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Texit war game 5 – remember the Texas!

The Texit war game concludes with victory for Texas, and a great divorce of two populations who can no longer live with one another.

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USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (Johnny Reb) could figure in a Texit war game.

As the Texit war game has shown, the Texas Exit will have casualties. CNAV does not expect the Biden-Harris regime to let Texas go quietly. Texans must prepare to accept the fortunes of war—and, like the Founders, “[rely firmly] on the protection of Divine Providence” and “mutually pledge to each other [their] lives, [their] fortunes, and [their] sacred honor.” But Texans can achieve victory, which is no less likely than it was when the American War for Independence began.


Like any war game, this is speculation, and therefore fiction. How an actual Texit plays out (assuming Texans get to vote on it, and vote Yes) depends on the attitudes of the principals involved. CNAV does not represent that it has any inside information concerning definite plans, by either the Texas Nationalist Movement, the Texas Military Department, the Battleship Texas Foundation,the United States military, the Abbott and Biden administrations, Elon Musk or any officer or employee of any of his companies, or any officer or enlisted rating now serving on ships named Zumwalt, Michael Monsoor, Lyndon B. Johnson, or any other vessel of the United States Navy. (Nor, for that matter, the People’s Liberation Army Navy!) Rather, it bases its speculation strictly on certain attitudes that certain persons, particularly on the Washington side, have expressed.

Having said the above, CNAV advises: read this now, while you can be sure it remains fiction.

CNAV also acknowledges its debt to Daniel da Cruz, author of the Republic of Texas series. Please note that Mr. da Cruz does not endorse CNAV or this series in any way, shape or form.

The Texit war game thus far

Before continuing below, CNAV suggests catching up on the Texit war game series and its preview.

The following events have taken place in real life, or are on a definite track:

Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg, Texas) introduced the Texas Independence Referendum Act on 25 January. Debate will begin when the Texas legislature reconvenes.

Tesla, Inc. continues to build “Terafactory Texas” in Travis County. For its part, SpaceX is continuing development of its Starship® reusable heavy-lift rocket. They recently acquired two oil rigs and are converting those into marine launch-and-landing pads.

Dan Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, gave an interview to Steven Turley, PhD, on 27 January.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has actually accused Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of trying to kill her. He had the temerity to question the election results that turned in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has already won a temporary injunction against a Biden administration immigration policy. He has since ordered every other Texas agency to sue the federal government over any encroachment into Texas jurisdiction.

From present-day to not-to-distant future

The Texit Referendum bill passes – and when Texans vote, they vote Yes. A Texit Committee sends a deputation to Washington with an ultimatum. Unless Washington lets Texas leave, Texas will subdivide and immediately elect eight more Senators.

President Biden is willing to let Texas go, but events do not let him do this. First he fights an Amendment XXV battle – and then dies by assassination. Two Justicial assassinations follow this. The Texas deputation, and then most of the Texas Congressional delegation, must flee as:

  1. Texas secedes unilaterally, and
  2. Rigged elections radicalize the House and Senate.

Refugees and volunteers pour into Texas. Those who don’t want to stay, the President of Texas allows to leave.

The former USS Texas BB-35 gets yet another retrofit, this time to make her seaworthy, self-propelling, and battle-worthy. Grizzled veterans who served aboard Texas in World War II now lead a full crew, with officers defected from the United States Navy to the Texas Republican Navy. Elon Musk’s oil rigs also gain registration with the TRN. They also get runway extenders and catapults to let them launch and land jets as well as rockets.

The State of Florida, after lending Texas a squad of the Florida Air Guard, now struggles openly with a secession debate of its own. The Texas sinks three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers in the first battle of the war. Then USS Lyndon B. Johnson DDG-1002 arrives, engages the Texas, and sinks her.

And now…

Secession fever – and mutiny/barratry

Tempers flare, and legislators exchange heated words, and then blows, in Tallahassee, Florida as the Florida legislature considers secession. In the middle of the debate comes word, and a heart-rending description, of the sea battle in the Gulf. Crying, “Remember the Texas!”, a large and angry group of people converge on Tallahassee from all points. Residents of “The Villages” charter several buses to form one of many caravans to the capital. And from many points north, especially Maine, summer residents desperately start to make their way south.

The secession bill passes. Immediately hundreds of small-craft owners form a Florida Naval Militia to sail northward and bring back the summer residents. Before they can pass the coast of Virginia, they encounter opposition: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 and her battle group. The OTC aboard Ike orders them to heave to. But suddenly another carrier battle group challenges Ike to a duel: USS John C. Stennis CVN-74. The OTC aboard Johnny Reb has a simple message for Ike: stand down, or fight a battle neither officer wants. Ike yields.

The confrontation between Ike and Johnny Reb is a metaphor for the deep division of the country. Similar secession bills pass in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Carolinas.

The Panama Gambit

While this is happening, the two jets of the Texas Air Force take off from the converted oil rig TRS Deimosfor Panama City. They arrive just as USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 and USS Michael Monsoor DDG-1001 reach the Pacific head of the Panama Canal.

The President of the Republic of Panama at first hesitates to grant the petition of the Texans to let Zumwalt and Michael Monsoor pass. But then he takes a call from none other than Donald J. Trump! Who now calls himself President of the Interim Confederation of Seceding American States. He assures President Cortizo that he can do many favors for Panama, and that Zumwalt and Michael Monsoor are under his orders, hence his protection. Which actually is true – because the Navy has split, and Trump has several admirals to support him. One of them has hastily organized a command to include all ships whose captains have “defected” to the Secesh. This one has already sent dispatches to the captains of Zumwalt and Michael Monsoor to recognize the Republic of Texas and render them any and all assistance.

Zumwalt starts through the Canal. But Trump must order Michael Monsoor to take on fuel and head back out to the open sea. Her orders:

  1. Join the task group of USS Carl Vinson CVN-70, and
  2. Intercept and interdict a People’s Liberation Army Navy task force.

That force, consisting of one aircraft carrier, her battle group, and several troop transports, intends an invasion of California.

The Second Battle of the Gulf

Zumwalt emerges from the Atlantic head and there makes rendezvous with TRS Deimos and heads for the Yucatán Peninsula. As they round Yucatán, they now encounter TRS Phobos. Which is heavily laden with planes from the former Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana Air Guards.

Upon entering the Gulf of Mexico, the captain of Zumwalt, doubling as an OTC, sends a message to his counterpart aboard USS Lyndon B. Johnson DDG-1002. Couching his message in terms guaranteed to act like a red flag in front of a bull, he challenges his counterpart to a sea battle that will decide the Texit War – and much else.

The captain/OTC aboard LBJ accepts the challenge.

Two task forces meet in the center of the Gulf:

  • LBJ, with the destroyers Truxton, Gravely, and Jason Dunham for company, and
  • Zumwalt, with the aircraft and rocket “carriers” Phobos and Deimos for company.

Zumwalt’s captain gives a pep talk to his crew, using the same cry the Floridians used: “Remember the Texas!

The aircraft from Phobos and Deimos attack first. They drop torpedoes into the water, and sink the three Arleigh Burkes. After that, Zumwalt and LBJ meet in a duel of cruise missiles. Each ship carries a rapid-fire cannon to defend against missiles. Torpedoes are nearly useless against LBJ, because she draws so little water. So three Air Guardsmen dive-bomb LBJ, one of them losing his life. In so doing they create enough distraction for Zumwalt to strike and sink LBJ with one missile.

The wider war game in the Pacific

The Michael MonsoorCarl Vinson task group meets the PLAN invasion force and sinks it to the last ship. This battle happens within sight of lookouts in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Immediately elements of the California Patriotic Militia storm the Chinese consulates in those cities. They catch consular employees trying to destroy cipher machines, codes, and secret documents. Then they take a treasure trove of documents to San Francisco’s Chinatown for translation. And that translation reveals definite plans for the invasion of California—with the connivance of President Harris and Governor Newsom.

The Militia then march on Sacramento, capture it, and capture the Governor. Whom they try for treason, convict, and hold for sentencing. After that, they declare the Washington and Sacramento governments illegitimate, and send greetings to Presidents Abbott and Trump.

While this is happening, Michael Monsoor, Carl Vinson, and their task group join the task group of USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 off Taiwan. They arrive just in time to clash with the rest of the PLAN, which is invading Taiwan. The Battle of the Taiwan Straits will end in disaster for the PLAN, and with a treaty between the Republic of China and the Interim Confederation of Seceding American States.

Further action in North America

The collapse of government in California, and resulting secession, creates a wave of similar activity. Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and West Virginia join the Interim Confederation. The positions of Georgia and New Mexico become untenable, especially with the severance of key trunks in the Eastern and Western Electric Interconnections. Militias spring up in the rural portions of those States, and also in Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The personnel of the divided Armed Forces have no desire to fight one another, or the militias. They have even less desire to leave another opening for the Chinese, or any other would-be invader. So the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declares the principles of a “divorce settlement.” Anyone who wishes to join the Republic of Texas or the Interim Confederation may do so, he says.

Naturally this infuriates President Harris, Vice-President Northam, Speaker Pelosi (who now is a Representative without a State), President pro tempore Leahy, Leader Schumer, and “The Squad” in the House. But, their nominally loyal forces lacking the will to fight any further on American soil or waters, they are powerless.

Armistice – end of the war game

President Trump then negotiates the biggest “deal” of his life. This deal includes the:

  1. Drawing of an armistice line, and the:
  2. Peaceful migration of like-minded citizens to either side of that line.

Trump carves out all of “flyover country,” plus a good portion of both coastlines. Idaho to the north joins the Interim Confederation and annexes eastern Washington State. A new State of Jefferson forms from southern Oregon and extreme northern California, with a narrow corridor to the coast. Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas also join. West Virginia annexes all of rural Virginia west of Interstate Highway 95, and much of the territory to the east.

Only western Washington, northern Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan (which loses its Upper Peninsula), Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, and the rest of Virginia remain to the Union. (Hawaii becomes an independent Kingdom once again, and New Hampshire an independent Republic.) Trump pledges that the Interim Confederation, or whatever replaces it, will recognize overflight rights to connect non-contiguous regions. After all, hasn’t Canada recognized the overflight of its territory to connect Alaska?

Passing the torch

Having accomplished all that, Trump steps down from his role. The Interim Confederation now becomes part of a much larger Republic of Texas. President Abbott carves a ten-mile-square “lozenge” out of Travis County – the District of Austin. He appoints Vice-President Dan Patrick to govern the rest of the former State of Texas. All other State governors – or their successors – will govern their respective States as they always did.

Trump also steps down as head of any Party. He leaves the formation of the new Constitutional Patriotic Party of Texas to Representative Daniel Miller. And to Steven Turley, PhD, now Editor-in-chief of the Austin Nationalist-Populist.

As one of its first acts, the hastily convening Texas Congress appropriates funds to let out a new munitions contract. The aim: to develop the special ammunition for the Advanced Gun Systems that the two Zumwalts carry. Now those two destroyers will be capable of shore bombardment.


The outcome of this war game predicates itself on several realities too many nay-sayers miss:

  1. America has divided itself into two nearly equal populations. Members of the two populations often are Not Speaking even to relatives across the divide. Worse yet, members of one population actually talk of confining members of the other to prison or insane asylum. And they have “elected” maniacal leaders who openly accuse their counterparts of death-penalty offenses. (CNAV demands a public apology from any public figure who wishes to deny the above. These include Reps. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.)
  2. The State of Texas began as an independent Republic. Its people have often talked idly of regaining that independence. That talk is much less idle today.
  3. Texas has independent infrastructure, to wit, its own electrical grid. Though that grid does not cover all of Texas, grid builders can extend it at need. It also has its own gold reserve.

Taking all these facts together makes a Texit far more likely to succeed than to fail.

Update: from war game to real life?

Yesterday (4 February), Lt. Col. Allen West USA (retired) gave an interview to Mr. Chris Salcedo for his show. The subject: the Texas Independence Referendum Act, in light of Democratic Party attempts to grant Statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

What makes Col. West’s interview important is that he is the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. And that he encouraged the Texas State House to pass the Texit bill.

I don’t understand why anyone would feel that they need to prevent people from having a voice in something that is part of the Texas Constitution… You cannot prevent the people from having a voice.

Lt. Col. Allen West USA (rtd), Chairman, Republican Party of Texas
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[…] the war gameTexit war game 2: preludeTexit war game 3: expulsionsTexit war game 4 – hostilitiesTexit war game 5 – remember the Texas!Texas, the cold, and bad planningTexit – a real life updateTexit legislative and practical […]


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