terms and not bargain in good faith. Deportations would have to happen but in return the Bracero Program could be reinstated.

That program ran from 1942-1964 and it worked very well to stabilize the border. People could enter the U.S. to work without their families. They would be free to send the money home to their families. Since much of the work was seasonal, they could leave and come back whenever they wanted. Families were cared for and the U.S. welfare system was not overtaxed. Most of the welfare we have now didn’t exist then. So the benefits we have now should be restricted to American citizens only.


Is that a reasonable demand? Well yes, it seems more than reasonable to me. That would help solve the border crises if we had the resolve to build and man barriers, and it would also restore the value of citizenship.

Finally, folks, my heart goes out to Laken’s family for the unnecessary loss of this young woman. That one and many others are all on you Joe. Thanks for nothing.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.


Editor’s Notes

The above article comes from and appears by permission. Your editor has other thoughts on the Texas situation, which readers can read here.

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