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Why Cancer is Called a Silent Killer

Silent killers can affect a body politic as well as a physical body. The American body politic has many silent killers trying to destroy it.

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Classic metaphor for silent killers - the domestic cat

Cancer has been called a silent killer because it kills its victims gradually without causing serious or alarming symptoms in the early stages. Cancer is not the only silent killer disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, even osteoporosis are also silent killers. Because their early warning signs are disguised and diffuse, subtle symptoms the patient often ignores until too late. So, doctors have instituted programs of early detection oppose silent killers.

Silent killers affect the body politic, too

What about the body politic?

Wikipedia explains:

The modern understanding of the concept means a body politic comprises all the people in a particular country considered as a single group forming what we know as a nation.

What are the silent killers of nations? What are the often ignored subtle and diffuse symptoms?

Silent killers attack the infrastructure of the body and its essential organs. So it is in politics. The U.S. Constitution is the infrastructure of the United States of America. Its central organs are the separated powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The silent killers attack them all.


Our Founding Fathers created the first government in world history with a basis on individual freedom. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, was a completely revolutionary concept of government. Because it completely rejected the binary structure of rulers and ruled. Monarchical England went to war against American independence and its founding philosophy. What happened?

The silent killers target the middle class

America prevailed, grew and prospered because Americans, from the very beginning, had incentives to work hard. They reaped what they sowed and developed a robust middle class with private property to enrich it. The middle class and private property distinguished American governance from every other society in the world. The middle class and its upward mobility made America great in the first place. Which explains why the enemies of America target the middle class.

Without a robust middle class, society collapses back into rulers and ruled. The silent killers of the American body politic are targeting the infrastructure and essential organs of the United States that support the systems of freedom and the middle class. Truth and transparency are the air and water of a free society. The enemies of America are conspiring to collapse the body politic with deceitful sins of omission and sins of commission. What you see is not what you get. This is how it works.

First of the silent killers – an elite political class

The ratification of the 22nd Amendment in 1951 established a two-term limit for presidents. Perhaps our nation’s gravest mistake has been not limiting congressional terms. Why? Because slowly but surely a class of elite career politicians has formed that continues to enrich itself at public expense. What was unimaginable to our patriotic Founding Fathers has become reality—the creation of the corrupt Washington Swamp.

Joe Biden – tool of the cancers

Joe Biden is a 47-year career Washington politician. His family financial connections to communist China make him an existential threat to American national security and American national interests. Biden, the Democrat candidate for president, is a tactical choice. Anyone watching Biden’s public appearances over the last few months can see that his mental capacity is so diminished he cannot string two sentences together without help.


The Biden family are globalists in business with communist China. They also are under protection of the globalist mainstream media. Which in turn is desperate to have Beijing Biden replace America-first President Donald Trump. The political class in America are in bed with the technocrats who control the Internet, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the print media. Follow the money – always follow the money.

The globalist corporations, already exploiting cheap Chinese labor for their manufacturing needs, now salivate over the massive Chinese market for their goods. Their avarice makes them extremely useful for communist China’s long-term plan. Which is to take over the world by exploiting the greed of American technocrats, American globalist businesses, and American political families. That brings us back to Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris employs silent killers

Why did Beijing Joe Biden choose radical leftist Kamala Harris as is his running mate? Remember, Kamala Harris dropped out of the race very early because she had no national support. Democrats know they cannot win this election on globalist greed alone. Thus they need the radical leftist support of their increasingly radical leftist base. So, what did the Democrats do?

Washington swampster extraordinaire, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, provided the answer on October 9, 2020. Western Journal Erin Coates reports: “Pelosi Announces Bill to Remove the President From Office.” Pelosi is not talking about removing President Trump. This is the Pelosi Plan to sneak radical leftist Kamala Harris into the oval office. Artful dodger Nancy Pelosi’s deceitful Bypass Plan is to get demented Joe Biden over the finish line with the help of the colluding globalist mainstream media, and then swear in radical leftist Kamala Harris as president of the United States.

Harris could NEVER win election on her own merits. She counts on Democrat voter fraud and the shameless Pelosi Bypass Plan. Both are silent killers.


The Marxist-Leninist organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) openly seeks the destruction of America. Antifa, the fascist “anti-fascist” organization also seeks the destruction of America. The 2020 Democrat platform and Kamala Harris supports them both.

Democrats: enemies of the Constitution

Radical leftist Democrat Kamala Harris and globalist Joe Biden are domestic enemies of the state. Both intend to transform America from a constitutional republic, with separations of power guaranteed by the constitution, to total centralized government. VOTER BEWARE! Lying and cheating are their only means of achieving this usurpation of power. So they count on YOU to believe the lies. The Biden/Harris, Harris/Biden ticket is an existential threat to a constitutional America! It is a silent killer.

Truth and transparency are essential in a free society. In 2016 America-first President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to drain the Washington Swamp. It made him the existential enemy of globalism and the political class who support globalism on both sides of the aisle. From the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy, and throughout his presidency, he has been the target of a vicious, secret, and illegal campaign to destroy him. In May 2019, Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham to investigate the matter.

Let us see those documents. NOW!

Recently declassified documents actually prove the criminal behavior of Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. Who committed the greatest political crime in the history of our country.

The crimes of the Obama administration, particularly crooked Hillary’s scheme that falsely accused President Trump of conspiring with the Russians; the collusion of the FBI and CIA; the collaboration of the media echo chamber knowingly repeating the false accusations; all conspiring to obstruct and remove POTUS finally came to light in these declassified documents.


On October 9, 2020, AG William Barr, hired to bring truth and transparency back to the Department of Justice, made the shocking announcement that the Durham report would not be available, and no indictments would come before the November election. The attorney general of the United States decided that the voting citizens of our country would be prejudiced by the truth and transparency of the documents. Apparently AG Barr does not consider four years of lies, false accusations, and failed coup attempts to be prejudicial.

No matter what the Durham report says, the American people deserve to read it BEFORE the election.

Unserious investigators are also silent killers

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, has been consistently skeptical of the Barr/Durham investigation. So he sounded the political early detection warning. As early as August 24, 2020 in an interview with Lou Dobb, Fitton says Durham is not doing a serious criminal investigation.

In a September 28 2020 interview with Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton warned:

Barr is not willing to prosecute anyone. Devin Nunes exposed the FISA scandal years ago – it is not new information…. The DOJ has been arguing with Judicial Watch for years to suppress the information. Stonewalling and obstructing the greatest crime in American history…. President should go on ”transparency tear” and release all related documents. FBI and DOJ are letting FOIA lapse to protect Joe Biden and go past time when anything can be done…. James Comey leaked, lied, and stole President Trump’s FBI file. AG Barr did not prosecute. McCabe lied. AG Barr did not prosecute.

President Trump got the message. On October 6, 2020 he tweeted,


I have fully authorized the total declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!

The declassified documents show Hillary Clinton authorized the Trump-Russia smear campaign.

AG Barr’s disgraceful announcement finally confirmed Fitton’s suspicions. AG Barr is the problem, not the solution. Therefore AG Barr is a silent killer.

The President needs to release the documents

In his October 9, 2020 interview with Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton also refers to Obamagate as the worst corruption scandal in American history. His advice to President Trump to declassify and release all relevant document goes even farther.

This is what he [Trump] was hired to do, to drain the swamp and the best disinfectant is sunlight here. And if the agencies — and the agencies are not going to be cooperative. They will do the minimal necessary they think that will keep the president off their backs. He can’t trust the agencies to do it. If I were him, I would send in transparency strike teams out of the White House or folks close to him that he trusts who can go in and take the documents away and release them to the American people. We can’t allow their discretionary release from the deep staters to obstruct continuously the right of the American people to know what its government has been up to, especially on the worse corruption scandal in American history.

President Donald Trump has overcome the China virus, the “invisible enemy” that attacked his physical well-being. Now, with the same strength and vigor, he must overcome the silent killers targeting the infrastructure and body politic of our constitutional United States. Tom Fitton is right, the DOJ headed by AG Barr cannot be trusted to declassify the documents. They are enemies of the state – silent killers.\

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“Wild Cat In Action On Roof Top Shot#1” by Jangra Works is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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