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Kamala Harris and Amendment XXV redux



Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.)

The current debacle in Afghanistan underscores as has nothing else the inability of “President” Joe Biden to do his job. Everyone in official Washington who cares to know, knows this. So what happens now? Does Vice-President Kamala Harris start moving to become Acting President? Maybe she has already started. And maybe Biden and his staff and family need fear more than just a signature drive. Maybe they need fear something more immediate – and worse.

Joe Biden weaker than ever

CNAV discussed signs of Joe Biden’s inherent physical and cognitive weakness two weeks ago. Now he shows serious signs of political weakness. Kabul, Afghanistan, has fallen as hard as did Saigon in 1975. This after Joe Biden said it never would! And now the Taliban goes door to door, summarily executing Christians and, presumably, other enemies of faith and (new) state.

That might include Americans who didn’t get out of Kabul when they had the chance. And now we learn that Joe Biden’s State Department terminated a Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau. Then-President Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo put this Bureau in place precisely to get Americans out of such scrapes. From The National Pulse comes documentary evidence that Biden’s SecState, Anthony Blinken, signed an order to stop the program.

This could go to the utter contempt that State Department careerists routinely pour upon American expatriates and even American tourists. Or it could go to the contempt Democrats pour on Americans generally and America as a concept. Regardless: where and from whom did The National Pulse get this information? Someone had to leak it out. And maybe that someone wanted to make Biden look bad, so that Kamala Harris would look good, at least relatively.

Even the FBI is bailing on Team Biden

This evidence of bailing extends even to the FBI. Reuters, on 20 August, had this report that contradicts, contravenes, and controverts the narrative that the alleged “storming” of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a coordinated event and an attempt at insurrection. The headline says it all: “FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated – sources.” Those sources tell Reuters that “senior Justice Department officials” had wanted to charge someone, or several someones, with “seditious conspiracy.” No more.

Let this sink in. Biden appointed Merrick Garland – an even more partisan and less qualified Attorney General than was Eric Holder. From the start of his tenure he was ready to “get” Trump supporters. CNAV has witnesses to Capitol Police officers freely admitting Antifa and BLM self-identifiers through the East Portico while brutally opposing Trump supporters at the West Portico. Other witnesses tell of people walking away from the Capitol after realizing that no one had any grand plan. Despite all this, everyone had reason to fear the treason trials. And – as a matter of incontrovertible fact – several Biden supporters, on several social-media forums, almost salivatingly expressed their anticipation of such trials. They wanted to see every Trump supporter in the country in prison, or summarily executed.

Only the FBI could even begin to make treason trials happen. And now, suddenly, they have lost their appetite? Why? This could be the FBI’s own false-flag pseudo-operation, and suddenly they bail on it?!?

Could it be…

Could it be that the FBI suddenly realized that their rank-and-file Special Agents wouldn’t stand for it? CNAV has no sources in any FBI probationary-agent class. So we cannot know the kind of person who signs up to train for the FBI today. We know only that the character of the leadership of the FBI reflects the influence of the Deep State. And that now the Deep State has retreated from one of the most breathtakingly anti-liberty operations they ever conceived. Even the Nixon administration’s COINTELPRO doesn’t hold a candle to this. And yet they bailed.

CNAV can sum up the most likely reason in one word, one proper name: A-f-g-h-a-n-i-s-t-a-n.

Afghanistan has put the country one step below an uproar. Let the FBI drop one hint of accusing political opposition of treason, and it might indeed see a coordinated attack. But it wouldn’t be against the Capitol. It would be against their own headquarters and branch offices. Now the FBI leaders aren’t cowards. Instead, they are cold, calculating disciples of Niccolò Macchiavelli. Someone, even someone with whom Barack Obama salted the FBI in his day, might have decided: Joe Biden is not worth it.

And maybe he isn’t. He left for Camp David, came back long enough to deliver a weak statement and stalk off, and wants to extend his vacation. Kamala Harris no longer wants to appear by his side. And no one wants to defend the Afghanistan result today. Because they can’t, and they know it.

Kamala Harris gathering signatures?

J. D. Rucker at NOQReport has the one report that Kamala Harris is doing anything but retreating from the camera. Four days ago he shared an anonymous tip that Kamala Harris is gathering Cabinet signatures on a Vice-Presidential Written Declaration of Presidential Inability to Discharge the Powers and Duties of his Office.

Stay tuned. Team Kamala is quietly visiting Cabinet members in person to test the appetite for 25A in light of Taliban. [Chief of Staff Ron] Klain and other Biden loyalists left out but surprised others seem ready and willing. It could happen next week.

This, Rucker says, from the same source who told him in advance that Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg would quit. As they did shortly before Super Tuesday 2020.

Rucker shared other circumstantial evidence suggesting that someone very much wants to discredit Biden and make Kamala Harris look like a good choice as Acting President at least. The National Pulse report about Biden’s State Department ditching the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau was the booby-prize example. We also heard of Biden criticizing the Governors of Texas and Florida for opposing mask mandates in public schools.

In fact that same Justice Department is threatening civil-rights lawsuits against Texas and Florida if they move forward with sanctions against local school boards who mandate vaccines, masks, or both. But as Townhall points out, surely the country has worse things to worry about than mask mandates!

Kamala Harris discussing it earlier

In parallel with this, Kamala Harris seems to have become a very busy (queen) bee. We see her discussing Amendment XXV and clearly “not joking.”

The same source who found that tweet also confirmed the rumor that Kamala Harris shied away from the camera. “They will not pin this [censored] on me!” witnesses describe her as screaming at someone.

Aside from that rant (if it happened,) she’s not saying much. And that says it all.

Not only that, she stayed in the “green room” to watch Biden’s most recent speech.

(For reference: a green room is a waiting area for performers, interview subjects, and/or their guests to rest before a show or between shows. Every theater or TV studio has at least one.)

One other report says that when she did watch, or attend, a Joe Biden speech, she pulled a face at his remarks. As if to say, “That’s a lie, and you know it! Do you really expect to get away with it, much less put it over?”

What obstacles would she face?

CNAV has already discussed the most formidable obstacle Kamala Harris would face. This goes beyond everyone knowing that she’s a power-hungry tyrant. We cannot predict how Congress would react if and when Joe Biden controverts the Vice-Presidential declaration. She likely does not even have enough friends among the Senate and House Democratic Conferences. And friends she would need aplenty. Not even the full memberships of those conferences would suffice. She needs two-thirds of the full membership of both chambers of Congress to continue as Acting President. So quite apart from what her fellow Democrats would do, what would the Republicans do?

Well, we do hear from Senator Rick Scott (R-S.C.) that he thinks Joe Biden can’t do his job.

But he doesn’t necessarily speak for every Republican, nor for Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), his Floor Leader. In fact, for Senator Scott even to mention it, doesn’t say much for his common sense. In view of John McManus’ description of Kamala Harris, the Senator had better be careful what he wishes for.

Maybe other Republican Senators will think the same. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. And better a senile dotard than a power-hungry tyrant.

The tiebreaker problem

Joe Cunningham at RedState suggests Kamala Harris presents another problem. Today she is the tiebreaker in the Senate – for all questions not needing a two-thirds super-vote. What happens when she becomes acting President? Immediately she loses her Presidency of the Senate. That goes to the President pro tempore, who is just another Senator. Now the Senate is 50-50 always, never 51-50.

This state of affairs persists until Acting President Harris nominates another Vice-President. But can she? Does she really vacate the office of Vice-President? Except for no longer presiding over the Senate (and under the Constitution, that’s what Presidents pro tempore exist for: to lead the Senate whenever the Vice President acts as President), maybe not. Therefore we would see no question of her nominating a Vice-President.

That aside, Matt Margolis at PJ Media suggests Biden could end Harris’ Amendment XXV plans by a simple measure. He would have to announce, either after the upcoming Midterms or a month or two ahead of them, that he will not seek re-election as President. This would “open the seat” and expose Kamala Harris to primary challengers. But Margolis curiously did not suggest that Biden announce such a thing now – today – this instant. If he does not, and if J. D. Rucker’s source is true, then it might already be too late.

But suppose Kamala Harris does this instead?

Again, Kamala Harris might find Amendmnt XXV not only insurmountable but not worth it. Congress will stand in her way. Even if it does not, she gets to act as President, all right—but maybe not to nominate a Vice-President. The Senate continues under its President pro tempore, who can break no ties.


In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death or resignation, the Vice-President shall become President.

And as a result, Harris would have the privilege of nominating a Vice-President.

So we have to ask ourselves whether Kamala Harris will bother with signature gathering – or whether that’s for window-dressing. Therefore the real threat against Joe Biden now is not a drama about his inability to act. It could instead be his assassination.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Dev Dev

Amendment 12 comes into play as well. Note the last sentence of Amendment 12. While Mr Biden is a natural born Citizen of the US, Mrs Harris is, from all the information I know, is not even a citizen of the US. At best she may be a naturalized citizen. Remember, to be a natural born Citizen of a country one must be born in the country of parents, a mother and father, who are citizens of the country.
Mrs Harris’ parents were in the US on student visa and Amendment 14 did not give her US Citizenship. Today Amendment 14 only gives US citizenship to children born a US citizen or an immigrant (a foreign natural who receives permission to enter and live in the US and swears an oath of fealty to the US). Consider most American Indians were not US citizens until a law was passed in 1924 giving all American Indians US citizenship.
For more information see what the writers of Amendment 14 stated, the 1875 Elk Supreme Court case, and the 1898 Ark Supreme Court case. Be aware that the Ark case conflates citizenship and subject. While similar they are different.
Even without the vote fraud Mrs Harris invalidates the Biden/Harris selection by the Electoral College. We are dealing with treason, sedition, and High Crimes.

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