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The Intertwined Snake of the American Party Duopoly



Cadeuceus - two snakes and a staff resembling an allied duopoly

We’re sure many are familiar with the symbol of the “Caduceus,” which is often associated with the Medical Profession1 and is represented by a staff with two snakes intertwined around it. Hovering above the snakes is a set of wings. As the two snakes twist around the staff, they at times intersect and become unified, as one.

An intertwined snake – symbol of two nominally opposed but actually allied political establishments

This symbol comes to mind as an apt metaphor when considering the decaying two-party system that supposedly contends for power in the electoral processes from which our “leaders” are “chosen.” The snakes, representing the Democrat and Republican parties, twist, fight and merge in a choreographed political dance along a staff that could very well stand for the political spectrum… twisting Left or Right upon it but always in one direction: toward more government.

Lie quotes are used above because the nature of the electoral process has become so corrupt that the very definitions this country uses to apply to politics and political parties have now become so transformed as to have lost almost all connection to their original meanings.

The political spectrum goes from tyranny to tyranny – how can that be?

To begin with, the very nature of Democrats and Republicans… of “Left” and “Right” … as taught and discussed and understood by the voting public, which tries to choose between them according to their supposed political ideology, is based on a lie.

As generally understood, the very nature of the so-called “political spectrum” makes no sense; that is, if a spectrum is a representation of every gradation that exists between two extremes, then the current political spectrum represents no such thing.


For example, a spectrum of light would start at one end at the point of absolute white (total absence of color) and run down the spectrum to the point of absolute black (a totality of color.)2 On such a spectrum, one could not travel from white to black and end up white or vice versa. If one could, there would be no dichotomy of relative distance between them. Therefore, for the spectrum to fulfil its function, it must allow for travel along a line of either increasing or decreasing color so as to end up in either one extreme or the other.

But one could never travel to one extremity and then end up in the opposite extremity. To believe this is possible would be considered as nonsensical to most people as turning right but finding you had turned left… and yet, most people accept exactly this when considering their politics as being located somewhere along a political line between “Right” and “Left.”

The Political Anti-Spectrum

Consider the political spectrum as currently understood: on the extreme Left is Communism, which is a brutal totalitarian police state where all human rights are crushed in the name of a Class concept whose definition is so arbitrary that it can be whatever those who rule the state say it is. On the extreme Right is Nazism, which is a brutal totalitarian police state where all human rights are crushed in the name of a Racial concept whose definition is so arbitrary that it can be whatever those who rule the state say it is.

In fact, the definitions of what the state stands for are so arbitrary that even though both supposed ideological “extremes” claim to be each other’s mortal enemy, which each “solemnly pledges” to destroy, could become allies if it served their purposes (as happened in 1939 with the Nazi / Soviet Pact, which allowed both states to launch WW II within 17 days of each other starting with a vicious, aggressive war that they mutually waged against a helpless Poland.)

According to this flawed “spectrum,” the “middle of the road” should be a midpoint between the two extremes containing equal elements of both. Slightly to the Left of the Middle would be Democrats and slightly to the right of the Middle would be Republicans. Moving Left on the spectrum we would pass Liberals, Progressives and Socialists and finally arrive at Communism. Moving Right, we would pass Conservatives, Reactionaries, Fascists and arrive at Nazism.


How can two ends of a spectrum look the same?

But if this spectrum is supposed to represent a dichotomy, how can we end up in the same political condition… viz. a brutal, collectivist, sadistic, totalitarian police-state that despises Liberty, Human Rights, Capitalism and democratic Republican government?

This representation, though irrational to the point of being inane, is blindly accepted as reality not only by the masses of people but also by intellectuals, academics, politicians and the TV newsreaders who whore themselves out to large media outlets.

The fact is that a rational political spectrum would not… and indeed, could not… be represented by two extremes that were identical in everything except symbology and rhetoric. The “differences” between these extremes are all cosmetic: where one is a party who’s “official color” is red and the other party’s official color is brown; where one party’s symbol is a swastika and the others is a hammer and sickle; where one beats prisoners in merciless GESTOPO secret police dungeons, the other party beats prisoners in merciless KGB secret police dungeons; one tortures and mass murders slaves in Concentration Camps while the other tortures and mass murders slaves in a Siberian GULAG. At both extremes, we find those who persecute their enemies by demonizing, imprisoning and exterminating them based on contorted ideological rationales that perversely obsess on Class or on Race.

No, there is no difference and hence no sense in this concept of a spectrum of political opinion.

A real spectrum would go from totalitarianism to anarchy

The only way a political spectrum could make sense is when it exists between two extremes of governance: a model based on a society under the control of total government on one end and a society based on a model with no government control at all on the other.


All governmental gradations in between would be variations and mixtures of either extreme based on how close to each extreme their ideology would be. Since totalitarian collectivism – as practiced in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as well as in National Socialist Germany – represent total government, it would rightly be placed on the Left. Opposing it would be the total absence of government…that is, some form of Anarchy… and would be found on the Right.

Under such a scenario, the Left would proceed from the Middle to end up in either the total government of Communism (International Socialism) or Nazism (National Socialism.) Conversely, as one moved Right from the Middle of the Road (that is, a perfect blending of Right and Left ideologies in one government) one would eventually end up in a society with no government… some form of Anarchy such as Anarcho-Capitalism, where ALL government functions, including police, courts and armed forces, have been privatized and no state is required.

Two Snakes – One Master

Because the understanding of the political spectrum is so misunderstood, we have enabled the political class to operate as corruptly and as dishonestly as the flawed spectrum itself allows.

In turn, this has led to a two-party system that is in actuality a Duopoly of shared interests serving a single master; as the wings at the top of the Caduceus hover above the party snakes, so do the Transnational Progressive elites hover above (and behind) the scene, controlling and manipulating events down below, where all the sturm und drang and action takes place.

The Caduceus of our current political system resembles the many long years of twists and turns taken by the two-party system in the United States, represented by the Democrat and Republican Parties. Like the twisting snakes on the political spectrum staff, they have, in fact, “swapped” ideologies more than once since the country was founded and have intersected and ideologically merged more than enough times to indicate that rather than being in opposition to each other, their goals are often basically in sync, as they deceptively slither toward fulfilling the goals of those that hover over and above them at the pinnacle of the staff.


First iteration of the twining snakes – Democrats and Whigs

For example, at one time it was the Democrat Party (originally called the “Democrat Republicans”) that represented the party of small government as understood by the Jeffersonian axiom that “the government that governs least, governs best” and it was the Federalists who, along with Jefferson’s arch rival Alexander Hamilton, thought that a large, regulative, activist central government was a better way to run the State. The latter soon evolved into the business oriented “Whig” Party that favored a strong central government that was supreme over the individual States.3

As the parties twisted through history the Democrats preference for small government evolved into the obsession with the rising Populism of the Jacksonian period; on the other hand, the Whigs demanded that government intervene to help their business interests by building roads, canals and instituting high tariffs on foreign goods to keep domestically produced goods at higher prices. This, they claimed, was the role of the government, not private industry.

The War Between the States – slavery v. sweatshops

During the run-up to the Civil War, the parties twisted so that Democrats favored slavery and secession and Republicans favored emancipation and union… and at this point they intersected, curiously producing two governments involved in a Civil War but holding strangely similar views regarding the people they ruled over.

One was run by supposedly small government, independence minded Democrats who grotesquely betrayed any concept of human independence by championing a particularly de-humanizing form of repressive chattel slavery. The other was run by the Republicans who, while calling for the emancipation of slaves, kept their own ultra-low paid “free” workers in a state of such feudal-serf level poverty, dangerous working conditions and hopelessness that they inevitably rebelled in large scale violent strikes and industrial rioting that eventually reached a massive scale by the late 1870s and continued through the turn into the 20th century.

Civil strife and large, destructive riots in rooted in Class Warfare raged across the country, anarchists bombed Wall Street, hordes of workers battled with small armies of private security guards, Robber Barons like Henry Frick were targeted for assassination by communist anarchists like Alexander Berkman and the violence became so pervasive that fortress-like State Armories became fixtures in cities everywhere as symbols of Law and Order.


Two ideas of big government post-War

Around and around the snakes twisted; in the wake of the victory of the urban, industrialized and technologically superior Northern Republicans over the rural, Agrarian and technologically backward Southern Democrats, the Democrats seized on the popular discontent of the losers and later merged with the Mid-Western Populist Movement to call for a bigger, more socially conscious government to favor their issues of debt and farm foreclosure… as well as their issue of demanding de-jure racial preference for White over Black workers The Democrats raged against the Federal Government which, corrupted by political chicanery and monetary bribes, used its power to favor the interests of the Banks, the Railroads and the big corporations who owned the Republicans that ran the government for them in the post-Civil War era.

In response, many Republicans became supporters of the “reforms” proposed by the Tammany Fascism philosophy of Teddy Roosevelt, his personality cult and his vision of an “omnicompetent” government powerful enough to control both the Anarchists and the Big Business “Trusts.” Rejecting what he saw as a Republican Party compromised by its ties to those Trusts, he adopted many of the new “Big Government” ideas of the Populists, which had recently coalesced in the newly formed “Progressive Party.”

The original crisis the Democrats did not let go to waste

Meanwhile the Democrats, moving ever further from their small government origins, demanded a government more conducive to social welfare and “reform” of the predations of unchecked Big Business. The struggle between the two camps merged… first under T.R.’s embrace of the Progressive Party in his lost bid for a third term and later during the dismal presidency of Herbert Hoover. Hoover had embraced all sorts of Progressive nostrums to remedy the Great Depression but had failed miserably. This led to the first of what later became a regular routine: blaming Big Government failure, (as T.R.’s cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt blamed Hoover) not on the idea that there was too much intervention but far too little! Statists saw the value in using a Crisis as a justification for ever more massive government intervention into the economy… thus exacerbating the Crisis in order to get even more power to “resolve” it.

This was the birth of the idea of never letting a crisis go to waste.

FDR’s collectivist “New Deal” resulted in the longest and most devastating Depression in history. After clobbering the Free Market with unprecedented and massive government interventions into the economy, producing dozens of social welfare schemes that went nowhere and spending billions of tax dollars that could have otherwise been used to re-invest in the economy, the New Deal collapsed in 1938 with almost the same levels of unemployment and poverty as when it began.


The Second World War and aftermath

When the country was attacked by the Axis powers and was drawn into WW II, the very businessmen that FDR condemned as “economic royalists” were now cast in the role of patriots and given the chance to make vast fortunes creating the near-endless amounts of material required to win the war. The twisting snakes again intersected and everyone was on board to achieve victory.

By the end of the war both the Democrats and the Republicans were both totally committed to the Leviathan Government. This created a bi-partisan careerist caste where each side was bought off by government largess. The Democrats needed the government to support programs favoring the large voting blocs created by and dependent on Roosevelt’s Welfare State (at that time, especially union labor; in the current moment, populated by special interest groups and minority rights advocates.) Meanwhile, the Republicans needed to feed off the vast fortunes made by the industrialists who now saw the benefits to be gained by a perpetual Warfare State managed by Big Government and its friends in the Military Industrial Complex, to be directed against foreign enemies: first German Nazis and Japanese Fascists, followed by Russian and Chinese Communists and moving on to Middle Eastern Islamist Fascist terrorists.

The Snakes Merge

The snakes now became so twisted together they virtually formed one animal: a merged Duopoly whose goals were identical, whose differences were all cosmetic and rhetorical and whose owners in the overarching, transnational progressive plutocracy financed them both to do their bidding… of course all under the aegis of putatively “Left” or “Right” ideological cover which, no matter what, always moved towards larger and ever more powerful government control.

The so-called Left more and more openly sang the praises of a socialistic Welfare State while being in the pockets of their Big Business donors, while the Republicans preached the gospel of individualism and Capitalism while strangling Free Enterprise competition to death at the behest of their own donors. For both sides, Right and Left became as meaningless as the faux ideological spectrum that they adhered to; all that mattered for both sides was supporting the plutocratic interests to whom they owed their careers, their re-elections, their fortunes and, ultimately, their comfy retirement on the Boards of Directors in the various corporations their sponsors owned.

Presidents come and go but government keeps growing

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon all twisted around the Caduceus as servants of the Plutocratic elites who made or broke them as they saw fit…the almost non-partisan Eisenhower (who could have run as either a Democrat or a Republican and in fact was courted by both parties) appearing out of nowhere in 1952 to get nominated; Kennedy was elected by a razor-thin margin with the help of stolen votes provided by the Chicago political machine (and perhaps the Mob) who then found himself murdered under circumstances that remain dark and mysterious to this very day; Johnson resigned in failure only four years after an enormous electoral victory in 1964 and Nixon was booted from office just two years after his own massive landslide re-election victory in 1972.


But while their political servants came and went, the government… the ever growing, ever more powerful, ever more deep and pervasive government… went on expanding, as did the power of those who were really in charge of the Duopoly.

The mask falls off and reveals the snakes

This particular intersection of the snakes lasted until the late 1970s, when the mask fell off revealing a bloated, incompetent, corrupt and nearly bankrupt Leviathan government that was mired in what seemed to be a permanent recession and suffering from deep cultural divisions over social issues such as abortion, race relations and burgeoning crime rates. On top of that there was an energy crisis, gas lines, raging inflation, ultra-high interest rates, foreign policy defeats and disasters around the world and… despite billions thrown down the hole produced by Johnson’s “Great Society Program… an ever worsening, nearly institutionalized poverty rate that, with government encouragement became multi-generational in scope.

The country that had once defeated the mighty Axis powers had lost to Vietnam, a fifth-rate non-industrial country the size of New Jersey and subsequently found itself at the mercy of piratical Oil Barons in the Middle East and even worse, the terrorist regime in Islamist Fascist Iran and its Jihadist offshoots.

Yet, again, the Democrats and Republicans tried to maintain the status quo by foisting obsequious toads and failures like Jimmy Carter or servile RINO Republicans (i.e., Republicans In Name Only) like Jerry Ford or George H.W. Bush on us.

Ronald Reagan – and why the Republicans didn’t stick with someone like him

Enter Ronald Reagan, who campaigned… and twice won… on the idea that Big Government wasn’t the solution to the country’s problems… Big Government was the country’s problem!


Reagan’s form of Libertarianism and Constitutional Conservatism brought the country back from the brink of disaster; he restored prosperity, won the 40-year Cold War against Communism without firing a shot and revitalized the country’s faith in its History, its Military, its Free Market economic system, its core values and beliefs and its confidence in its ability to seize the future.

Realizing the threat such a success was for its transnational progressive plans, the Plutocratic elites saw that it was time for the snakes to twist and intersect again; George H.W. Bush, ran as Reagan III but governed like the failed, flaccid RINO he was. He promised never to raise taxes… and then, under pressure from the Democrats, did. He claimed he would be kinder and gentler and more socially conscious and yet…despite his own “splendid little war” against Iraq in Kuwait (which was fought more to secure Middle Eastern energy for his cronies in the Oil Industry than it was to secure Kuwaiti “democracy” from Iraq) …his otherwise flabby governance led to the election of a much more competent con-artist in the form of the charismatic Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton

Clinton pushed through a huge tax hike in 1993 and then, with his wife in charge, failed miserably when he tried to force her gargantuan socialized medicine program (“HillaryCare”) on the country in 1993 – 1994. He undertook several pointless military actions in backwaters such as Somalia in 1993 and Bosnia and Kosovo in 1995 which, while favored by the establishment foreign policy elites such as his advisors from the Council on Foreign Relations, were hated by the peace-at-any-price appeasers in the Leftwing Democrat Party Base.

However, stunned by the massive Republican victory in the House of Representatives led by Newt Gingrich in 1994, he was forced into a more “moderate Democrat” position that resulted with him acquiescing to Republican demands for Welfare Reform… whose success he later tried to take credit for by announcing “The era of Big Government” is over” in his 1996 State of the Union Address. Clinton, who campaigned as a “moderate Democrat” in 1992, governed as a Progressive Liberal until 1995 and then, in the face of a conservative backlash against his policies, rhetorically switched over and claimed to basically be a “conservative Democrat.”

The snakes run a RINO to lose

Clinton’s slippery ability to be all things to all people… as well as an uncanny ability to adopt policies that he strongly opposed only a short time before (and vice versa) … was the secret to his electoral success. However, his lack of Progressive principle, as well as his subsequent sex scandal (which led to a failed bid to remove him from office) left a bad taste in the mouth of the Party Base, which could never again quite swallow the lies he told. Worse, this lack of trust was later transferred over to his wife, whose own political ambitions were undermined not only by her total lack of charm but by the suspicions of the Leftwing Base that her commitment to them was as shallow as her husband’s.


Clinton won re-election against another pathetic RINO sacrifice candidate and was followed in office by the Eisenhower-like George W. Bush, the tongue-tied, simpleton son of the former president. Both parties were more twisted and intersected than ever, and aside from minor rhetorical pandering to the more ideological elements of their respective Bases, they kept the status quo… that is, the control of the Transnational Progressive Plutocracy… securely in place.

Revolt of The Bases

But the Party Bases were becoming restless; the Left Base was becoming far more openly radical and Socialistic and it wanted what it was promised but was never delivered by the Corporate wing of the Party represented by Carter, Clinton and his power-obsessed wife Hillary. In the Republican Party, the Right Base was in a state of similar frustration: no matter how many times they elected Republicans, the Party simply pocketed their votes and then ignored them until the next election cycle… when they again were out campaigning and giving speeches on issues they never delivered on, including nominating conservative supreme court justices, cutting spending, reducing taxes, restoring the military, supporting law and order and advocating for traditional religious and family values.

The snakes start to fall apart: the Election of 2008

These inner dynamics caused each of the Duopoly snakes to now not only twist, but start to split apart; the Duopoly was beginning to look more like four parties rather than two.

This is because the respective Bases of both parties had, by 2008, grown tired of the Corporate Donor wings that formed the Duopoly; they rebelled against the hypocritical lip service the Corporate wings paid to the respective Base principles only to betray them again and again in the service of those to whom they Duopoly owed its true allegiances.

On the Right, Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians castigated the “go-along-to-get-along” RINO “moderates” who represented the Eastern Republican Establishment, which had been their intraparty rivals since Nelson Rockefeller fought his brutal ideological battles against Barry Goldwater. With the Right’s eventual victory over the Establishment in the 1980 and 1984 Reagan landslides, the RINOs sank back into the Party and learned to play-act being Conservatives to get elected… and then make a profit by selling out to the Left once the elections were over.


The Tea Party – and Establishment candidates running to lose

Reagan was followed by one RINO after another on the national level… Bush 1, Dole, Bush 2, McCain, Romney and again by another set of RINO hacks on the congressional level in the form of John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham among far too many others. All talked “conservative” but governed “moderate.” This so embittered the Republican Base that it caused an organic protest movement to rise up in revolt against the never-ending betrayals of the RINO moderates: The Tea Party Movement was born.

Such was its power and commitment to the principle of limited government that it handed the Republicans two stunning and overwhelming victories in 2010 and 2014… only to be out maneuvered by the party “leadership” insiders who nominated Establishment losers such as Dole, McCain and Romney to the top of the national ticket. Yes, Bush 2 won twice… but then managed to land the country in an endless, Neo-Con no-win war based on “Nation Building” and fought with impossible-to-win “politically correct” rules of engagement. Then he went on to preside over a “Great Recession.” Of course, the RINOs blamed the Tea Party “extremists” during the Obama years for their failure but the Base never bought the excuse and seethed with anger against yet another betrayal of their hopes.

Donald Trump smashes the Establishment

This simmering anger fueled the movement that led Donald Trump into the White House, where his worst Democrat enemies always seemed to be aided by all the usual RINO suspects: McCain, Romney, Boehner, Ryan and their lap dogs in the House and the Senate.

But the party was broken forever; the Base would never again remain silent and compliant when fed lies about being a “mature governing party” by a RINO elite that, in fact, preferred being in second place so that they could remain out of the limelight while lining their pockets doing deals with the Left all while mouthing conservative platitudes, they had no belief in whatsoever.

In 2016, the former Tea Party Movement of Constitutional Conservatives united with those who followed the wild card outsider Donald Trump and, much to the horror of the RINO Establishment, crushed a host of their favored candidates in the primaries, including the politically anemic Jeb Bush, the over earnest Marco Rubio, the Fifth Columnist, John Kasich and the thuggish and corrupt NJ governor, Chris Christie to win not only the nomination but the presidency.


The Left Base wants communism

On the Left, the Base was also chaffing under the rule of their own “leadership.” They wanted the party to, once and for all, come out of the political closet and openly embrace what they had in fact been for years: a New Socialist Democrat Anti-Semite Party that was Marxist in orientation and which fully embraced all forms of multi-national, politically correct, racially divisive, anti-military, anti-police, anti-religious, anti-Israel and virulently anti-American views on all levels. To the Leftwing Base, it was America… the Rich, Capitalist, Judeo-Christian, Philo-Semitic, international Superpower… that was the root of all evil in the world and they wanted to “Fundamentally Transform” everything about it.

Needless to say, one does not want to “fundamentally transform” that which it loves; one only wants to “fundamentally transform” that which it truly hates.

Barack Obama disappoints the Left Base – and Trump hits the corporate wings

In 2008, the Base found the candidate that promised to do exactly that in Barack Obama. The Base rejected even the far-left Hillary Clinton because, besides her utterly charmless and poisonously vindictive personality, she represented the totality of everything they despised about the Corporate “Donor Wing” of the Democrat Party: its insincerity, its ill-disguised greed for corporate money, its kowtowing to the big banks and international financial institutions that paid them, and its far too cautious attitude toward confronting the Right when it came to the kind of “social justice warrior” issues that the black-clad, green-haired, anarchist radicals in the Leftwing Base maniacally obsessed on.

But even in victory, Obama disappointed the desires of the Left for a socialistic “Great Reset” and he never went far enough to please the Base. In 2016, they championed the openly Socialist Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination and were outraged when they thought the Corporate Wing weighed in to tilt the nomination to Hillary Clinton. When Hillary failed against an opponent, Donald Trump, who they despised for his affinity for Conservative principles, his commitment to the principles held by the conservative Republican Base and, worst of all, his ability to do that which no conservative since Reagan had done, garnish manufacturing union worker votes (so-called “Reagan Democrats”) with his heated, no holds barred populist rhetorical attacks on the transnationalism of both the Democrat and Republican corporate wings.

Making America Great Again was not part of their long-term plan.


The snakes drift further apart as both corporate wings fail

Outraged at the Trump victory and even more infuriated by his domestic and foreign policy successes, they went berserk with anger because of his deliberately provocative language aimed at both them and their allies in the leftwing “Mainstream Media,” which used its vast power to propagandize against conservatives of all stripes, especially Trump, who reveled in his conflicts with the Enemy Media, or “Enemedia.”

The far Left organized and they ousted more “moderate” Corporate Wing Democrats in a growing number of races. Several immediately announced their independence from the Corporate Wing and formed groups to openly oppose and even embarrass long time members of the Democrat “leadership” such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer and candidates they endorsed.

Led by the “Democrat Socialist” Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who unexpectedly defeated a Pelosi acolyte that was thought to be unbeatable) several House members formed a congressional cabal called “The Squad” to lead the fight for every socialist economic proposal and every Marxist cultural policy no matter how impossibly utopian or politically extreme or existentially dangerous they were, including…

A shopper’s list of leftist dystopian proposals

  • Defunding the Police.
  • Packing the Supreme Court.
  • Supporting violent storm troops such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter while excusing their rioting, arson, assault and even murder as legitimate “peaceful protests” against the forces of Capitalism and Racism.
  • Pushing “Social Justice” policies… such as Critical Race Theory, Trans-Gender fluidity and anti-American History educational programs… and forcing them on localities and parents whether they wanted them or not.
  • Supporting a complete Open Border Policy that was designed to flood the country with poverty-stricken immigrants who were to be immediately placed on the dole, set on the road to citizenship and groomed to be future Democrat voters.
  • Pushing to remove long-standing Constitutional safeguards against single party rule such as State control of election laws and the Congressional filibuster so that mob rule could be brought under the cover of a fully corrupted, faux democratic process.
  • Pandering to everything that the most radical in the Democrat Party Base… who were also among the most politically active supporters and voters… the radical Leftwing Base rapidly gained power over the direction of the Party and have surrounded the current puppet president… the feeble, confused and incoherent Joe Biden… with advisors who quiver with fear at the prospect of their disapproval.

Will the Plutocrats co-opt those on the far Left?

This no-compromise Socialist Squad has gained new members in the last election cycle and it continues to exercise power far outside its numbers due to the deep affinity they have developed with the Democrat Party Base; that relationship will probably grow and strengthen as time goes on.

These developments may prove to be the doom of the Duopoly that has long governed over this country… but past history indicates that those in the Plutocratic Elite may be just as adept at co-opting those on the far Left such as the members of the Squad as they were at buying off the corporate controlled hacks currently running the Democrat end of the Duopoly; if successful, they will ultimately control and manipulate the far-Left Base just as easily.

Gen-Z in the Cross-Hairs

The members of the Gen-Z generation should not allow themselves to align with those who will ultimately betray them. The Plutocratic Elite knows that it is far easier to control and manipulate those who are dependent on a socialistic Big Government than it is to control those who disdain Big Government in favor of individual autonomy, free markets Ordered Liberty and the ability to think critically rather than mindlessly emote ideologically.


Gen-Z conservatives owe it to themselves not to fall for the false rhetoric and inaction of “Establishment” Republican RINOs or the false and dangerous alternative of the likes of the Socialist Squad… to do so will result in disaster for them and their children.

They must not let their natural, youthful inclination towards independence and liberty be channeled and manipulated into fighting against the straw man villains that the Democrats, the RINOs and their mutual Transnationalist owners make out of the limited government Right, which fights to preserve that independence and liberty from the insatiable power hunger of the Leviathan State.

Revolt belongs to the young

For Revolt is the province of the young… and it is against the Transnational Progressive Establishment, its instrumentalities in the Corporate Wings of the Duopoly and the violent activist Marxists in the Leftwing Democrat Base that they young should focus that revolt…

…and so focused, they must transfigure their revolt into the Heroic Experience that will be required to overcome the Crisis that is upon them and which threatens to send them into a permanent political darkness.

Gen-Zs… as well as their older Millennial siblings… must heed the call to fight against that ideology of government power that is the existential threat to their Liberty, their prosperity and their Nation…


Each and every one of them must understand; each and every one of them must act; and each and every one of them must realize that without them the Revolution of Ordered Liberty is impossible.

In the end…


Editor’s Notes

1 The caduceus is not exclusively a symbol of medicine, nor is it the original symbol of medicine. It is the symbol of commerce. The Staff of Life, which has one snake wrapping itself around a stick, is the original symbol of medicine. Accordingly, ambulances and Emergency Medical Services vehicles and their crews commonly display the Staff of Life. Baylor College of Medicine tellingly adopted a modified Staff of Life, not a cadeuceus, as its emblem.

2 The authors have in view a subtractive color mixture. In such a mixture, white is the absence of pigment, and black is the totality of pigment. That’s why the classical “primary colors,” red, blue, and yellow, are the primary colors in art. The primary colors of light (red, green and blue) are those of an additive color mixture. Then, white is the totality of light, and black is its absence.


3 Most historians hold that the Federalists died out completely as a Party during the Monroe Administration. This they call the Era of Good Feelings. But then the Democrat-Republican Party split into Democrats and “National Republicans.” This latter group took the nickname “Whig” and won their first Presidential election in 1840.

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Bob MacGuffie was a financial executive over a forty year corporate career. He gained brief national notoriety in August 2009 when his Tea Party rallying memo, “Rocking the Town Halls,” was cited by the national press as the inspiration for the raucous eruptions in town halls across the country. Several TV news and talk radio appearances followed. He co-led the CT Tea Party movement and was tapped as a thought-leader within the national movement. He addressed the massive Tea Party rally at the nation’s capital in September 2010. He was a member of the national Tea Party Debt Commission in 2011, which presented its recommendations to the Senate and House Republican leadership. Bob also served as head of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential primary campaign in CT in 2016. He has penned dozens of Op-Eds and LTEs, and has been guest speaker at many Conservative gatherings and dinners across Connecticut.

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Antony Stark has had a long career as a project manager in several large financial institutions and media outlets, including one of the three major broadcast television networks. He and Bob formed the tea party group Right Principles in late 2008, and in 2010 Tony wrote the “Tea Party Declaration of Independence” which was adopted and publicized by over 60 Tea Parties across the country. It received significant electronic and print media coverage and was generally perceived by many in the Tea Party Movement as their Mission Statement. His work has been published under various pseudonyms in the American Thinker and other internet publications. Tony campaigned for Senator Ted Cruz in 2016 and worked with the campaigns of many successful conservative candidates for office. He is a prolific speech writer for conservative candidates and conservative causes.

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