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January 6 and the human desire to be treated fairly



God deals justice, not evil. January 6 has not seen true justice.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 14th day of January in the year 2022. I am going to be talking about the incident at the nation’s capital on January 6, 2021. Yes, I know you have heard the story ad nauseam from politicians and media pundits, but my goal is to tell the story from a different angle that perhaps you have not heard at least not very much. I refer you to my Castle Report index or archives of January 15, 2021, for my previous statement on January 6.

What does fair mean?

Fairness is a rather ancient concept in the Western World going back to at least the Magna Carta in 1215. It is a world under assault and very threatened right now but still the desire to be treated fairly is one of the most common desires in humanity. Lady justice that all lawyers are familiar with is a symbol of society’s efforts to be fair, to achieve justice and equal protection under the law. The lady is holding a scale in her right hand and a sword in her left, and she is blindfolded.

She weighs the evidence without seeing any undue influence, and she backs up her justice with the sword. Go to Europe and you will see the same symbol with a different artist’s touch and a more medieval look to the lady. It is all a symbol of a desire, a pledge, to seek justice and fairness in our legal system.

Today I am afraid we have replaced the symbol of Lady Justice with a pre-set orthodoxy which is clearly defined at the outset of events. In other words, we know the results we want so lets make the evidence take us there. It is even hard to determine who is in charge, who is responsible for failure. I mentioned last week that power seems to reside in a complex network of individuals and organizations pulling in different directions to achieve different ends.

Money and the deep or administrative state rule

The one thing about power that seems clear to me is that the U.S. is ruled by monied interests, the deep state or managerial/administrative state if you prefer, and most of all lies. The lies force us to live in a false reality that sometimes is important to us so we insist that the lies are reality. The lies affect everything and pull the strings attached to the politicians so that as a nation, no sensible policy foreign or domestic is even possible. For example, it is obvious to me that the reason for the sudden push to provoke war with Russia is cover for the highest inflation in 40 years, supply chain disruption, collapsing borders stupid illogical Covid policies, etc.

What does all this have to do with the January 6 event? I’m trying to get there. The president, early in his term, said that his goal was to correct or cure the divisions in the country caused by four years of Donald Trump. If that was indeed his goal, he has failed miserably. Just my opinion, but I sense that the country is far more divided that it was under Trump’s leadership. For example, once trusted agencies of the federal government are now routinely viewed as corrupt perhaps with more class than some banana republics, but with the same goal in mind.

People justify political violence on their own side

A recent Washington Post poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action against the government can be justifiable. 40 percent of republicans and 23 percent of Democrats hold that view according to the Post. In other words, whether violent action is justified or not may depend on who is elected. If Trump had been reelected perhaps Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs would have been in the capitol instead of the idiots who were.

Biden and others use January 6 to divide America further

Instead of an effort to use the riot to bring about unity or at least some understanding, the president and some other politicians use lies and exaggerations to describe it for what appears to be a naked effort to institutionalize permanent political power in one party. End the filibuster so that we can all be one nation under a socialistic, bureaucratic, “democracy.”

I will stand in the breach. I will defend this nation. And I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of our democracy.

Yes, thank you Mr. President, I feel so much more confident with you defending the nation. Some more presidential phrases from the voting rights speech this week in Atlanta:

This was an attempted coup to impose the will of the mob, to overthrow free and fair elections. For the first time in U.S. history, it was an effort to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Nancy Pelosi in an even more political lie,

What the Republicans are doing across the country, is really a legislative continuation of January 6.

Are these politicians and their media arm just using this event to their fullest advantage or is it more sinister than that?

Ray Epps, January 6, who investigates the connection, and who doesn’t

I have in front of me an 83-page report from Revolver News detailing FBI involvement in the January 6 riot. You can find that report by going to Revolver News and the report Meet Ray Epps. (See also Meet Ray Epps Part Two.) Revolver does the work that The New York Times and The Washington Post should be doing if only their masters in money and politics would permit it. I noticed as well that yesterday Russia Today picked up the Ray Epps story and ran a piece off the Revolver work.

This report details how one man named Ray Epps is on camera many time actively trying to recruit people to breach the capitol.

He appears to orchestrate the first breach of the capitol barricades at 12:50 PM while Trump still had 20 minutes left to speak. The capitol police were responding to a false pipe bomb report and so had fewer resources just one minute later. It was the 12:50 PM breach while Trump was still speaking one and one-half miles away that proved to be the fateful event. Suspicious persons, never identified, took down barricades and apparently with the cooperation of the capitol police, went inside the capitol.

Now you see him, now you don’t

The Revolver report lists a network of unindicted operators who appear to have had key roles in the actual event but have received virtually no media attention and whose names the FBI will not discuss. The FBI put Ray Epps on its Capitol Violence most wanted list on January 8, 2021.

January 6 suspects including Ray Epps

A cash reward was offered for his whereabouts, so they thought he was important. Six months later he still had no charges filed against him although hundreds of people had been arrested and held in very constitutionally questionable conditions.

The FBI’s response was to quietly purge from media access all their files on Ray Epps then switch to a tactic of we never heard of him.

January 6 suspects excluding Ray Epps

The Spectre of Ray Epps hangs over this event, but strangely the January 6th commission established by Nancy Pelosi in Congress has not only failed to show any interest but has not spoken one word about him.

The FBI and Congress, unfortunately both Democrat and Republican members, have a very strong interest in making Epps, the day’s best recruiter, go quietly away.

If Epps turns out to have been some kind of government operative, which at present is the only clean and simple explanation for his immunity, it is game over for the official “MAGA insurrection” narrative of 1/6. …. If Ray Epps is a Fed, the “insurrection” becomes the “Fedsurrection” in one fell swoop.

January 6 is not the only such case

The various federal law enforcement agencies probably would not have acted alone thus the thousands of hours of video surveillance unavailable to the public or media as well as the many obviously there but unindicted strange people. The Revolver article has many examples of Fed involvement in various protest movements. In fact, the estimate of federal officers at such events is usually estimated at 16% to 25% of the total participation.

In recent times, attacks blamed on right-wing militias have blown past the 16% mark on the Fed Saturation Index and have been clocking in at a whopping 25-50%. As Revolver has previously noted infiltrating Feds are like roaches: when ever you spot one, it is guaranteed there are dozens of others nearby. Feds simply never, ever, operate alone.

Don’t forget the 12 FBI informants involved in a tiny supposedly militia plot to kidnap the Michigan governor.

I wonder how many folks will believe me when I state with evidence, that the events of January 6 were an FBI sting operation and not a Trump supporter coup trying to overthrow by force the duly elected government. No matter what the evidence how many will assume that I am exaggerating or lying. That is one of the continuing reasons for the eroded status of federal law enforcement and the federal government in general as a source of authority. Every empire needs its secret police to protect it from domestic terrorists and it instill fear in the masses.

Power lust knows no bounds

The lust for power and control of those in power seems to recognize no limits so they slander those who do not surrender to them. Trust is, therefore, at an all time low and sinking. Here’s some examples; the press reports American democracy in peril, just google that phrase if you don’t believe me, the president, and every Democrat politician has warned about how democracy is in peril. Hundreds of books have been written about it The Atlantic tells us the danger is imminent and reports that America is running out of time.

It goes both high and low

It is obvious that this so-called insurrection was anything but and yet the media continually writes things that appear to be lies or disinformation. Why do that unless you are trying to help more favored ones gain and keep power over others. For what purpose, to force others to do what you want, I guess. Why use some lying, corrupt methods to gain power if you can not use it against the powerless. How low does this go? Just listen to this story from the front page of my hometown newspaper The Commercial Appeal of January 6, 2022.

I’d rest easier if the effort by Nazis, Neo-Confederates, Proud Boys and other assorted racists and cultists who ransacked the capitol last January 6 and threatened to kill lawmakers for certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college win reflected a single event.

This writer goes on to tie the events to every incident to every time there is black progress going back literally to the Civil War. She has no idea that many of those she labels look a lot like FBI agents.

January 6 and the foxes in the hen house

In conclusion folks: The Italian economist, Wilfredo Pareto once said that whatever you call your government – a monarchy, democracy, or whatever the people are never really in charge. There is always a small group of insiders and movers & shakers, a rich, powerful elite he called the foxes who take charge. In America today, as I’ve said there is a complicated network of people and organizations who seem to control power. Other people such as The Commercial Appeal writer I just mentioned are content to help the corrupt gain power so they can have some influence in what the corrupt force the rest of us to do.

Finally, folks, Power and those who lust for it and especially those who achieve it, are indescribably wicked and evil. Government simply cannot be allowed to run amok outside the rules as it is now. No one and no agency of government is accountable to the constitution or other legal limits on power. We, as a result are the victims of out-of-control government, all of us even those who want to use government to impose their will on an unwilling minority.

Don’t trust the government on this

The hundreds of people held in what has come to be called the DC Dungeon are fine examples. Punished without trial, held in deplorable conditions for a year now. Why is no one charged with insurrection for which they are all accused. I’ll offer an explanation; to charge these people and put them in front of a jury would expose the government to the discovery of their lies which would bring into the public eye Fedsurrection. It is far better to use a powerful federal official from DOJ or the Washington DA’s office to intimidate guilty pleas. Look Mr. domestic terrorist this is a federal crime, so you are looking at a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence so better to plead guilty for only three years.

They cannot be trusted folks so don’t listen to their lies anymore even if their lies support your political views. Their disregard of the individual rights of those subject to them seems to me to arise from their nihilistic view of life, i.e., there is nothing above us and we are subject to nothing therefore nothing but power and force matter. Take the side of the people and not the government and choose liberty, would be my advice.

A revolution of the mind – a shift in thinking toward liberty

Is there any way to reverse this short of violent revolution which would undoubtedly install even worse tyrants? Perhaps with the peaceful revolution of the mind that Ron Paul used to talk about. That would be an ideological shift to liberty in the minds of the people and actions to support it. It would at least be a start.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Note: you read it here first about January 6

The above article appears on Darrell Castle’s web site, and appears here per CNAV’s long-standing content-sharing agreement with Mr. Castle.

But you read it here first! See the January 6 list.

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