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Time to end the vaccine madness



Sign for refusing a vaccine, or for protests against vaccines, lockdowns, etc.

Dear Governor Lee,

A few days ago, I wrote you an open letter asking to meet to discuss ways to help our state combat the media falsehoods and construct polices that will truly help Tennesseans lives return to normal.

Since then, the walls of medical disinformation continue to grow, and we need real help. This means recognizing the falsehoods and providing access to treatment that will help people avoid illness and hospitals.

EO 83 relies on false official claims

Executive Order 83 is a bloated bureaucratic network of broken rules and protocol flexibility that compromises our quality of care and plays into every one of the left’s frantic and politicized COVID claims.

Claims that are patently false.

On July 16 CDC Director Walensky told us 97% of COVID related hospitalizations were from the unvaccinated. Fauci and the media repeated it ad nauseum. It was a bald-faced lie. By August 5th the Director was forced to reverse her statement as provable nonsense.

So those data were data that were from analyses in several states from January through June and didn’t reflect the data that we have now from the Delta variant.

Even in the midst of walking back one lie, she offered more.

I do want to reiterate, though, that based on the data we’re seeing — and we don’t have fully updated numbers — universally, as we look at our hospitalizations and as we look at our deaths, they are overwhelmingly unvaccinated people.

In other words, the CDC Director is drawing “universal” observations based on data she hasn’t seen and without any proof they are dying from COVID! But…stay afraid is the implication.

Governor, this is why we need your help and EO 83 will not solve the bigger problem.

Vaccine wins approval – on a scientifically unsound premise…

Pfizer’s vaccine was just granted full approval. Are you aware that Pfizer refused to release data proving their vaccine is just .7% effective at reducing the spread of the virus; not the 95% often implied? There are two ways to calculate risk reduction and Pfizer, in violation of the FDA’s own guidelines, chose only to report the one that made their product look best.

Even the FDA admits, the Relative Risk data like that “95%” figure Pfizer presents, misleads the public into believing the vaccine is more effective than it is.

According to FDA,

Patients are unduly influenced when risk information is presented using a relative risk approach; this can result in suboptimal decisions. Thus, an absolute risk format should be used.

That Absolute Risk figure of .7% means you would have to vaccinate 142 people before you prevented an infection in one! See here and here.

The pandemic deceit is endless, Governor.

On Monday, August 23 when the FDA gave lightning approval to Pfizer’s vaccine, acting commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock, said,

the public can be very confident that this vaccine meets the high standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality the FDA requires of an approved product.

… and without public review, in violation of every rule in the book

Actually, we will never know what the public thinks because the FDA again defied their own regulations by allowing full vaccine authorization without any public review. (See also here.)

Knowing what we know now, Pfizer’s appalling Absolute Risk Reduction and more than 13,000 vaccine related deaths recorded in a voluntary system that tracks fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events, Pfizer’s vaccine should be off the market. I am sure no one at the FDA wanted to hear that public feedback.

The Delta variant is a vaccine mutant

Your actions are in response to the spread of COVID and the Delta variant. I understand that. But have you truly researched why it is spreading so we can stop it?

The evidence that vaccines spread the Delta variant is irrefutable. The UK’s August 6th “Variant Technical Briefing” said:

The Technical Briefing also includes some initial findings which indicate that levels of virus in those who become infected with Delta but have already been vaccinated may be similar to levels found in unvaccinated people.

And just because Dr. Fauci claimed the Delta virus is dangerous, does not mean it is.

In the UK where the variant is responsible for over 90% of hospitalizations, data shows it is proving no more deadly than the flu.

If hospitals in our state are overflowing with COVID patients it is not because the Delta variant is overly dangerous. It is because patients are being denied the early alternate treatments that can save their lives.

We have treatments that work

Treatments including Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have proven again and again they save lives. See here, here, here, and here.

Yet we see scare tactics like this ABC statement:

It’s not clear why people would choose a medication [Ivermectin] that has not been proven to work and is not authorized by the independent regulators at the FDA, but some people have learned about the medication on social media.

and this moronic FDA Tweet referencing Ivermectin use in animals:

You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.

Such statements are scaring away doctors and patients from safe and effective treatments that can save lives.

If you are not aware, the effectiveness of Ivermectin has been unequivocally proven and not from social media.

By all indications we need to slow the flow of the unproven vaccinations and provide easier access to successful therapeutics that we know save lives. In spite of promises, it is clear vaccines are not even close to stopping the spread of the virus. (From Israel, and Spain.)

Natural acquired immunity protects more broadly and lasts longer than any vaccine

Natural immunity is providing broader protection and is longer lasting than the vaccines. (See here and here.)

Did you realize that because of natural immunity COVID-19 cases were dying out long before widespread vaccine use?

COVID-19 cases peaked in the US on January 8, 2021. The vaccine was approved for EUA1 in December 2020. By February 21, 2021, just 5.9% of the population, not enough to make a substantial impact, had been fully vaccinated, but the cases had already declined by 82% . The vaccine may have helped, but natural immunity appears to have been the primary driver of the declines.

Haven’t we seen enough panicky, self-righteous responses from Governors Cuomo, Murphy, and Whitmer? Please don’t follow in their footsteps.

We want to trust you Governor, but how can we trust you to govern when we cannot trust you to find the truth?

Tennesseans voted you into office to be the one person who would cut through the political disinformation and protect our welfare. Instead, you have let us down by buying into a stream of fake one-liners and power-serving fear.

If EO 83 was simply a case of over preparedness, that would be understandable. But your move is dangerous to the physical and mental health of our elderly and young.

Your flexible facilities create a pathway for the deadly nursing home herding that consigned thousands of elderly to their deaths.

Official over-reaction does more harm than good

Our citizens have no assurances that hastily created ‘facilities’ will not become lockdown quarters for those you deem physically or mentally ill or who disobey changing mandates based on the whim of a corrupt federal bureaucracy.

And finally, our children are frightened of COVID not because they are at high risk, but because of the constant fear reporting that keeps them anxious. Over 70% of suicides come from people with anxiety disorder. And Governor, you are feeding that anxiety with exaggerated responses to a misrepresented danger.

We are asking you to rescind EO 83, and:

  • Convene panels with experts who include those who reject the global narrative,
  • Stop the calls for mass vaccinations,
  • Order that any PCR tests must have certify a value of <28 CT, and:
  • Provide access to alternate treatments such as Ivermectin, doxycycline, and zinc, etc. that doctors worldwide successfully use every day.

Governor, Israel is having a massive increase in hospitalizations. This is happening because vaccines are not the answer. And more hospitals, drivers, the National Guard, and EMT providers are not the answers. The answer is to stop the virus and we have the ability to move closer to that.

I urge you to reach out so that we can discuss ways to solve the terrifying prospects Tennesseans face every day. Together we can put everyone’s mind at ease and truly solve the problems.

Very truly yours,

John M. Anthony, Founder

Sustainable Freedom Lab

Editor’s Note

1 Emergency Use Authorization

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John Anthony, Founder of Sustainable Freedom Lab, LLC, is a nationally acclaimed speaker, researcher and writer. He is a leading expert on globalist impacts on local affairs and the effects of federal agency regulations on local rule and property rights. Mr. Anthony’s Property Value Defense Network informs public officials and attorneys nationwide of the dangers of regulatory laws. His workshop, Shattering America’s Trance, teaches conservatives effective techniques for cross-political communications and is now available as an online course.

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