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Influencer who has same name as ‘Libs of TikTok’ creator reports bullying, harassment after WaPo report



Taylor Lorenz, an author for The Washington Post who allegedly doxxed the woman behind the right-leaning Twitter page “Libs of TikTok” on Tuesday, was criticized by an Instagram influencer who claims she has been cyberbullied because she has the same name as the Twitter page owner.

Chaya Raichik is a stay-at-home mother of two who lives in the United Kingdom who has the same name as the Brooklyn-based realtor.

Lorenz revealed on Tuesday that New York resident Raichik is the user behind “Libs of TikTok,” which is a pro-conservative Twitter account hat posts TikTok videos of or created by liberals categorized by some as extremist.

The Instagram influencer, though, has said that in the wake of Lorenz’s article, she has experienced harassment and bullying online and that internet trolls have been posting her parents’ home address on social media platforms.

Raichik, who had been traveling through Southern California while on Passover vacation, put up several stories for her 22,400 Instagram followers to insist to them that she was not the same Chaya Raichik whose name had been published in Lorenz’s article with The Post on Tuesday.


“I tried to make light of this ridiculous situation as best as I could, but it’s become terrifying for me and my family,” she said on Instagram. Raichik went on to post some of the threatening messages she had received, which included one that said, “Liar liar liar scumbag liar. Follower of satanic tRUMP.” 

Raichik called on Lorenz to do more to stop the abuse she has been facing. “This is ON YOU!” Raichik posted, tagging Lorenz. “You need to clarify that this is not me. People are posting and tweeting my parents home address!!! If anything happens to my family it is on you!”

Lorenz later took to her Twitter with a screenshot of Raichik’s Instagram to alert her followers. “Just want to make clear that this Chaya Raichik on IG is NOT the Chaya behind Libs of TikTok!” Lorenz wrote. 

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