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First Lady Jill Biden visits Kabul airlift troops at Charleston military base



First Lady Jill Biden visited the Joint Base Charleston on Monday and spoke to servicemembers and their families.

After a summer of turmoil racing to remove troops, Americans, and refugees, the 20-year long war in Afghanistan is over. The first lady will be the highest profile individual to visit the base since the president was there in August. Jill Biden landed in Charleston on Sunday night ahead of her scheduled visit to the military base (MSN). “The servicemembers of Charleston have played a critical role in our national security. And that’s a history that the airmen, women soldiers, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and civilians of this base continue to uphold,” she said.

She recognized their families as well, saying, “For 20 years families like yours have carried the weight of these wars. And though it may be heavy at times it has also created connections that have changed lives.”

While in Charleston, she also visited the MUSC’s Hollings Cancer Center to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Raymond DuBoise, who serves as the director and dean of the Cancer Center said that Biden is very passionate about breast cancer awareness. “She’s very passionate about trying to do what she can to improve health and equity, especially in the cancer field,” he remarked. She returned to Washington D.C. after the visits.

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