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The Talk of Tyrants, Part II

The United States, a nation founded upon individual freedoms and liberties—and yes, individual responsibility—has lost its way.

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Tyrants rule by fiat. The rule of law is no barricade.

Joe Biden during the 2020 election cycle once warned Americans about his future intentions as a president, “it is not about your rights, it is about your responsibilities.” This is how a tyrant talks. As it turns out, he also walks the tyrant walk. The United States, a nation founded upon individual freedoms and liberties—and yes, individual responsibility—has lost its way if this is what we believe should be the purpose of government.

Unique at its founding for setting its roots in believing that all men were created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Our government’s entire framework rests upon the principle of protecting minority rights against the benevolent tyranny of the majority. We must not forget this. The consequences could be catastrophic.

For some time, unfortunately, the United States has been hemorrhaging. Progressivism has set us on a path towards total segregation between classes of arbitrary traits. The government promotes this to the people based upon fear, disdain, and ignorance, for the other. A lot of the segregation, until now, has been voluntary. Such is a perfect recipe for tyranny.

Reported today, the Biden Administration announced it is considering implementing—via mandate, or Executive Order—proof of vaccination for interstate travel. Does Biden not remember he is in the White House now? It is the Executive’s duty to enforce laws, not create them.

Citizens of nations all around the world and throughout history have always suffered under the thumbs of tyrants. Tyranny is defined as the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. What are we to call it when Biden admits what he is doing is illegal, it’s cruel, and does it anyway?


Tyrants have no respect for the law. Or the people. And Biden has been a prime example.

Biden has actual knowledge that any law interfering with noneconomic intrastate activity is illegal and unconstitutional. Such mental intent is required to convict criminals in court.

In 2000, the Supreme Court shot down Biden’s prized possession, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The majority opinion held it was an illegal use of Congress’s interstate power over commerce. Because to regulate “inherently intrastate noneconomic activity,” oddly enough, has nothing to do with the trade of goods and services across state lines. As inhumane as it is, violence against women is not an economic nor an interstate activity.

Even in the event Democrats in Congress pass legislation to impose impediments to interstate travel for some, constitutional jurisprudence renders that unconstitutional eight ways from Sunday.

The Supreme Court in Kent v. Dulles (1958) stated, “the right to travel, to go from place to place freely, is a part of the privileges and immunities to which the citizen cannot be deprived of without the due process of law.” (emphasis mine.) That means, for a citizen to lose their right to travel, they would have to be convicted of a crime in court.


No legislation. No executive order. But a crime and conviction.

Vaccinations are inherently intrastate noneconomic activity. There is no other way around it. People do not get the vaccination in a van on the way to a camp. At least not yet. They get it sitting down, in a chair, in their state.

The backwards logic to use the commerce clause to mandate proof of vaccination for interstate travel is sinister. It cannot logically be for targeting the public and regulating the vaccine.

Proof of vaccination targets the individual and regulating people. Without the person moving interstate, for whatever their reason, commerce or not, the vaccine wouldn’t go anywhere. To believe the process of getting vaccinated is a commerce-based interstate activity is to akin to believing that guns kill people. People kill people. (If you think the former way, email me. I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.)  

On top of that, the constitutional duty of the federal government under the Guarantee Clause is to guarantee a “Republican Form of Government” and to protect every State “against Invasion” or “domestic Violence.”


Republics, such as ours, are made up of individual, free, and sovereign governments, or states. For the federal government to commandeer sovereign state borders would be the last nail in the coffin for federalism. No sovereign government can exist without control over its borders. Federalizing state borders federalize the nation under one government.

The only people who have earned denigration, demonization, and isolation from society and their inherent rights are those who are convicted of inhumane crimes. A healthy society does not celebrate murderers, rapists, or child molesters, and their ilk.

Most importantly, one is not victimized because the other is unvaccinated.

Being unvaccinated for a certain vaccine is not inhumane nor a crime, forcing one is. Such a rational decision by an individual who has come to their own conclusions, based upon their actual knowledge of their own situation, tolerance for risk, and their own critical thinking, is not illegal. This is everyone’s right.

Only tyrants punish those who have not committed crimes. Communist governments believe they know better for your own life than you do. So do tyrants.

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