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National divorce? Just one problem



Marjorie Taylor Greene - a real hero, who acts, unlike fake heroes, who merely talk, and now mentions national divorce

Recently Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called for a national divorce of “Red” and “Blue” States. In the process, she expressed agreement, or at least expressed no disagreement, with a radical proposition. That proposition runs like this: the Red States ought to impose a delay of a year or more on any new resident before letting said resident register to vote. This applies especially to transplants from Blue States to Red. While CNAV understands the sentiment behind a national divorce, it cannot agree with such a moratorium on voter registration. As proposed, it is unworkable and unfair to those who genuinely leave their “blue” politics behind, if they even had any.

How the national divorce talk started

The national divorce discussion began on Twitter with a user named Hari Raghavan. For everyone’s information, Hari Raghavan has decidedly “blue” politics. He wants a return to Richard M. Nixon’s wage and price controls to contain inflation. That alone ought to speak volumes.

And yet he announced his decision to relocate from San Francisco Bay to Miami, Florida.

In the process of his announcement, he condemned the Mayor and Board of Supervisors of San Francisco in striking terms. He used this series of tweets to accuse them of breaking the social contract. He complains, not about the taxes, but about the failure of the Mayor and Board of Supes to deliver the goods and services for which those taxes are supposed to pay.

Here in fact Mr. Raghavan quotes a female friend’s complaint dating back to August Fourth!

Now to continue with Mr. Raghavan:

In summary, the Bay Area, instead of harvesting the golden eggs, bled the magical goose dry.

What a powerful indictment! Moving on:

And here he talks about moving to Miami.

Advice to the California transplant

The next day, someone gave him some pointed advice. Which was: don’t vote for the same kinds of elected officials who ruined San Francisco for you.

Someone else tweeted out a migration chart showing which States are gaining population, and which losing.

Dreamer nomads on the move. Good luck!

National divorce prelude - state migration chart for 2021

Mr. Raghavan then felt the need to clarify:

Well, if he never voted blue, why did he call for price controls to contain inflation? We’ve been there. They don’t work. The only reason Nixon got away with it is that he ran against an avowed Communist in all but name. That candidate was, of course, George S. McGovern.

Still, someone else posted this page from a work Democracy: The God That Failed.

Pedro Gonzalez first proposes a voter registration moratorium

We turn now to one Pedro Gonzalez, who seized upon Mr. Raghavan’s tweet about moving to Miami and proposed this:

And then this:

I support actively discriminating against transplants like this through legislation. They shouldn’t be able to vote for a period, and they should have to pay a tax for their sins.

As much as CNAV admires Mr. Gonzalez’ politics otherwise, we cannot agree with this. Mr. Gonzalez proposes a bill of attainder, and a sweeping one. First, this is unconstitutional on its face for either the federal government or any State. Second, it has its basis on a bad assumption. It assumes all transplants from Blue States to Red States not only vote blue but will keep on voting blue. How is anyone to demonstrate his bona fides, when votes are supposed to be secret? Mr. Gonzalez doesn’t say. More on this below.

Marjorie Taylor Greene mentions national divorce

Next we come to Marjorie Taylor Greene. She was first to mention the phrase national divorce in the thread.

All possible in a National Divorce scenario. After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a State like California, you would think it wise to stop them from doing it to another great State like Florida. Brainwashed people that move from CA to NY really need a cooling off period.

Again, the question is: how?

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) answered this tweet this way.

See how not only does he accuse Rep. Greene of wanting to stop people from voting. He also accuses Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Republican Floor Leader, of supporting her in this. An accusation for which he lays no foundation.

Right back at you, Mr. Swalwell!

Rep. Greene reminded everybody that this same Congressman compromised himself with a Chinese honey-trap spy.

You know what we won’t be ignoring @RepSwalwell?

Your sexual relationship with a CCP spy and your committee assignments.@GOPLeader, @HouseGOP, none of us forgot.

Didn’t she do fundraising for you?

How many times was she in your Congressional offices?

What did you tell her?

And this:

Has Ray Epps and Scaffold Commander been arrested yet?

Did the FBI raid their homes?

Are they in solitary confinement 23 hours a day?

Has their cell phone data and bank records been subpoenaed?

They seriously did organize people to go in the Capitol.

It’s all on video.

Next we have a seven-part thread in which she explains herself fully.

You know what is necessary about threatening a divorce?

It’s a wake up call to the one offending the other that they’ve had enough.

And if the other party cares at all, they look at what they are doing wrong and care to fix it.

National Divorce is not civil war.

Divorces happen in court or perhaps for a country can happen in Congress.

I’ve been married 26 years, clearly I’m not in favor of divorce.

Happy marriages are the result of 2 committed people working together resolving differences and changing behavior that hurts the other.

But the state of our union is currently far from happy, and I really don’t care how many Democrats I offend by calling it out.

For your information, you like our red states BECAUSE of our politics and it’s OUR Republican politics that create the very environments you like.

So I will NOT apologize when I muse or discuss ideas that stop Democrat voters and donors, who are moving out of the shitholes they created with their Democrat votes and donations, from ruining GREAT red states by bringing your disastrous ideas and destructive votes with you.

Keep your Woke votes to yourselves, if you please.

For your information, we Republicans don’t want your blue votes ruining our red home states!

We don’t want high taxes, high crime, high amounts of perverse school curriculums, loss of freedoms, & AUTHORITARIAN big government in our red states!

That’s what you Dems vote for!

If you are so offended by my comments about #NationalDivorce then take a real hard look inward and ask yourself why it’s sadly such a popular idea with Republicans.

We are serious about our freedoms and we feel very threatened by Democrats that constantly tread on them.

I don’t want a National Divorce, but I not will tolerate is Democratic Communism.

Leave your blue votes in your blue states.

If you move to a red state, learn from your blue state experience that your Democrat ways failed.

Then we welcome you.

Nearly every critic of Rep. Greene missed the point of her statements, perhaps deliberately. One offered this:

Well, we’ll find out whether Georgia really is a Blue State. CNAV maintains that it is not, but had crooked Officers of Election managing the Election of 2020 and the Georgia Senate Runoffs of 2021. Midterms will give Georgians a chance to correct those mistakes.

A direct accusation of treason

Representative Ruben Galleo (D-Ariz.-7th) flatly accusesd his colleague of treason.

But then, he thinks the January Sixth event was an insurrection. It was not. It was a false-flag pseudo-operation. Besides, perhaps in reply to that “civil war” canard, Rep. Green said:

A national divorce is not a civil war.

Finally we have this video from Dr. Steve Turley, highlighting the national divorce talk but cautioning against telling “transplants” that they may not vote for any “period” of “cooling off.”

How a national divorce might begin

Now then, to business. Marjorie Taylor Greene never defined how a national divorce would work out. In fact she said she did not want such a divorce, but would resort to it only to contain the spread of Communism. She makes this salient point: the Democratic Party has co-opted The Communist Manifesto. Anyone who doubts that, should read the Green New Deal of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

So how would a national divorce begin? Well, it might begin with the secession of Texas and Florida from the Union. Texas definitely has secession fever; witness the Texas Nationalist Movement. Texit has been a frequent meme since shortly after the inauguration of President Biden. For further details, readers need only peruse the Texit List.

This includes whether secession is Constitutional or not.

Not only has Texas taken steps toward military self-defense. So has Florida, by reinstating the Florida State Guard. (Texas already has a State Guard, which it never disbanded.)

CNAV does not doubt for one second that:

  1. If either States seceded, the other State would join it.
  2. Once those two States seceded, other States would join them.

If you doubt that, read the closing segment from the Texit War Game.

So much for the national divorce. Let us turn to its most controversial element: not letting people vote who move from Blue States to Red.

Voter cooling off period: tempting, but no

The idea is to make newcomers wait one or two years before they may vote. This would give their new neighbors time to explain to them why their State has such a high quality of life

The problem: people have one of three reasons to relocate:

  1. Some seek economic opportunity that the policies for which they voted has caused to dry up. Such people are determined to “vote Blue” to “enlighten” the natives.
  2. Some who once voted blue, now realize what a terrible mistake that turned out to be. Or they see how their elected officials have rooked them. In any case they now seek a fresh start in a Red State and will vote Red from now on.
  3. Others are getting out of the Blue States in which they found themselves for whatever reason. Some were born there and stayed in familiar surroundings until they couldn’t stand them anymore. Others came by reason of a corporate transfer. Still others simply went to what were once prestige colleges or professional schools. Remember: to some, California is Stanford University, Caltech, and maybe what the University of California at Berkeley used to be when scientists there added two elements in the Actinide Series, namely elements 97 and 98, to the Periodic Table. But these people always voted Red, got outvoted every time, and have seen the mess the Blues have made. So finally they are “going home,” as it were. They will vote Red because they always have.

How do you know where they stand?

In this light CNAV hasthis message for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. How do you propose to distinguish among the three? Don’t you know you’re assuming without warrant that every transplant from Blue to Red is part of Population 1 above? How is your proposed solution fair to Populations 2 and 3? And how do you propose to verity their account? You do realize, I trust, that you could never legally obtain the information you would need to verify the account. And That’s even assuming it would be available!

And besides, your premise is not only false, but falls before a verifiable counterexample (as Dr. Steve Turley says in the embedded video). Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the last time he stood for re-election, won re-election on the strength of transplant votes. The “native” Texans broke for Beto O’Rourke. The transplants broke for Ted Cruz and were enough to boost him over the top! “Dr. Steve” also claims to have scholarly studies showing that transplants, even if they ever had Blue politics, leave those politics behind as a rule.

Population 1 in the minority

Yes, you hear of people saying, for example,

I came here because only in Texas could I get a job, and I intend to enlighten these Texas rubes.

Or words to that effect. I’ll wager such people in Travis County, which is the outlier in Texas: totally blue. (Why didn’t Elon Musk site his Terafactory in Travis County instead of, say, in Comal or GIllespie or Brazoria County?CNAV will not speculate. He is doing the right thing, though, for public relations: he will build a nature walk on the factory grounds.)

But clearly those “Blue voting” people, wherever they settled, were outvoted. Or they would have been outvoted had they relocated back in 2018.

An alternative to national divorce and voter moratorium: a stricter qualification for voting

CNAV does hold that universal adulthood suffrage is highly overrated. Furthermore, universal adult and adolescent suffrage was only a matter of time in someone proposing it. (The proposed HR 1 includes an item lowering the voting age to sixteen.) And if the Sh*t Hits The Fan, then the combat veterans in the population—who know how to fight—will likely prevail. When they do, they might pass a law that you have to be a combat veteran in order to vote. It will be the Battle of Athens (1 and 2 August, 1946, in Athens, McMinn Co., Tenn.) all over again.

But merely saying one may not vote for a year or two after moving from one State to another would not work, even if the Constitution allowed it. Better to buckle down and clarify what sorts of things are legitimate exercises of State police powers under the Federal Constitution. CNAV strongly suspects that a consistent application of the Fourteenth Amendment would forbid at least half of them.


Twitter suspended two of the accounts CNAV originally cited, one of them being that of Rep. Taylor Greene. CNAV now hosts the text and, in one case, the image directly, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

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