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Nothing says unity like soldiers and razor wire

Soldiers and razor wire persist in the nation’s capital after the Inauguration – to impress on the people that the Democrats are in charge.

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To the soldiers who protect us

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is the 29th day of January in the year of our Lord 2021. I will be talking about the first 9 days of the Biden administration. President Biden used his first 9 days to rule by decree with the signing of many, (last count 30) executive orders as well as other actions designed to kill Trumpism and reestablish the authority of the global establishment. I wonder whether President Biden has the presence of mind to know what he is signing.

Castle family update

Today in the Castle family, as far as I know, there is no sickness and certainly no virus. We are grateful for that as we try to take each day as it comes. When the grasshopper asked the master how can one remain peaceful when all around him is nothing but violence? The master replied that peace is not found in what is outside the man, but from what is inside the man. In the Castle family we seek peace in the ancient words of the Bible, and we internalize it as best we can.

Soldiers and razor wire remain

Speaking of soldiers and razor wire why does the national guard as well as some federal troops still occupy the nation’s capital? The only answer I can think of is all those middle American deplorables running free. Those are the people Democrats like to define as:

  • Domestic terrorists,
  • Insurrectionists,
  • Religious fanatics,
  • Racists, and of course
  • White supremacists.

The pictures of the capital as occupied territory may help bolster the image that Democrats are there to stay and the rest of us may as well get used to it. The second reason can be explained from the front page of yesterday’s Memphis newspaper. Each employee of the city and county government must be vetted to make sure he was not in Washington the 6th of January. In other words, the guard remains to help stifle any remaining dissent as the witches are located.

The genie out of the bottle

Perhaps the Democrats are having trouble stuffing the Black Lives Matter and Antifa genies back in the bottle they opened to aid Trump’s undoing. Sometimes we become what we despise. For example, the Arab Spring color revolutions that started in Tunisia and spread across the Middle East a few years ago ended up costing the Saudi government $130 billion in social services payments to quell the anger of their own citizens. When masses believe the election was stolen from them, the conclusion is that change can no longer occur by election, so their choices are limited. Why all the rage growing in the Trump voters? The left explains the burning rage building in those disenfranchised Trump voters as a desire to protect white supremacy.

The Keystone XL Pipeline: doesn’t go through tribal lands…

I want to spend some of the time I have with you today talking about the first item on the new president’s agenda and that is the Keystone pipeline. Why did he decide to cancel it, because unlike the question of soldiers in Washington, whose purpose is in doubt, the pipeline’s purpose is obvious and easily understood? Mr. Biden, excuse me, President Biden, has a long history of hating pipelines. He has 48 years of government service and he has hated pipelines that entire time. In November of 1973 as a junior senator from Delaware he voted against building the Alaska Pipeline which was the big environmental issue of that time.

Then, as the first act of after inauguration in January of 2021, he revoked a permit to build a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to the central US, the Keystone Pipeline. I have remained reasonably up to date on Keystone since it was a central issue in one of my 2016 debates. In those days the criticism of the pipeline was that it would destroy the environment of Native American tribal lands, but as I pointed out it was cleverly routed away from tribal lands so that argument did not hold water.

…and is safer than rail transport

The environment in general was the next point of objection, but it was routed with great care and was far less dangerous than the railroad cars that would otherwise transport the oil, or that is how I framed my argument. Speaking of railroad cars, by a strange coincidence Warren Buffet, who is a billionaire and a very large donor to the Biden campaign, owns much of the rolling stock upon which that oil will be forced to travel should the pipeline project be canceled.

There are currently over 200,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing the United States. They carry oil, gas, and other products that produce energy. They run everywhere and they carry the products that fuel transportation, heat and cool homes, and enable manufacturing to function. More than 70 of the pipelines currently cross the borders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Keystone was designed to carry crude from the Western Canadian provinces across Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, then linking with existing pipelines in Missouri to transport this new volume of crude to the refineries on the US Gulf Coast. Environmentally, Keystone is no more dangerous than our entire network of pipelines.

The backlash already begins among those who did vote Democratic

Diverting the oil to railroad transport will cost more and will obviously mean higher prices at the pump and across the whole supply chain. Some powerful groups are very unhappy with the decision to cancel and these groups are screaming their heads off. The Native American tribes who voted virtually 100% for Biden wrote a letter to the President explaining to him that the decision to stop drilling on federal lands and to stop the pipeline would cost thousands of Native American jobs. The letter also pointed out that tribal lands are not federal lands and his authority over them does not exist.

Ordering drilling stopped on federal lands and canceling the pipeline are different issues but they come from the same mindset. It is a mindset that wants to make America dependent on imports again. The Saudis will be happy because they know we will be forced to send our sons and daughters to fight their wars again. The fruits of the labor of American citizens can go back to Saudi Arabia once more to reduce their deficit at the expense of our own, and to free Saudi money to build palaces for their princes. Why don’t more Americans grasp the fact that government strong arms the free market constantly, always at great cost to the nation and its people, for little if any benefit except to the political establishment. They usually have some high sounding fake environmental argument to explain it all.

America last

The disregard for the interests of working Americans was one of the primary reasons for the rise of Trumpism. This gives the Democrats another chance to crush dissent and rub the losers noses in the fact that they will never rise again. Even the very woke Pierre Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, said that he was very disappointed. That statement coming from one woke leader to another, is the equivalent of a woke nervous breakdown. Thousands of good paying jobs on both sides of the border will go away, but I suppose President Biden can throw them a few scraps in the form of a little free money.

The decision to cancel seems at first glance like a totally domestic one, but it is a foreign policy decision as well. The destruction of America’s drive for energy independence certainly has far reaching foreign policy implications. Biden critiqued Trump’s America First policy during the campaign for two stated reasons. He must have realized the appeal of America First to working people. America First, he reasons, is selfish and ignores global issues such as climate change, and women’s rights that are threats to all humanity. The president is not only the leader of the United States according to now President Biden, but the whole world. Secondly, Trump did not consult with allies in his America First policy and that really upset the global establishment.

Power without check or balance

So, all hail Joe Biden, emperor of the world, and forgive his hypocrisy for a snap decision to cancel the pipeline without even a phone call to longtime ally Canada. The mighty and most virtuous emperor Biden will gladly assume his role of protector of the moral values of all humanity. It sounds a little like a combination of Bill Clinton, i.e., this is our world get used to it, and George W. Bush i.e., we are the indispensable nation and can do whatever we want.

Soldiers and razor wire even after the Inauguration

Now, I return to the title of this Report for a moment. Why all the soldiers in Washington long after the inauguration is finished? His inaugural speech was cloaked in unity, but it hit all the usual themes of racial resentment, identity politics, and blame. It spoke to me, as did the presence of the soldiers, of a coming witch hunt that will remind some of my older listeners of the McCarthy era. When Joe McCarthy said he would find the Communists in the state department, and he would root them out of Hollywood, that process was called blacklisting. When a person was blacklisted for something he said or wrote that meant that he was no longer employable. I remind you of Thursday’s headlines of the Memphis paper as an example of the witch hunt.

When someone out there in the Democrat world, fueled by social media, the mainstream media, and the internet, does the same thing McCarthy did, they call it canceling or cancel culture. But in McCarthy’s day they called it blacklisting because it’s the same thing, and a more honest term. A witch hunt is going on now, and it is getting worse by the day. And if it doesn’t presently exceed the excesses of McCarthy, it soon will. The war is being waged in the name of diversity and against domestic enemies. Since the enemy is anyone who does not share the establishment view of everything, real diversity is the last thing these phony warriors want.

Soldiers not the only way to stop dissent

It seems that what this regime wants is to crush real diversity as represented by diversity of thought. Total power, and total uniformity of thought are the ultimate goals, with dissenters defined as domestic enemies or terrorists. Those who reject establishment ideology do so at their own risk. They risk blacklisting as criminals, racists, terrorists, white supremacists, or if they are in politics, Russian agents.

Here are just a few examples of the purging of thought which is contrary to establishment positions:

  • The administration is taking action to purge the government of insufficiently loyal people.
  • My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell permanently banned by Twitter because he supported Donald Trump.
  • Super bowl quarterback Tom Brady possibly to be blacklisted because he was and is friends with Donald Trump.
  • A bill has been discussed to prohibit the publication of any book written by anyone who served in the Trump government.
  • H.R. 1 “For The People Act” would give congress control over elections as opposed to the states. That bill submitted by John Sarbanes of Baltimore takes 800 pages to amend, at least symbolically, the constitution by congressional vote. The for the people act, they tell us, will prevent all those bad domestic enemies from ever gaining power again. This blacklisting, at least officially, is simply the victors consolidating gains to make them permanent.

Fanning the flames of resentment: is that why they still need soldiers?

Perhaps half the country believes that the Democrats stole the election. So Democrats want to fan the flames of resentment and anger by resurrecting an obscure clause added to the Fourteenth Amendment post-Civil War. That clause was designed to calm northern fears that Confederate officials might run for public office and control their own governments again. To the victor go the spoils, so the Union arranged things so that they could control southern governments essentially forever. That same clause is now being used to keep Trump from ever running for office again. Soon it will be anyone who befriended him, or ever played golf with him, or said maybe he did at least one good thing. It all fans the embers of a burning rage felt by those who feel robbed and disenfranchised.

Many other unconstitutional executive orders have already been signed such as:

  • Open borders,
  • Forcing the military to accept transsexuals, and
  • Taxpayer money to fund abortions abroad.

But that is all of the atrocities we have time for today. The long and short of it is this. Tolerance, unity, and if just open our souls, are all just meaningless and empty words from an empty suit.

The death of honor in America

Finally, Folks. Government is coercion, force, brutality and lies. To give you an example, upon hearing that the cancellation of Keystone would cost thousands of good paying jobs, John Kerry said, they can get jobs making solar panels. John married Teresa Heinz, so he doesn’t have to weld steel on a pipeline or wait for his unemployment check. That crass, let them eat cake attitude is a civilization killer. Their interests reveal why they act as they do. Because to quote an old Chinese proverb, where interest lies honor dies.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Mr. Castle published this article here first. It appears on CNAV by permission.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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