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Kalamity Kamala a Calamity for America

Kamala Harris would be bad enough as a part of a winning Presidential ticket. But she could also take over as Acting President, effectively or actually.

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Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)

Calamity Jane was a frontier heroine in the mid-19th century who during an uprising in 1872, saved a Captain Egan from certain death, whereupon he told her: “I name you Calamity Jane, the heroine of the plains.”

This is in stark contrast to Kalamity Kamala of 21st century America. Who would accelerate the downfall of our Democratic Republic in the unlikely event of a Biden-Kalamity win on November 3rd.

Why? Because Biden and Kalamity are promising to resurrect the failed policies of the Obama years. And furthermore, inflict even more damage on America the Beautiful.

Kalamity Kalama Harris and her positions: no moderate she!

According to author and television host Mark Levin, the media are rushing to portray California’s junior senator as a moderate. But nothing could be further from the truth.

She is the “most extremist radical politician ever to run for high office” in the U.S.A., Levin states, even:

  • “farther left than 97% of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate,” even
  • “left of avowed Marxist Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.”

The she-devil is in the details

Levin and his guest attorney Mark Pulliam provided several examples. Kalamity Kamala, they said:

  • Rejects a physical wall on the Southern border.
  • Compared ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service) to the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Believes in government-run health care for illegal aliens.
  • Wants to eliminate private health care.
  • Believes in the Green New Deal which would bankrupt our country.
  • Wants to repeal the president’s tax cuts for the middle class.
  • Wants to massively increase taxes on all Americans.

Kalama Harris v. Israel

When it comes to support for Jewish issues in America as well as support for Israel, the estimable Daniel Greenfield in his powerful article, The Democrat Party is Getting Rid of Jews, has a warning:

Obama and Harris both signed off on Iran’s nuclear program and the flow of money to terrorists.

In addition,

While Harris has been depicted as a moderate, her chief of staff, Karine Jean-Pierre, was the national spokeswoman and senior adviser for MoveOn, the radical group [with] a long history of trafficking in anti-Semitism and attacking the Jewish State.

Kalama Harris allies with The Squad

And, Greenfield reminds us, Kalamity Kamala is a full-throated supporter of the virulently anti-Semitic members of the so-called “Squad”: Congresswoman:

  • Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.),
  • Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.),
  • Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)

and all the others who avidly support both the Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement to:

  • Destroy Israel economically, and
  • Deny foreign aid to America’s staunchest ally in the Middle East.

In a chilling but all-too-credible warning, Greenfield says that

Jewish Democrats who imagine that Israel is the problem are about to learn they’re the problem.

Censorship to the rescue of Kamala Harris

Clearly, the Democrat Party poohbahs recognize the liability Kalamity Kamala poses to a November victory. And so, according to reporter Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon, an active campaign involving Democrat Party operatives like:

  • Obama handler Valerie Jarrett,
  • Regressive activists, and
  • All the predictable media whores

now declare any criticism of her off-limits.

The long list of words the media is forbidden to use include, among others: ambitious, angry, unlikable, and unqualified. Don’t report on the “heritage” of non-white candidates is another directive, and don’t publish unflattering images.

And to anyone who does these sinful things, the self-appointed guardians of the Biden-Kalamity Censorship Committee are advised to use the magic formula: Cry “racist”—and then throw in “sexist”!

(The JournOs of JournOlist thus became the first organizing practitioners of Critical Theory in America. – Ed.)

Kamala Harris – backstop to declining Joe Biden

All of us can see the pitiful cognitive decline of Mr. Biden. But didn’t the PTBs choose Kamala to cover for him? To be his pit bull, to prove to people she was capable of taking her seat in the Oval Office? Unfortunately, when and not if Biden’s rapid decline continues?

Now this committee is telling us that the entire Biden-Kalamity ticket is so vulnerable, indeed fragile, that it cannot withstand legitimate criticism, probing policy and personal questions. And what most of the country continues to cherish as a bedrock American value: Free Speech!

These are today’s Democrats — camouflage the ailing and failing and prettify the ambitious, angry, unlikeable and unqualified. Or else!

Yet, laughably, Democrats continue to entertain the conceit that they are tolerant.

A thank-you is in order

Actually, the Biden-Kalamity Censorship Committee has precedent. In 2007, a leftwing journalist named Ezra Klein formed a group called JournOlist which consisted of 400 equally leftist journalists. They existed ostensibly to discuss politics but in fact to insult, degrade, vilify, marginalize and generally try to destroy anyone who disagreed with their largely radical points of view.

The “O” stood for the man then ascending in the political world. Who two years later would find himself at the pinnacle of power in the White House. One of JournOlist’s first tasks was to savage anyone who questioned Mr. Obama’s viciously anti-American and anti-Semitic pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Their magic formula was to call anyone who said or wrote anything negative about Obama a “racist.”

JournOlist, their lessons, and their backfire

JournOlist members continued to hurl “racist” accusations at Obama’s critics for eight long years. What Americans learned from those overwhelmingly false charges was that:

  • Weak and insecure people cave when people called them names.
  • But strong and confident people see the accusations for what they are—transparent attempts to intimidate them into silence.

Multimillions of Americans, including me, have to thank the JournOlist “strategy.” Because it succeeded in bringing to America the quintessentially strong and confident leader—President Donald J. Trump. Who in less than four years has truly transformed our country into a flourishing Democratic Republic.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris = Obama on steroids

Why is that relevant today? Because President Trump recognizes that in every law, policy, philosophy, deal and strategy that Obama employed, VP Biden was right by his side, supporting every action and touting it enthusiastically on his globetrotting travels. And worse, with far-far left Kalamity Kamala now by his side, Biden’s plan to resurrect Obama’s policies would be even more extreme.

Keep that in mind when you read this brief review of what Barack Obama inflicted on our country and what President Trump fixed:

Trump fixes things, domestic…

  • Obama-Biden eviscerated our military. Then President Trump reconstituted it to become the strongest military in the world.
  • Obama-Biden had a failed economy and chronically unemployed citizens. So President Trump boosted employment to the highest levels in American history. Including Black employment, Hispanic employment, women’s employment, and youth employment.

… and foreign

  • Obama-Biden displayed visceral antagonism to our most reliable Mideast ally. Then President Trump told the entire world that America stands with Israel. He:
    • Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the American embassy there;
    • Recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights; and now
    • Forged the first deal between Israel and an Arab state in 26 years—that of the now-promising partnership between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, with more Arab states coming on board in the near future.
  • Obama-Biden’s genocidal-to-Israel deal with Iran allowed the terrorist state to develop nuclear weapons. So President Trump canceled it, although he couldn’t recoup the $150-billion in cold hard cash that Obama & Co. shipped in pallets to Iran, all while the Mullahs were promising—as they are to this very day—to wipe Israel off the map.
  • Obama-Biden continued America’s decades-long dependence on foreign oil. Then President Trump made America completely energy independent.

But, but, but…

But Kalamity Kamala is only a Vice Presidential candidate, you may say. It’s the President who formulates the policies, determines the direction of our nation, and makes the decisions. Why such a brouhaha about her?

Kamala Harris goes far-far left

It is not only because candidate Biden’s handlers have succeeded in moving the once-vital politician to the far left, but because the far-far left is where Kalamity Kamala lives.

In a lacerating profile of Kalamity Kamala, journalist Ixtu Diaz says that after reading thousands of pages about her, she is a woman “who boasts of instilling fear in her opponents, who despises individual freedom, and who rages at half the planet for being men or for not thinking like her.”

Kamala Harris would be the de facto President

“But let’s not fool ourselves,” Diaz continues.

Kamala won’t be Biden’s VP. Biden will be Kamala’s president only if she gets up in a good enough mood to give him permission. She has two big things going for her: that she is a woman and that she is black. A truly extraordinary feat that has never been accomplished by anyone before.

She certainly deserves an award, although perhaps the vice presidency of a government without a president is excessive.

Now that would be a true calamity!

Editor’s supplement: Kamala Harris moving from de facto to de jure

Kamala Harris might not even qualify to run for President or Vice-President. True enough, she was born in the United States – specifically, Oakland, California. But her parents did not become naturalized citizens of the United States before her birth. Emmerich de Vattel (The Law of Nations) defines a “natural born citizen” (no hyphen) as one born in-country, or on a military or diplomatic station, to two citizen parents. About the native ties of such a person to our land alone, no doubt can then exist. See Minor v. Happersett, 1875. Any other person would raise doubts about possible soil or blood ties to another polity. The Framers did not want a President about whom anyone could raise such a doubt.

Kamala Harris the first Amendment XXV Acting President

But let’s lay all that aside—for the moment. Look at Amendment XXV, Section 4. CNAV predicts with certainty that Kamala Harris will gather together a majority of Cabinet members. After all, Congress has never “by law provide[d]” for any other body to pass judgment on the fitness of a President to do his job. Can we not then anticipate these people “transmit[ting] to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office”? In which event Kamala Harris would become Acting President. And she could go on as Acting President even while holding the office of Vice-President. As the Constitution explicitly provides, the President pro tempore of the Senate would handle the Senate.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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