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A terrible week



A terrible day to follow a terrible week

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 27th day of August 2021. So today I will be talking about the last week we just lived through. It was a terrible week for the Biden administration, but even more terrible for America. 13 dead Marines in Kabul at last count along with hundreds of civilians. That number is exactly 13 more than during the entire last year of the Trump administration. It was all unnecessary. So buyer’s remorse, anyone?

The Castle Family is doing pretty well this week considering the week we just went through. Nobody is sick as far as we know and the family daughter is out in LA avoiding the smoke as best she can, but I just hope and pray she is able to avoid the woke.

A terrible week indeed

Yes, it has been a terrible week for Joe Biden and for America. 13 dead Marines all good men willing to risk their lives when called upon to do so. But unfortunately, they were led by cowardly imbeciles. I’m not talking about their superior officers. I’m referring to the leaders, so called, who sit in the White House and on the Joint Chiefs. Those leaders are a lot more concerned about teaching critical race theory at the academies and making sure transsexuals are in uniform than in preparing an army to fight and win wars.

Kabul is not the only thing that makes this week a terrible Biden week. 22 dead in Middle Tennessee flooding and not a word except that climate change caused it. Millions of illegal migrants flooding across the southern border. Inflation about to reach out of control status. The oil industry broken, perhaps permanently so we have to again go begging to the Saudis. The administration apparently passing a kill list of names to our enemies and finally a President who appears to be in China’s pocket. If that were all it would be plenty, but the really bad news is that he is so demented and/or imbecilic he doesn’t care.

A fixed deadline

Despite pressure from allies who followed the United States into this debacle, Biden will not extend the August 31st deadline because the Taliban won’t allow it and they hold all the cards. U.S. planes both military and commercial fly into and out of Kabul at the Taliban’s pleasure. The Taliban have a great many man portable surface to air missiles including the devastating stingers captured from U.S. forces. In addition, Russia has been giving them the SA-7 anti-aircraft systems for years. How many missiles do they have—thousands reportedly.

So August 31st, just four days from now, will not be enough time especially since the Taliban will not allow unimpeded passage to the Kabul airport. How did things go so wrong so quickly? The answer lies in Biden’s stubborn and idiotic refusal to tolerate anything with Trumps name on it. Trump’s plan called for the orderly evacuation of Americans and Afghans who helped American forces over a period of about 90 days. That would be followed by the removal of much of the most dangerous American military equipment and only then would American troops gradually leave. The Taliban agreed to cooperate because it was the only way to get Americans out and get themselves in control of the country.

The military cannot suffer bad leadership well

Biden reversed Trump’s plan and first extended the deadline to August 31st. Then he abandoned the Bagram Air Base, the largest in the country, which left the remaining U.S. forces and the Afghan military without air support. U.S. troops were gone overnight, and the country was left in the hands of the Afghan army which then turned over its weapons and joined the Taliban. What happened after that has been played out in the media for the last couple of weeks. It seems very likely then, that thousands of U.S. citizens will be abandoned there.

As a former military officer, I can tell you that the military can survive its incompetents, its idiots, its fools. But it has a very hard time with leadership which doesn’t even respect it and its mission. When top civilian leadership disrespects the sacrifice of the military service and its history, that damages morale or what should be called esprit de corps. Why would you expect people to willingly risk their lives for people who don’t love and believe in the country they are fighting to preserve.

A terrible week made more terrible: forced vaccines for the military

But now it gets even worse for our soldiers. According to The New York Post, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday ordered all military members to begin receiving the coronavirus vaccine following the FDA giving full approval to Pfizer’s shot. Austin told commanders to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation” as the COVID vaccine is added to the list of inoculations that U.S. troops receive as part of their service. So they will be forced against their will to accept poison injected into their bodies. With friendly leaders like that, who needs enemies.

There are more than 1.3 million troops on active duty and about 800,000 in the Guard and reserve. Apparently about a million of them have already been vaccinated. The rapid approval by the FDA of the Pfizer vaccine made possible this mandatory order. It was not legally possible to order troops to take an experimental and unapproved drug and so the vaccine had to immediately be approved to make it possible. The action also triggered Pfizer’s total legal immunity shield. It is amazing what can be achieved in only two weeks when one really puts his back into it.

Once, this was no big deal

The order was given by Lloyd Austin, currently the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Austin is a retired general and former head of U.S. Central Command, but right now he is a civilian bureaucrat so where is his authority to issue orders? Maybe its just a formality and I am being picky, but when the military wants to be a slave to protocol it seems to find a way.

During my military service no one made a big deal out of vaccines. When I was headed overseas, I just walked down a row of four corpsmen on each side of me and they each jabbed needles in my arms. When I was sent into a malaria infested location, I took a vaccine for that, we all did. We had no choice in the matter, we were just expected to follow orders and we believed the orders were for our own good and to keep us as healthy as possible.

Today it’s different – because the preparations are experimental

In this case, however, I don’t believe that is the truth. I don’t believe that is why the mandatory order was given at this time. What happens if members of the military refuse to accept the vaccine. They will lose their pensions, tuition assistance, and access to the G.I. bill, along with other military benefits according to internal emails revealed by various media. According to commanding officers at the Marine Barracks in Washington D.C., the penalties would be in line with other acts of insubordination, including administration separation, and forfeiture of various retirement benefits.

When I was given all those vaccines some 50 years ago, I didn’t look forward to it. But I knew I was going into a dangerous area and I didn’t want to risk some tropical disease like the troops suffered in World War ll. I knew the vaccines were not experimental, but were tested and proven to confer immunity from the disease for which they were given. I knew that nobody up there hated me and wanted me dead after all we had plenty of enemy soldiers who wanted to kill us without our leaders doing it.

A staggering toll

Today the Pfizer COVID vaccine is not given for that reason and with those sentiments and assurances in mind. It is given as a political statement with the benefit of someone else in mind. Someone who remains unknown and faceless to those who serve, someone who simply sees them as cattle and can’t relate to their bravery and sacrifice at all. Every mom and dad who send their young son or worse their daughter off to the next trillion-dollar boondoggle should understand what leadership actually believes about members of the armed services.

According to the vaccine adverse reaction reporting service, (VAERS) and most nations in the West have one, about 50,000 people have died as a result of the vaccines. Here in America, the last figure I have is about 4200 dead and about the same number with permanent disabilities. Those numbers are more than all the vaccines and all the American people in history combined. Normally vaccines are pulled for reexamination after a handful of injuries.

Higher than reported

Many American doctors including the most cited source, Dr. Peter McCullough, say the figure is much higher with Dr. McCullough’s figure at 50,000 Americans dead not from the virus but from the vaccine. This vaccine is different though because it has its own legal status and because we are assured that it is safe and effective. If it is so safe, why does it hide behind total legal immunity, if it is so effective, why does it not confer immunity? Why do people who are vaccinated still get the virus and still transmit it to others? How can you call such a drug effective without laughing?

Into civilian life?

So far, I have been talking about the effect of some of the mandate decisions on the military, but it has or soon will touch all of us. New York is basically closed to those who have not been vaccinated with indoor services completely denied to them. Unless you accept this experimental, and dangerous drug which you do not want, you cannot eat in a restaurant, attend a play or sporting event or other entertainment event in New York. I know of one person who had scheduled a gathering there but canceled and forfeited his deposit.

Other states and cities are going the same way and I’m sure the draconian intimidation will grow and grow until we all submit and surrender our bodies to the all-powerful state. Each day the state grows more and more powerful, and individuals grow weaker. The Constitution was written to empower individuals, not the state. The document to which elected officials take an oath to uphold is there as a written protection of the individual from the state.

A terrible climax to a terrible week

I quote the President of the United States,

I’m calling on more companies in the private sector to step up with vaccine requirements that will reach millions more people. If you’re a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader, who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations, I call on you now to do that –require it. It only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Yes Joe, we were all just waiting for your bogus FDA to give its bogus, bought and paid for approval so now we are just happy little sacrificial lambs. We are happy to have you suck every ounce of joy from the human race. Don’t rest until there is no one anywhere happy ever.

Finally, folks, please, oh wise and all powerful one, if I just do what I’m told one more time, can I have my liberty, my birthright back? Shots, boosters, masks, double masks, just make it all stop and I will be a good little sheep and always believe and follow your directions.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

This article appeared first on the author’s website. It appears here by permission.

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