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Anyone who believes Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, ignores much evidence to the contrary. Many would benefit from his death, enough to ensure it.

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Jeffrey Epstein as flavor of the month

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be using the time I have with you to talk about the Jeffrey Epstein case. It has been my decision all along to not discuss the case because it has become so talked about it is almost common knowledge. But last Sunday, the New York Times changed my mind.

A motive for Epstein to kill himself? Ha, ha

The Sunday print edition of the NYT carried an article that began on the front page and continued as a full page 18. The article entitled “Epstein Feared Misery of Jail In Final Days” was well written by three NYT writers in the fine fashion we have come to expect from the world’s greatest newspaper. The article immediately caught my eye because it was a detailed explanation of the last days and hours of Mr. Epstein’s life from the NYT point of view.

I will admit that I had an opinion about the death before I read the article and the article did nothing to change that opinion. My own view of who killed Jeffrey Epstein is I don’t know who killed him but I’m convinced of who did not kill him and that was Jeffrey Epstein. I try to follow the reasoning of Sherlock Holmes and look for the impossible. Once you identify the impossible then the truth must exist somewhere in what’s left.

When the CIA wants you dead…

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts mentioned in his recent article that the head of CIA counter intelligence once told him that when the CIA pulls off something it muddies the waters by placing different and conflicting stories in the media. The result is that people end up arguing over which story is correct so the real story is never investigated. The NYT story seems like one designed to explain and justify the official narrative of Mr. Epstein’s death.

How dare the FBI proscribe contra-official thinking?

The FBI wants to label and investigate those who believe in Conspiracy theories as domestic terrorists. One might wonder then exactly who are these potential domestic terrorists and what do they believe that has the FBI listing them potentially as terrorists. There’s no need to worry about that because the FBI was kind enough to define such a belief for us. In a letter issued by the Phoenix field office, the FBI explains that these are people who “attempt to explain events or circumstances as the result of a group of actors working in secret to benefit themselves at the expense of others and are usually at odds with official or prevailing explanations of events.”

I don’t know about you, but that explanation makes my skin crawl and it sure sounds like the Epstein case. What the FBI seems to be saying is that unless you accept the official or prevailing view of events no matter how many holes are in the story, and no matter how impossible the official explanation, you could be labeled a terrorist. Well I’m sorry but that makes me doubt the official explanation even more. There exist all those questions, about all the momentous events that shaped and defined the lives of many of us, but we are never to question the official explanation no matter how childish it is and no matter how many obvious conflicts and holes it contains.

Selling an Epstein suicide

Let’s just take a brief look at the Epstein case and the way the NYT presented Mr. Epstein’s “official” suicide. The article contains none of the themes that would conflict with suicide and simply concludes that he could not cope with life in jail especially since for the first time his vast wealth could not help him. That narrative however, does not match the actual events that happened before the article and continued to happen after the article. The decision to deny bail despite having his $50 million dollar New York mansion as collateral was under appeal. He had reportedly met with his lead attorney and in leaving the meeting said something like see you Monday. Why would a man intending to kill himself have his bail denial under appeal?

Was Epstein already immune?

The entire arrest and charge in New York stood a good possibility of being ruled illegal due to the charges and the blanket written immunity he bargained for and received in Florida around 2009. In any event, the grant of immunity would have been under appeal for perhaps years even if he lost at the district level. It doesn’t seem to me that his vast wealth was of no use to him as the Times article stated.

Another remedy for his confinement condition

The Times mentioned conditions in his cell such as austere, vermin infested, etc. That should involve a federal civil rights lawsuit, not suicide. He was facing a lawsuit in Florida in efforts to reopen the case where he was granted immunity. He usually just paid off the girls who were teenage victims and bought their lawsuits and their silence. By another strange coincidence the judge presiding over the Florida reopen case is now dead so who knows what would have happened.

Epstein makes a will?

A couple of days before his death Mr. Epstein did make a will listing assets of roughly $600 million which is apparently not accurate. The will was then filed in the Virgin Islands as his last will and testament or as a good cover story. Interestingly Mr. Epstein had no heirs to leave his money too. Having no heirs he transferred about $600 million including $56 million in cash to a 1953 trust apparently to protect it from public scrutiny.

Epstein fighting to survive

All these things add up to a man fighting to survive, not a man with suicidal depression. The final reason for my no suicide opinion was his ace in the hole. He knew who all the visitors to his island were and he knew what they did there. More importantly, he had the evidence in the form of videotaped encounters with the underage victims with the world’s richest and most powerful.   He also knew where his money came from and how he got it.

If he was CIA or Mossad, he knew the circumstances. That all adds up to bargaining power for a much lighter sentence under conditions that would have gotten him released in time to enjoy the rest of his life. His assistant, confidant, or pimp whichever you want to call her Ghrslane Maxwell is also still out there. She could be indicted and either she would testify or spend a long time in federal custody. But her father was a Mossad agent who received a state funeral in Israel. So maybe we won’t go after her.

Two possibilities for Epstein: intel asset…

That all brings us back to Paul Craig Roberts’ statement about the two possibilities we have to consider. Number one he’s not dead but is enjoying his post plastic surgery life in a CIA/Mossad safe house surrounded by a group of 12 year girls he was given as a celebration present. That’s a disgusting thought but a very real possibility based on a report that I read in Whether that report is true or not I can’t say but it is at least food for thought.

Editor’s note: a simple IntelliHub site search on the name Epstein reveals those to whom Epstein could have done the most damage. Hint: it’s not the State of Israel. – Ed.

…or murder victim

The other possibility is that he is dead by murder, not suicide. When he allegedly attempted suicide the first time he told his lawyers that he was assaulted by his cellmate, a psychopathic character accused of multiple counts of homicide and who was also a massive bodybuilder as well as an ex-police officer. In response to his supposed suicide attempt his cell mate was removed to another cell. That man, the psycho body builder, now says that he has been threatened that if he says anything about what happened there would be “a price to pay.” He is now pleading to be transferred to another jail because prison guards are threatening him and telling him to stop talking.

Epstein’s clients get off easy

Epstein’s case can now disappear from the headlines along with all the other who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes conspiracies. You know, the ones whose mere mention gets you labeled a nut job and a domestic terrorist. The people who raped children at Mr. Epstein’s invitation, can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief. Those very powerful people, the ones who make the rules and then hypocritically impose them on us but are not required to live by them can all breathe easier now. Those people are shocked and outraged when one of us breaks their rules. Yet they violate them without fear of repercussions. One of the many advantages of power is the license to avoid the rules little people are required to follow.

Epstein and his dead butler

Before we leave Mr. Epstein for good let’s spend a couple of minutes with his former butler, Mr. Alfredo Rodriguez, now conveniently dead. The interesting thing about Mr. Rodriguez is that in Mr. Epstein’s original case in Florida he was subpoenaed to deliver documentary evidence to the local Florida police as well as the FBI. He said he had the holy grail of information. This included a bound book with hundreds of victims listed with phone numbers. He thought he was speaking to a confidential informant so he asked for $50 grand for the book. The informant was actually an FBI undercover agent.

Mr. Rodriguez told the FBI that he witnessed it all including nude pool parties with underage girls and hundreds of underage girls on Mr. Epstein’s computer. The FBI said that they found his information truthful. The interesting thing is that the FBI did not seek an indictment against Mr. Epstein, only Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Epstein served 13 months of his sweetheart sentence and Mr. Rodriguez served 18 months in normal conditions.

I know nothing…

The co-conspirators are all are now using the Sgt. Schultz defense of I know nothing, I saw nothing, I heard nothing and I was never there. This is despite a lot of documentary evidence to the contrary and the sworn testimony of many victims. Who cares about the victims and what they say? After all they were just children at the time. And they are now trying to profit from the misery of others.

An elite with impunity

I had high hopes that this case could be used to pry open the dark secrets of the heinous people who live in the open but do such horrible things all without fear of sanction. This could be a good case for the American people to reassert their authority over government. But it seems that it will not be so. The FBI tells us that if we don’t accept their version of the case as true then we are no better than domestic terrorists. Not everyone seems to actually believe the official version however. 42% say they believe he was murdered. And among those who say they follow the case closely, 56% believe he was murdered.

Sometimes it seems as if the elite live in the open and commit their crimes, of the most heinous nature right in front of our eyes. They do this because they know there’s nothing we can do about it. They also know that we are so distracted by social media, making a living, sports, and family problems that we have very little left. It all just seems like another risqué soap opera or reality show that we don’t even think of as real.

Will AG Barr investigate Epstein properly?

Finally folks, we are told by Attorney General Barr that he will continue the investigation and that those who might be guilty should not rest easy. So I suppose we are expected to be happy with that. A few low level heads have rolled such as the director of prisons. We are supposed to accept their sacrifice as enough. Hopefully lots of heads will roll including all the guilty wherever located. But I’m not naïve enough to think that will really happen.

So was he murdered, did he murder himself, or is he still alive? Those are the questions that have an answer. But odds are we will never know and apparently that’s the way the power likes it. Before I go, however, I would like to leave you with a final look at who these people really are.

And the other victims?

 It galls me just as much to think of the guilty elite in their offices and boardrooms, laughing about it all, as it does to think of Jeffrey Epstein in a CIA/Mossad safe house. It is an appalling indictment of our society and our globally connected world when thousands and possibly millions of children just disappear and nothing is done about it. Some poor parents even sell their children to the slavers and rapists as three French mothers apparently did with their 12 year old daughters given to Mr. Epstein as a birthday present according to witness testimony.  Hopefully it will gall a few besides me, but I won’t hold my breath

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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