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Executive Order 83 – unjustified, irresponsible, and dangerous



Gov. Bill Leee (R-Tenn.), author of Executive Order 83

The following is an open letter to Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, a propos of his Executive Order 83.

Dear Governor Lee,

Executive Order 83 compromises medical qualification standards and sets policy on false data

Your recent signing of Executive Order 83 has upset Tennesseans and is a bellwether of concern for all Americans. EO 83 calls for major compromises to the health, safety, and quality of life we have enjoyed over the years all in response to the manufactured fear of the new Delta variant.

If there is one thing we have learned from COVID-19 it is the fallacy of setting policy based on PCR results. Today we know a positive RT-PCR test is no evidence of an actual “case” of COVID and yet is precisely where backward thinking has us headed again.1 2 How many tens of thousands of deaths from obesity complicated by diabetes, or pneumonia were re-branded as COVID when they never had any indication of the active virus?3

Gov.Lee, if spread of variants is your administration’s concern, repeated studies show the vaccine itself is one of the key contributors to the advance of the Delta variant. Yet you fail to do the research or the work needed to truly protect the people of your own State.4,5

Every vaccine your office promotes remains in trials and to date, not a single trial result has been published anywhere. Their only information is that which the drug companies gave regulators to get their coveted, liability-free emergency use authorization. Tennesseans deserve better than this.

Vaccines have failed, anyway

Internal analysis show mass vaccinations have been a failure for the people of Israel,6 Gibraltar, the UK, and globally.7 Denmark has eliminated all mandated vaccinations because research uncovered that the fully vaccinated become infected and have the same viral load as the unvaccinated eliminating any justification for “compulsory vaccinations.”8

Moreover studies show the vaccines provide no benefit over our own natural immunity.9

A review of over 900,000 hospitalized patients reveals the CDC’s altered guidelines for death certificate completion resulted in inflating the number of COVID attributed deaths 16.7X.10

Gov. Lee, no one has the slightest idea how many people have actually been hospitalized and died from COVID-19. We only know the data has been unconscionably inflated.

Yet, your retro policies act on outdated information and continue to risk the lives and human rights of all Tennesseans. There is no pandemic of COVID-19 illness. There is a pandemic of misattributed hospitalizations and deaths resulting from over-cycled PCR tests and incessant CDC and media fed fear. People are dying from their co-morbidities, without the assistance of COVID-19.

Executive Order 83 continues the panic by eerily following the CDC’s fear-based Shielding Approach.11

An emergency that does not exist

Why would we trust that your “alternate care sites” will not devolve into CDC sanctioned Green Zones; that National Guard performed COVID-19 testing will do any more than add to the panic of fake PCR ‘cases’; or that under-qualified healthcare and psychosocial providers will make the coming anxiety, helplessness, grief, and substance abuse your policies create even worse.

Governor, floods of daily misinformation are coming from the CDC, FDA, and Dr. Fauci. There is no catastrophic Delta variant emergency that could not be ebbed by eliminating mass vaccinations and the misuse of PCR tests.

The good new is that despite the daily breathless outpouring of fatalistic “case” counts, Delta is a mild virus.12

In the UK hospitalizations and deaths are already dropping off.13 In South Africa, the US, and globally deaths continue to decline in the face of the Delta variant.14,15,16

Repeated research and reports from qualified virologists, micro-biologists, front line doctors, and esteemed researchers show the keys to end the viral outbreak, are early treatment and bolstering natural immunity. Proven vaccines may have benefit in older and higher-risk patients.

Randomized Control Trials and peer-reviews studies consistently show Ivermectin is effective in treating COVID and can be administered inexpensively and safely on a global basis.17,18,19

Rescind Executive Order 83

We are asking you to rescind Executive Order 83, and:

  • Convene panels with experts who include those who reject the global narrative,
  • Stop the calls for mass vaccinations,
  • Order that any PCR tests must have certify a value of <28 CT, and
  • Provide access to alternate treatments such as Ivermectin, doxycycline, and zinc, etc. that doctors worldwide successfully use every day.

Governor Lee, given what we now know, the course Tennessee is following is unjustified, dangerous, and irresponsible. Together we can change this. We can end the debilitating pandemic cycle and lead our great state back to normal.

I look forward to discussing this with you at any time to assist in protecting the citizens of our historic Volunteer State.


John M. Anthony

“There is no hope in justice. Justice is malleable and subject to political whims. There is no hope in equality, because equality is the bludgeon wielded by rulers. Real hope lies in knowing the truth.”

Action Sheet

Download the fact sheet, feel free to make as many copies as you want and share with friends.














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