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Leaders, good and bad, in the COVID era



Metaphor for the Patriotic Revolution and its leaders - Liberty Leading the People

I was reading from Maxwell’s Leadership Promises for Every Day. And the message nailed the problem with today’s leaders. “In God’s economy leaders are meant to give service to others and improve the welfare of the people.”

Government leaders are acting from greed and power-lust

Today’s top leaders only service their greed. Joe Biden spent a lifetime stacking wealth at the people’s expense while toy General Mark Milley willfully helped China destroy America to feed his hatred for Trump.

The most greed-blood is on the hands of Merck who claimed there is “no scientific basis” for Ivermectin “as a potential therapeutic against COVID-19…” Meanwhile, that “horse de-wormer” is pulling hospital patients back from near death. (For the record, Ivermectin for vet use and human use are two different formulas. Since 1983, Merck has distributed over 3 billion doses for human consumption.)

In their claim, Merck forgot to mention the Biden administration has already agreed to purchase 1.7 million courses of their new COVID-19 experimental drug molnupiravir.1 Can’t let a cheap generic Ivermectin disturb Merck’s profits!

Examples of good leadership and the opposition it engenders

Serving the welfare of the people is costly, but good scientific leaders are speaking up and they need our support.

Stanford professor of medicine and epidemiology John Ioannidis is one of the 10 most cited scientists.2 For daring to question the pandemic alarm numbers, a topic he is eminently qualified to address, he has been attacked mercilessly.3 4

Virologist and immunologist, and mRNA developer Robert Malone warned about the clotting dangers of mRNA, how the vaccines’ spike proteins may be “cytotoxic” and collect in female ovaries and supports Ivermectin for early COVID-19 treatment. His reward was condescension and dripping sarcasm from The Atlantic. 5

Dr. Harvey Risch a respected Yale Professor of Epidemiology has been personally and professionally attacked for his support of hydroxychloroquine.6

Dr. Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, in academic medical practice in Dallas was not only called a liar for speaking the truth, about hydroxychloroquine and the vaccine’s complications serious complications, the hit piece threatened all doctors who dare to speak out.7 8

More examples abound

And there are many, many more like Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Ryan Cole and the front-line doctors’ groups who all pay a severe price. But the people who need our support most are our neighbors who attend meetings, travel to rallies, and stand on street corners in the sun and rain waving banners and shouting for voter integrity, medical freedom, and to protect our children.

They are scorned, mocked, censored, and spit at, but they keep coming back. They are not there for wealth or power, but to hold onto our Constitutional rights and to let people know they are not alone. For they are there to “give service to others and improve the welfare of the people.”

We need to give them our love, our thanks, and to join them.

Thanks again, and May God Bless and Protect America,



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