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Pennsylvania primary results – mixed

Results in the 2022 Pennsylvania primary are mixed for conservatives, with a solid governor candidate, but an undecided Senate race.

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The Pennsylvania Primary has a mixed result on the Republican side, and a predictable result on the Democratic side. The bad news is that Kathy Barnette, the best hope for an America first voice in the Senate, is out of the running. Her two chief opponents, Mehmet “Doctor” Oz and David McCormick, are headed to a recount. The good news is that State Senator Doug Mastriano, who led the fight to expose election irregularities in 2020, won the nomination for governor.

Pennsylvania primary results: Senate …

The Philadelphia Inquirer has the most comprehensive list of Pennsylvania primary results. The BBC, NBC News, and WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh), among Mainstream Media sources, shed more light on the Republican Senate race. Patriot Newsfeed, Trump Train News, and Just the News also weighed in.

Kathy Barnette had the support of conservatives throughout the State. A witness in Pike County, Pennsylvania stated positively that Kathy Barnette had the greatest interest and enthusiasm among Republican voters. Those same voters suspect “Doctor Oz” of divided loyalty and too much willingness to promote conventional medical narratives. They cannot understand Donald Trump’s endorsement of him. (For the record, Mehmet Oz is a doctor.) And as for former hedge fund manager David McCormick, voters asked, “David Who!?

Nevertheless, McCormick and Oz finished the Senate race with over 400,000 votes each, leaving Kathy Barnette behind with 326,000 votes. This knocks Kathy Barnette out of the running. Pennsylvania is not a runoff State; mere pluralities can win. But McCormick and Oz’ totals differ by less than 0.5%. That triggers an automatic recount. Add to it that mail-in ballots have already started to come in with improper codes. Straightening that mess out will take days.

Barnette’s supporters don’t – yet – suspect fraud. But they hammered Sean Hannity for his takedown of Barnette, using narratives that strain credulity. (Incidently, Dick Morris did the same.)

Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman ran away with their Senate nomination, this even after admitting he recently had a stroke. No other candidate came close.

… and for governor

The governor’s race provided the good news for conservatives in the Pennsylvania primary. Senator Doug Mastriano won that race handily, defeating Lou Barletta. In his victory speech he pledged to end all virus mandates, make women’s sports for biological women only, and follow up on the assumed overrule of Roe v. Wade.

He maintains a Web site giving his latest positions, especially on election integrity.

Incumbent Governor Tom Wolfe is finishing his second term and so could not run again. Attorney General Josh Shapiro won the Democratic governor’s nomination, he being the only candidate on the ballot.

The Pennsylvania primary also had a lieutenant governor’s race and House races. For Lieutenant Governor, Republican Carrie Lewis Delrosso will face off against Democrat Austin Davis.

Pennsylvania will have seventeen House districts in this Midterms. House races in Pennsylvania were deadly dull. Republicans fielded no candidate in District Three; Democrats fielded no candidate in Districts Fifteen through Seventeen. At this hour, two each Republican and Democratic House races remain too close to call. But in most districts, Republicans and/or Democrats ran primaries with only one candidate. The general elections will be anything but dull, though again representation in four districts is already decided.


This Pennsylvania primary has been a mixed result for conservatives. Pennsylvania looks to get a rock-solid Governor who will make sure no one will repeat the monkeyshines in the Election of 2020. But the Senate race offers a choice between a TV doctor with dual Turkish-U.S. citizenship, and an establishment candidate and Wall Street denizen. One of those will face off against a member of the detestable Wolf administration, whose own health is now suspect.

Kathy Barnette has a decision to make. She went on record saying that if Doctor Oz gets the nod, she’d rather see a Democrat in that seat. But she might want to rethink that. One identification in the Senate could make a difference in keeping the national judiciary from getting worse than it is. In that sense, either Oz or McCormick would be better than Fetterman.

In other primary news, Madison Cawthorn bit the dust. He lost to an establishmentarian by two percent. Perhaps the people in his new district figured that someone so lacking in personal discipline in private life couldn’t maintain discipline in public life.

All eyes now turn to the future, and other primaries still to run.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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