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How to Engineer the End of Pax Americana



Empty Shelves in a California supermarket, showing food shortages hitting wealthy areas.
Empty shelves in my local supermarket. These are not the only ones, either.

The Democratic Party claims it’s “Building Back Better;” but the results of its policies show otherwise.

You may have heard; the world is on fire. Every day, Americans are affected by government incompetence. Democrats blame Republicans…since, of course, Republicans are the party in power. (Sarcasm.) A choir of government officials continues to claim to high heaven that inflation is transitory, as in short-lived. However, it seems transitory is not a measurement of time and instead is a shift into permanently higher prices. Maybe printing trillions of dollars out of thin air is not such a wise idea? Wall Street sure is happy. Unlike Main Street.

But wait, there’s more.

We have a border crisis of historical proportions, growing larger each day. Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco has emboldened and empowered America’s foreign adversaries. Europe is becoming bed buddies with Russia and China. And more reliant. China started flying warplanes over Taiwan’s airspace this past weekend. China has been increasing the amount every day. Fuel prices are astronomical. If one even has market access.

Last, but certainly not least, is that, under the guise of public safety, the United States government and many Democratic state governments have been engineering an endemic economic catastrophe.

Shortages? What Shortages?

There are many reports regarding shortages across America’s economy. Food is quite an important one. The photo used for this article is not from Venezuela. It is from my hometown, an affluent area of Southern California. For over a year, I have been expecting this. First, prices skyrocketed. Because Long Beach Harbor has been facing a labor shortage. Now, food shortages.

In my two decades living here, I have never witnessed one freighter waiting in the harbor. When I drive over into Newport Beach, they are anchored as far as the eye can see. The near two-year strain governments have imposed upon the global supply chain has industry unions predicting a “system collapse.” What else could we expect?

The global supply chain will not collapse. That is political hyperbole. Things will just “transition” into being a lot more expensive and a lot less abundant. Still, that is not good news. The media and politicians place blame upon the unvaccinated. But with so many people vaccinated, what gives? In reality, it is the government’s own fault. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see.

When Money Talks, People Listen.

A popular adage tells people to follow the money. In this case, every big industry that funds a large portion of politicians, whether foreign or domestic, is getting its fair share of crony capitalism. Big Pharma, a large political donor, is getting its product forced on Americans and the world, for “free.” The rest of us are going to get stuck with our “fair share” of what constitutes “free.” During Bush and Obama’s presidencies, Wall Street got the direct bailout. Now, more get some of that sweet tax-payer financed growth. Not a strong sign for our economy.

Such rapid deviations from the Trump Presidency, regarding all things important to the prosperity of a nation, boils down to a few plausible conclusions:

(1) incompetence;

(2) intention; or

(3) both.

Alex, we will take “both,” for $2,000.

What makes the current situations facing America categorically catastrophic? There are multiple factors. But common themes run through all that is stacked against the United States. These themes involve ignoring the Constitution, believing rights come from the government, and propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

It should be noted that the intention to implement policies that benefit only special interests, over the interests of an entire nation, takes incompetence to believe it is a viable governing strategy. Because we see the consequences all around us. It’s what makes the world seem it is on fire. As Billy Joel once sang, We Didn’t Start the Fire. Politicians did.

The current political winds are winding towards ways that threaten an end to the Pax Americana. Therefore, it is shocking to think any politician would pass policy proposals leading to the American republic’s demise. And why anyone would vote for it. If we follow the money, though, it might make it all make sense.

All of it, too, is entirely avoidable. It may be that those engineering these epic crises have some sort of vested interest in such outcomes. Proof? You might ask. What would you call the last nine months, when compared to the last administration’s four years? Trump made it look easy to make America great again. Clearly, all it takes is putting Americans first.

Biden (Attempts) to Make the Soviet Union Great Again

On top of all the aforementioned government-caused conflicts and catastrophes, Biden has nominated an actual communist to be the Comptroller of the Currency. This individual wants the Federal Reserve to take control of all the credit in the United States. That is, to wipe out the private banking system and nationalize the industry.

What could ever possibly go wrong with even more government control over the private economy?

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